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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Jan 23, 2018.

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    Just saw Conservatives out on Atlantic Road, talking to people on street. Also got handed a Labour leaflet, which wasn't bad, O'Hara came across well. However it was a bit odd as the dude who runs Brixto Bid has endorsed her and that's in it. I don't really know if that's against any rules but it is a bit poor form imo
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    I saw chief executive of Brixton BID has endorsed Labour party candidate in the leaflet.

    " A vote for Scarlet is a vote for Brixton business".

    I agree its not appropriate for chief executive of BID to agree to this being on election leaflet.

    It does show the close relationship that Brixton BID has with Lambeth (New) Labour. BIDs were new Labour idea.

    From what I have seen in practice Brixton BID is extension of the New Labour run Council. Not an independent organisation.
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    Apparently there is a vote for whether to renew Bid next month
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    Coming up:
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    editor Is that from a webpage or an email circular?
  7. ricbake

    ricbake working out how

    They emailed the Lambeth 500+ members who are Leaseholders and registered TRAs - not sure if its publicised any where else
    It looks like they have engaged about 20 of the boroughs 9,000 Leaseholders so far for this exercise.
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    People's Vote just tweeted out a cached Lambeth Labour page attacking 2015 Lib Dems who said that the Nu Town Hall would cost £50m

    It's almost funny how aggrieved Paul McGlone sounded
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    It'll be the churches next, you see.
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    Useful friends to have in an election no doubt

    I have been quite amused she's been advocating a lot of the stuff the Lib Dems have been putting out. Youth / children's centres and all that. Good stuff which people will like but how she'll get it done when elected is less clear given the council
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    not sure if this falls under this thread, but we had our sash windows replaced with double glazing recently under the lambeth housing standards project. very pleased. has made huge difference in keeping out the cold.
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    I didn't. Nor did my neighbour despite asking.

    What area are you in? I m in Coldharbour lane.

    They managed to flood my building. Took off roof and didn't cover it properly. My neighbours kitchen ceiling was ruined when rain came through.

    I went to have a look and helped my neighbour.

    Next day the nasty piece of work from Mears, supposedly a community liaison officer got passive aggressive with me. Telling me I was breaking the Council rules by ( allegedly) going on scaffolding.

    She was not amused when I pointed out the roof hadn't been covered properly.

    All she was interested in was covering Mears arse.

    Right nasty piece of work.

    Very Coop Council.

    Once you make it clear you know what you are talking about it gets unpleasant.
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    Our estate had to wait over 6 years for works to start. we were amongst the last in the list. we are getting the roof redone as well as well as getting brand new doors. we have our works being done by breyers group rather than Mears. Hasn't been all plain sailing though. when they did the kitchen refurbishment last year, everyone ended up with smaller kitchen units :facepalm::facepalm:. we were all under the impression it would be like for like, not smaller cupboards :rolleyes:.
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