Lambeth Labour's plan to demolish Cressingham Gardens & build luxury flats around Brockwell Park

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Brixton Hatter, Aug 4, 2014.

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    If I was a member of a residents' association, I wouldn't want this kind of thing written in my name. Regardless of what the person who it was aimed at might have said or done. And it would likely make me steer well clear of ever engaging with you whether or not I supported your cause. Many people reading that comments section will simply be put off getting involved with supporting Cressingham gardens, people who might have something useful to offer.

    Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 14.12.14.jpg
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    Like I said, selective outrage, David Warner was a Cllr after all who likes to attack council residents.

    Please leave your responsibility politics at home.
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  5. editor

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    Hi. You need to type a response rather than just quoting another post. You add your comments after the [ /QUOTE ] bit.
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    Hi.....which video? The short video of Cllr Thackray attempt to sabotage our TRA is on YouTube in HQ, just Google her name &/or 'in bed with the opposition'

    If you mean the entire event then I'm chasing all three people who filmed it, so far as its almost 2 1/2 hours long they are having some difficulty downloading.

    Yes I appreciate how bogged down you must be. On a personal level I'm bored with nit picking and criticism by many on this thread.

    As far as Cllrs are concerned we're fucked, Rachel Heywood got booted out, all 58 Labour Cllrs are to the right of most Tories, the Greens interestingly bollocked Thackray after our event especially about her closeness to Dickson. But of course put on a united front in public as Cllr Elliott did at our event.

    As for working with Tim Briggs, all the key Housing Activists friends from Cressingham and Central Hill, no fools as you know, like him and so do I. Our relationship with him is strictly around Regen and he has been absolutely great. I was suprised too when I first met him 3 years ago.

    But this is surely more of a reflection on the dire state of politics in Lambeth that a lone Tory is to the left socially of our entire 58 strong Lambeth Labour cabinet & MPs?

    I'm chasing video evidence and happy to send directly to you. It should be HQ too.
  7. editor

    editor Walking along the lonely street of dreams

    Rachel Heywood is very much missed. She stood up for the residents and got crushed by Labour. Shame on them.
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  8. bunnyr

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    Yep...Rachel is very missed.
  9. bunnyr

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  10. bunnyr

    bunnyr Member

    Nonsense, this not about you or your awful friend, it's about both of your actions.

    Yes defend your friends by all means but NOT WHEN THEY MANIPULATE & LIE.
  11. Gramsci

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    You aren't doing yourself any favours here.

    I'm one who has followed the Cressingham Gardens issue. Including turning up to the demo a while back and buying the T shirt.

    I'm against the Council plans for Cressingham Gardens. I have , as I have posted before , been up against it with Council officers. I also knew Rachel well and campaigned to get her re elected as an Independent. I could go on.

    The way you've been going on here and on the comments section of the Brixton Buzz piece isnt helping your cause.

    I still oppose the Council plans for Cressingham, despite what you say about me personally, but I have reservations about you. The way you are going on is potentially alienating people who are sympathetic.
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  12. bunnyr

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  13. bunnyr

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    Your irrelevant, frankly our cause doesn't need blinkered self pitting, overly sensitive, swollen egos such as yours especially when you defend the indefensible. What use could you possibly be? You're a direct threat to our wellbeing.

    Who gives a fuck that you think Thackray is nice when video evidence proves she is equal to the worst Progress Labour parasites. She is a malevolent monster and you should be challenging her too not defending her ffs.

    Whilst Tories in government are a disaster it's LABOUR who run Lambeth and 2/3 of London boroughs, 22 London boroughs in total out of 33 are under Labour control. It is LABOUR who are Socially Cleaning the poor out of London way more than Tories. As on our posters 195 council estates either demolished or about to be demolished under Labour vrs 37 under Tories and 5 under Lib Dem. Yet you winge on about Cllr Briggs being invited defend Cllr Thackray & ignore the 58 Progress Labour Lambeth pricks and cunts (Cllrs) entirely. What world are you living in, it's certainly not the same one that I inhabit!!!

    Your Selective Outrage regarding 'Dodgy Dave' Warner, a man with no balls who only opens his big gob (from the safety of his keyboard & a nice house he owns) to lie & slander those at the mercy of Lambeth council as their landlord, renders you no better than him.

    Lastly, and I shouldn't have to spell this out, but it's obvious I need to, every person I know fighting Regen in Lambeth including myself, battle at various times with high stress, deep depression, exhaustion and despair. I count myself luckier than many because as far as I know my estate is not yet on the Regen list, but who knows that could change at any time. However most of us prefer to keep our personal wows private and not flaunt them in public, it's very undignified.

    Frankly at this rate I'll be checking myself into the bleeding Maudsley for a long stay & if I do I'll be dragging your mate along with me.
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  14. brixtonblade

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    Daniel, I think you're going after the wrong guys here. Or at least you're going too hard + too soon on folks that I think are sympathetic to what you're trying to achieve and who would be supporters.

    (And I'm pretty sure you'll think I'm wrong... I don't want an argument, I just think really strongly that we need to build a broad base of support to fight against the council. And FWIW - and as I think you know - I totally object to Cllr Thackray re the TRA and her excuses about it)
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  16. bunnyr

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    I appreciate your latter comments however Gransci & partner in crime Dodgy Dave Warner are traitors and no more than Lambeth Council Brown Shirts doing their dirty work for them. They deserve bollocking.
  17. Gramsci

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    To be labelled a fascist is beyond what I regard as legitimate argument.
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  18. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    I have said that I don't support Lambeth Council on its plans to "regenerate" its Council estates.

    Your just being grossly abusive.
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  19. editor

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    This unpleasant, needlessly personal and bitter spat almost makes me want to give up on supporting the campaign.
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    I don't follow your argument.

    I have never said I think Thackery is nice.

    You also say I ignore the Progress Cllrs.

    I don't understand this. I've already said I think New Labour were not sympathetic to Council Housing.

    I also actively supported ex Cllr Rachel when she tried to get re elected. Going out leafleting for her. Because I felt the Progress led Labour Group was pushing out a hard-working recent Labour Cllr who stood up for residents. So how you can say I ignore the 58 Progress Cllrs is beyond me.
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  21. editor

    editor Walking along the lonely street of dreams

    Brown shirts? As in fascists? You are REALLY out of line here. If you've anything to do with the campaign to save council housing I hope you get nowhere near a journalist. This is a terrible, totally unaccceptable libel

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  23. bunnyr

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    Save your outrage Mike. I stand by my words.

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