Lambeth Transport Strategy: 'walking and cycling to be put first on Lambeth streets'

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Dec 2, 2019 at 12:58 PM.

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    This is wrong:

    In LJ the road closures were opposed by working class residents.

    The so called "Liveable Neighborhood" is a creature of the Mayor.

    Yet to see how this will help LJ.

    For ecological and climate change reasons a change of the economy and transport is needed.

    What is needed is a Green New Deal. Based on a "Just Transition".

    Not these measures which the working class of Loughborough Junction rejected.

    Until Green issues are linked to class they will be resented.
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    Hello again Gramsci. Worth reposting your comments from the old LJ thread here again -
    Loughborough Junction public space improvements - consultation begins

    “How supporting unrestricted access to roads for motorised traffic ( for in practise that is the position of those here who opposed the road closures) is supporting the working class is beyond me.“
    “For example one of the earlier discussions here was that these road closures were in working class areas and why not reduce through traffic by doing it in "middle class" areas. Such as at Hinton road? To deter through traffic?“
    “What has happened is that the Council has now caved in completely to the motorist. There will be a further statutory consultation on the "improvements" that the new steering group are formulating. My opinion is that its a farce. All suggestions to reduce road traffic have been ruled out of the discussion. So the new improvements will be motorist first, pedestrians and cyclists second.”

    “Walthamstow "mini Holland”. Waltham Forest Council pushed it through despite opposition. This article suggests its becoming a success. Lambeth have effectively ditched there manifesto committment to making Lambeth a cycle and pedestrian friendly borough. I have seen the Walthamstow Mini Holland as a friend of mine lives in it. It basically stops rat runs. “

    I'm still none the wiser as to your class distinction but if you're referring to poverty theres good evidence that pollution and poor air quality tend to impact the poor disproportionally poor-most-exposed-to-air-pollution-caused-by-rich-study-finds

    the map on that transport strategy article seems looks to have more 'healthy routes' around Loughborough Junction than anywhere else - that sounds like a good thing for LJ

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