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Klopptimist Prime - Liverpool FC 2019/20


Climbing up the aerial

Shrewsbury deserved at least a draw. If they get that then they will get a good gate revenue at Anfield.

Fair play to them too. Liverpool have been a mess but they have played really well!
Decent team. The mother in law lives right next to the ground. She'll be on the phone blaming the scousers for all the noise shortly.

Well deserved and great for the Salop fans.


Mr Big Shrimp!
I genuinely mean this, I love the fact that at prime time on BBC1, the Shrewsbury manager is talking about improving infrastructure for the long term benefit of the club :cool:
A better football all together :)

Oddly for Shrewsbury the draw is better than the win. They won't win the club and their gate share will be more than the prize money (I think?) so something has to change.

Great having footy on the proper telly.
Great scenes from the fans
Great game


Climbing up the aerial
"A good old fashioned, good natured pitch invasion", says Gary, just as a fan walks across screen flicking the double Vs and giving it a wanker sign for good measure :thumbs: :D
I'd suggest a lifetime ban for every fan that ran on the pitch like would happen in the prem but then you'd only have 600 nans in the stand then. A bit like when Rod Stewart played their recently 😁