Lambeth Country Show, Brockwell Park, Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 July 2018

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. SpamMisery

    SpamMisery Pretty comfortable here right under your skin Banned

    I will "flag the issue" up with my team is just a variation of "I will take it under advisement" as Hans Gruber said during the Nakatomi Plaza siege of 1988
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  2. aka

    aka Brixton Hill

    As I recall, that didn't end too well for Hans. Hopefully Jonathan doesn't suffer the same fate.
  3. Tricky Skills

    Tricky Skills I demand tea - NOW!

    Nope. Because this then gives the Council the impression that there is an agreed consensus to make a financial donation. I personally would be happy to chip something in. But not everyone can afford to do this. There should have been an option for those in this position.
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  4. alcopop

    alcopop Well-Known Member

    You mean like make it voluntary?
  5. Tricky Skills

    Tricky Skills I demand tea - NOW!

    Well done you.
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  6. alcopop

    alcopop Well-Known Member

    I understand you are being sarcastic but don’t understand why :(
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  7. BusLanes

    BusLanes Pedestrian

    Hah that may account for BT's request for specificity this time!
  8. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    I have had email reply saying five working days for reply. Will update when get email back.

    Personally I think they made mistake when putting together the online feedback form.
  9. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    I was thinking of that. Almost did it.

    Thing is as I am regular on Lambeth online consultations I was wary of the interpretation of results.

    My thinking was Lambeth would use those who ticked voluntary contributions as implying people were prepared to pay for Country show.

    I've seen how Lambeth "interpret" consultation findings in LJ over the adventure playground.

    I also feel as this has been free open event for decades people should have option to say that is how it should continue.
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  10. Tricky Skills

    Tricky Skills I demand tea - NOW!

    Seeing as though Lambeth has taken more than four months in trying to keep the 2017 de-briefing minutes away from residents, I thought I would get in there early for 2018.
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  11. alcopop

    alcopop Well-Known Member

    Smart move :)
  12. cuppa tee

    cuppa tee Well-Known Member

  13. salem

    salem Well-Known Member

    That's a very clever way to sell a quids worth of plastic pouches for £11!
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  14. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    Since this is morphing into a security and freedom of information thread I thought people might like to know that there was a sniffer dog sniffing the queues at the Last Night of the Proms. First time I've ever seen this at the Albert Hall.

    Every night of the Proms (8 weeks) there has been a bag search this year, which is again a first. Additionally there are concrete barrier blocks to stop driver attacks on people outside the building.

    I guess they are reacting to the Manchester Arena attack last year - and obviously a terrorist attack on a signature event at the Albert Hall would be a coup for a terror group. Even so, the security creates an atmosphere of oppression.
    BTW Albert Hall security don't stop you carrying in sandwiches or flasks of tea. Lambeth Council please note!
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  15. Mr Retro

    Mr Retro Beware hedgehogs

    That’s the most English sentence I’ll read this month :);)
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  16. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Still no reply. Despite them acknowledging my email and saying would get reply in five days. Its been several weeks now.
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