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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by PordenRdGroup, May 6, 2015.

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    Folks will I'm sure be delighted to see off-plan marketing has started on the ancillary flats next to Lambeth Town Hall Civic Centre - from £455,000.
    I clipped this from the Hot Property section of Friday's City AM (9 March).
    Nu town all flats.jpg
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    The awards are now coming in
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    Anyone see the article "Remarkable Brixton" in the Standard on Wednesday?
    They are starting to flog off 14 shared ownership flats on the site of Hambrook House:
    "The Volt" - 2 bed full price £585,000 - shared ownership price £146,250

    Monthly cost* £2,002

    Cost breakdown
    £1,005 Rent
    £264 Service charge
    £733 Mortgage*
    (figures from this website - The Volt - 2 bed apartment in Lambeth)

    I appreciate I'm unusual on here being in God's waiting room and not having to worry about costs like this, but surely this shared ownership thing is a racket?

    The only advantage I can think of is that you get a tradeable asset and can sell you shared ownership rights to another sucker, so to speak.

    I've only come across 1 shared ownership tenant/owner. She lived in a flat at Hanover House, 61 Brixton Station Road. Incredibly convenient for weekend tap room sessions at the Brixton Brewery.

    My friend/acquaintance (a former work colleague) sold up in Hanover House and moved to Uckfield - which I guess may be a more extreme version of "trading down" and moving to Thornton Heath!
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    I think ideology plays a role in this.

    This is a New Labour Council. Who just want to hang on until Corbyn is got rid of and we can return to normal politics of the progressive centre.

    I've read the article and the Council report. The property developer partners for this , Muse, are runnning rings around Lambeth Council.

    Negotiations are stalled. Clearly Muse are arguing they can't deliver the scheme with affordable housing etc due to extra issues.

    For some reason if Lambeth don't have an agreement with Muse they will have to pay the property developer scum a lot of money.

    So for reasons beyond me Lambeth entered this massive redevelopment of the Town Hall site giving the property developer leeches all the best cards.

    It says everything about how a New Labour Council ideologically believe big business is a good thing. That they should work with it.

    Any moaners don't understand that its entrepreneurial business that creates wealth in this country.

    Moaners like me might argue that Muse are just behaving like any capitalist business. Benefit to community is rationally under capitalism a cost on business to be avoided. Why so called Labour party in Lambeth have problems seeing this is beyond me.
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    Id like to think that if they were so into “business being totally awesome” that they wouldn’t be completely shit at it. But perhaps thats too much to ask.

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