Labour + Anti Semitism

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by cantsin, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    You edited your post but haven't changed your view then. Whatever.
  2. Bernie Gunther

    Bernie Gunther Fundamentalist Druid

    Fuck the neoliberal / zionist tendency, we're never going to get anywhere if we let them push people who don't align with their interests around, through money/media power, as they're doing in this case.

    The real issue is whether we can conceivably have our interests represented by a party involved in what passes for democracy in this country.

    The answer is apparently not.
  3. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

  4. Bernie Gunther

    Bernie Gunther Fundamentalist Druid

    No. I'm sorry, I've had enough of this.
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  5. cantsin

    cantsin Well-Known Member

    no , I think they're conspiradivs, anti NWO dweebs etc, and anti semites, who drift into online JC support, via wider ' anti elitism' ideas, as well as attracted to JC / Lab Left pro Palestinian postiions fitting in with their anti semitism.

    Pure online though, wldnt last 2 mins at a CLP / or any other kind of labour movement related meeting, it would be ridiculous.
  6. 19force8

    19force8 For the avoidance of faith

    Just to emphasize the point:
    from Scare quotes - Wikipedia
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  7. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    Hasn't Tony Greenstein got some kind of officer position in Brighton CLP?
  8. likesfish

    likesfish officaly hardest and most tooled up urbanite:)

    :D as if he's been chucked out of every group he's ever been in he wouldn't know a legit way to do something if his life depended on it.
    Not that he's actually dishonest just if theres a round about dubious looking way to do something he will choose that way.:D
  9. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    Fixtures secretary for the Winnie the Pooh Club?
  10. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    ah, no. He was elected to some committee in Brighton Momentum

  11. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.


    Anyone dumb enough to equate per se anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is not someone involved in even "what passes for democracy". They're involved in a shell-game that attempts to conflate the irrational hatred and/or fear of Jews with a rational disgust at an ideology. People who do that don't represent my interests, either as a Jew or a democrat (of the only real kind - an anarchist), they represent the interests of Zionism. This is as true of members of Labour Friends of Israel and their Conservative peers as it is of the tedious Jewish "Establishment" in the UK - the tail-wagging dogs of the BDBJ, and the heads of the sects.

    As for the interface with neoliberalism, I'd say - in fact I'll state, as some reading this will otherwise make assumptions based on their own prejudices - that's about power alignment and power relations as opposed to alluding to some bullshit about "International Bankers" and other Icke-ist cock-throttling.
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  12. Knotted

    Knotted Sweet when you stir it up

    There's a great deal wrong with what Ken Livingstone said given the context and the false impression it creates and the sheer political stupidity of bringing it up. However, saying that Hitler supported Zionism for a time is not an unreasonable interpretation of history - it's at least fair comment as the Nazi regime lent material support to the Zionist movement under the Haavara agreement - even if it is misleading in terms of Hitler's political outlook and the broader picture.

    Now all the fuss is supposed to be about Ken bringing the party into disrepute and that the historical question is irrelevant and that's just bullshit. If Ken came out and said, "Well I shouldn't have started talking about the 1930's even if what I said was substantially true", then all would not be forgiven. He has to withdraw his interpretation of history when frankly he is entitled to it. I despise the Zionist lobby more for its sheer prissiness than for its vile interpretations of events thousands of miles (which they can affect as little as I can). So we're all supposed to tread on egg shells when discussing details of history regarding the Nazi regime now? Fuck that, and good for Ken for sticking to his (idiotic) guns.
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  13. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Scum with no integrity, apparently.

  14. teqniq

    teqniq DisMembered

    whoops wrong person :oops:
  15. 19force8

    19force8 For the avoidance of faith

  16. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Scum with no integrity, apparently.

    Hahaha I saw that and was gonna ask why you disliked him so much...decided to have my lunch instead. :D
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  17. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    If you're a bit behind on Finkelstein you may not be aware that he isn't very popular anymore, since saying he thinks the BDS movement is ' a maoist cult'.
    An Unpopular Man
  18. Idris2002

    Idris2002 Christmas eve, you know?

    Didn't stop the anti-Deutsch picketing our place when he came to town.
  19. 19force8

    19force8 For the avoidance of faith

    That would be five years ago.

    And he didn't say it is a Maoist cult. That would be plain stupidity, but hey, your reading skills.
  20. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    Perhaps you should actually read the article, which says nothing of the sort
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  21. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

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  22. cantsin

    cantsin Well-Known Member

    huh ?

    Since coming out in 2012 against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, however, he has alienated his core followers. A few years ago, Finkelstein tells me, he made $40,000 in speaking fees from 80 talks to Palestinian Solidarity groups around North America. “This past year when I went to my accountant ... he said, 'I think you have a mistake here, it's only $3,000.' I said, 'No, it's not an error.' He said, 'What happened?' And I thought to myself: Am I going to explain to him BDS?"
  23. teqniq

    teqniq DisMembered

  24. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    Hmm I'm not sure that's a reliable source any more (they've been really pro Assad afaik) and imo there are legitimate grounds to criticise him on this eg raed salah, his work for press TV, etc. However some of the criticisms are looking a bit deranged at the moment since the worst of it was a number of years ago, his views have clearly shifted on some issues, and so trying to make him out to be a racist scumbag just doesn't work in my opinion.
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  25. teqniq

    teqniq DisMembered

    I take your point entirely, especially the pro-Assad stuff, but have a look at the linked Jewish chronicle stuff which is where in fact I first read about this.
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  26. cantsin

    cantsin Well-Known Member

    Mini hooha about Haringey Council's' passing of broad / apparently non too controversial anti semitism motion last night , opposed by pro BDS group ( for allegedly attempting to stifle debate ), and with Haringey Momentum calling for lobby / (demo?) against it.

    Labour councillor since spraying around accusations re: Momentum thugs thugging it in the chamber etc, others saying no Momentum there, it was pro Palestine group ( and not thuggy ) but have to say, am having trouble seeing exactly what there is to object to in the motion as out lined below, or whether there is more proscription / restriction etc detailed elsewhere - don't know if anyone knows more about all this ?

    Agenda item - To consider the following Motions in accordance with Council Rules of Procedure No. 13 | Haringey Council
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  27. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    Huh? Can't see anything to object in that at all. It's really hard not to draw some worrying conclusions by the fact they are calling a demo against it :confused:
  28. J Ed

    J Ed Follow Back Pro Expropriation

    Yes, it seems like a reasonable and fair minded agenda item. I have no idea who is objecting to it but whoever is doing so is either ignorant or bigoted or a combination or the two.
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  29. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    i reckon the objection may be to the bit that says
    • Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour.
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  30. eoin_k

    eoin_k Lawyer's fees, beetroot and music

    How do you read passages like this one?

    Doesn't this equate anti-zionism with an anti-semitism? What room does it leave for people to argue that the state of Israel should be abolished, precisely, because it is conceived of in terms that privilege one ethno-religious community over others?

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