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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by PordenRdGroup, May 6, 2015.

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    Folks will I'm sure be delighted to see off-plan marketing has started on the ancillary flats next to Lambeth Town Hall Civic Centre - from £455,000.
    I clipped this from the Hot Property section of Friday's City AM (9 March).
    Nu town all flats.jpg
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    The awards are now coming in
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    Anyone see the article "Remarkable Brixton" in the Standard on Wednesday?
    They are starting to flog off 14 shared ownership flats on the site of Hambrook House:
    "The Volt" - 2 bed full price £585,000 - shared ownership price £146,250

    Monthly cost* £2,002

    Cost breakdown
    £1,005 Rent
    £264 Service charge
    £733 Mortgage*
    (figures from this website - The Volt - 2 bed apartment in Lambeth)

    I appreciate I'm unusual on here being in God's waiting room and not having to worry about costs like this, but surely this shared ownership thing is a racket?

    The only advantage I can think of is that you get a tradeable asset and can sell you shared ownership rights to another sucker, so to speak.

    I've only come across 1 shared ownership tenant/owner. She lived in a flat at Hanover House, 61 Brixton Station Road. Incredibly convenient for weekend tap room sessions at the Brixton Brewery.

    My friend/acquaintance (a former work colleague) sold up in Hanover House and moved to Uckfield - which I guess may be a more extreme version of "trading down" and moving to Thornton Heath!
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