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Lambeth Schools Patrol


"Red Guard"(NLYL)
This reminds me of the Guardian Angels - an American group still going there apparently, but did not really catch on here.

I remember red beret wearing Guardians coming to a meeting at Lambeth Town Hall in the 1989, where they gave the impression that their remit was to police the tube and deter violence. I guess at that time there wasn't any violence on the tube in the way that there was in New York or Chicago, so the Guardians turned out rather redundant.

Code 7 are apparently a locally specific South London group, and they are it seems wanting to befriend and divert school kids at turning out time.
This may be worthwhile - but are they raising hope that this will stop knife crime, when it may not?

Lee Japser

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We don't start from that standpoint. In fact, we are tired of the violence agenda. 98% of black kids did not get into trouble with the police last year. We are simply a positive befriending service offering a listening ear and able to refer kids to a wide variety of services from career advice to school or sports scholarships to mental health services or help for a parent who may need help. Why not come along to the meeting and find out more?