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    I've got a laptop that I'd like to give away to a good cause if anyone thinks it's worth having. It's a 10 year old Acer Aspire 6530G with 15.6" screen. You can see a 5* review from the time here: Acer 6530G review

    I've done a clean install (legit and activated) of Windows 7 Pro SP1 64bit, so it doesn't have any of the original Acer junk (although there's still an original Acer partition on the HD so you could probably reinstall the original Windows Vista and other junk if you wanted).

    The HD is partitioned as two visible drives with about 100GB on C and 110GB on D.

    Here's the system window:
    Acer grab.png
    It has 4GB RAM, a DVD drive and 4 USB2 ports (one combined with an eSATA port). The battery is very old and I only run it off the mains, but it is still working.

    It's based in Clapham and it would be nice if it went somewhere local.

    Here are some photos:


    So, who's got a good cause?

    (If any admin thinks this is in the wrong place or whatever, please feel free to move it.)
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