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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Jan 23, 2018.

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    Anybody else read that Lambeth Life paper which comes through the letterbox? Te latest edition had the whole of the front page plus pages 4 and 5 celebrating the new Mayor of Lambeth - Ibrahim Dogus.

    Things were clarified a little turning to page 10 - where there is a letter from the publisher - Ibrahim Dogus.

    According to the mast head Lambeth Life is distributed free in the (named) wards of the Vauxhall constituency. It certainly went out in Coldharbour, maybe more.

    I don't agree with the tone of all the articles, though it's fascinating to hear that Mayor Dogus has progressed from Kurdish refugee to "Kebab King of London". The article about the residents rally against "Kennington Stage" (yet another yuppy flats development with no social housing on the site of the former Lambeth Workhouse) alerted me to something I didn't know before.

    Not sure I subscribe to the very liberal approach to Drill Music in Lambeth Life. I think Youtube generally deserves an overhaul. It may not have created the knife crime epidemic and the anti-vaxers and the Alt-right loonies and racists, but it algorithmically magnifies them (IMHO).
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    I was helping to run a stall at Brixton Rec where BRUG were asking parent and children what extra classes / services they want. The kind of thing people were asking for is what this , now to be cut , children's centre offer.

    I was talking to a women who has a child with special needs. Seems to me so much had been cut that parents , who aren't that well off, have increasingly little support.

    And posters here get more worked up about you pointing out the new demographic in Brixton.

    I really feel some posters here don't live in the same world as me nor get out there and deal with the real world of what is happening to ordinary residents.
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    I have to confess that during my ten year stint as a school governor in coldharbour ward I sometimes:

    Wore a suit
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    Awesome contribution to a thread documenting Lambeth council's conduct.
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    I heard glad news recently. Tom Bridgman our former Head of Regeneration graduated to Executive Director of Planning at Oxford City Council.

    Looks like he got to work very quickly: Shipping container cafe comes to Oxford

    How long are those dreaming spires going to last?
    dreaming spires.jpg
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    You know how Twitter suggests you follow people its algorithms tell it you might like or dislike. Today for some reason it suggested to me "Sonia Winfred - Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and Cognitive Behaviour (CBT) Therapist"

    I think that as a public person whose tweets are emanations from the ruling élite at Lambeth Town Hall she should consider revising her description. How about Labour Councillor and Cabinet Member for Equalities and Culture?

    Sonia Winifred has had boundary issues before. When she first stood as a councillor whilst in council employment, she was disqualified from taking up her council post, had to resign her day job and then stand again in a by-election - costing the council hundreds if not thousands of pounds because her Labour agent apparently cocked up on advising her on electoral law.
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    Had there been some new issue with Lambeth cutting / trimming council owned or controlled gardens and verges recently?

    I just started noticing this last week that compared to Croydon or Wandsworth they're looking a bit unkept.
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    Seems to be ok West Norwood end. I see them regularly trimming them here.
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    I was at a house party that was on a street bordering Wandworth and Lambeth and the Wandsworth side was noticeably clearer. Now tbf most of that was private (so not council job) by still not sure one side didn't bother to cut but the other did

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