Lambeth's estate regeneration programme: "Key Guarantees" to residents.

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    On Thursday afternoon (5pm, 23rd March at Bolney Meadow Community Centre, 31 Bolney St, SW8 1EZ) Lambeth Council's cabinet will be approving the "Key Guarantees" to residents of estates in the borough that are slated for "regeneration". These key guarantees are provisional promises with regard to (to give a couple of examples):

    (For tenants) the serviceability of their new tenancy agreements (tenants will be deprived of their Secure Tenancy, and will be required to sign up to what Lambeth are calling an "Assured Lifetime Tenancy" instead. That tenancy supposedly contains conditions that give it a parity of security with the old Secure Tenancy, but the conditions of the tenancy can be varied unilaterally at Town Hall level, whereas the conditions of a Secure Tenancy can only be varied with the consent of tenants, or by Act of Parliament.

    (For leaseholders and freeholders) the utility of the new leasehold agreements/shared ownership agreements if they want to move back onto the estate. These currently are somewhat punitive with regard to if you're doing shared ownership, but get into arrears on the rental part of your shared ownership. You can lose EVERYTHING - through a grab-back - including your equity in the shared ownership home. Lambeth say this won't happen, but their promises are historically worthless.

    Some posters might wonder why I'm putting this up on the Brixton forum, when it only affects six estates in the borough. Here's why: If Lambeth are able to complete this first phase of their regeneration/asset reallocation programme unhindered, then every estate dweller in the borough - be they tenant, leaseholder or freeholder - will find their homes at risk of being "regenerated", once Lambeth calculate how much income they could draw from new and denser housing on your estate.
    There's also the sad fact that even if Lambeth increase the volume of social housing through regeneration, their plans to change the tenure of social housing on regenerated estates as they're vacated mean that any gains last only a generation. Cllr Matthew Bennett's much-trumpeted "1,000 new homes at council-level rent" will be 1,000 extra near-market or market rent homes in 20-30 years.
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