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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by hatboy, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. Nemo

    Nemo Last in x 15

    Right, tell me the next time you take Aspirin and I'll come round and make a citizen's arrest.

  2. VotePaddick

    VotePaddick Guest

    sene and sensilbility

    My mind is made up. Commander Paddick must not be made the tool of any political group. For the action which has been expressed on these pages to be fruitful it must be apolitical!

    This is important.

    If we want Cmdr Paddick back in his position then he must be peacefully re-recruited.

    Readers may find this amusing, but pray for him. It will make the case more concrete in your own heads and the outside world

  3. theoderic

    theoderic Apostate

    sene and sensilbility

    I go with the sentiment, if not the terminology.

    No party banners, please. Preferably no organisational indicators at all.

    That doesn't make it "apolitical", though: it's just part of reclaiming politics from the "politicians".

    Hope that's not too 1968.
  4. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    Viperman is Colin the Copper and I claim my £5. I claim an extra £5 for revealing that he has a miniscule member and still a further £5 for revealing that the only uniform he has worn is as a £3.75p an hour security guard in Kwiksave. YAY! I'm £15 quid up for 3 seconds reasoning!
  5. white rabbit

    white rabbit Less than zero R.I.P.

    Spot on!

    I never saw it before. Of course, Viperman - the snake! It's so Freudian.

    Are we a little lacking in the trouser department, as well being somewhat cerebrally challenged, Mr V???
  6. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    Yes, us ladies have seen it all before, all mouth and no trousers! (I really wish that I could represent in the written word that little crooked finger that so well sums up what we ladies know about types like viperman and Colin the Copper.... you know what I mean, titchy prick, big ego and crap shag! I bet he has a compensatory car.)
  7. white rabbit

    white rabbit Less than zero R.I.P.

    Any colour so long as it's RED.
  8. detective-boy

    detective-boy Banned Banned

    The concept of the shift in police - gangs - people power is a key point as you say. On our own the police can make little effective and long term difference. Without the powers the police have, the people struggle to make real changes. And all the while the police and the people do not work together the gangs gain ...

    The power and influence, and the ability to corrupt, that the massive wealth gives organised drug dealers is the really scary thing which should concern us all.
  9. viperman

    viperman Guest

    FAO Red Jezza and Ms Magpie

    Firstly Red Jezza
    you're remarks about the RUC are so typical Pro IRA, what does it feel like to support a terrorist organisation that murdered 10 innocent people on the shankill road, or an innocent child in Warrington, i could go on 2200 times but i shall not. The people that thought all those things that you quoted were the terrorists and the criminals in Northern Ireland. Patten renamed them as he was promised a top job in Europe by the Ira's spokesperson in Britain Tony Blair.
    As for Ms Magpie. oh dear, old age and all the horrible diseases that come with it have crept up on you. Wrong on all counts, I am not colin, average sized dick and I manage my own company.
  10. white rabbit

    white rabbit Less than zero R.I.P.

    What about the compensatory car??? ;)
  11. viperman

    viperman Guest

    ok, sorry

    Saab here and Mitsubishi in the states, anything else you want to know
  12. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    Notice that vituperative viperman, he who speaks with forked tongue, hasn't denied having a huge ego and being a crap shag though!
  13. white rabbit

    white rabbit Less than zero R.I.P.

    And another thing...

    It's a bit cheap to accuse someone of supporting the IRA just because they criticise the RUC. But to then go into a rant about how unpleasant the Provos (or should that now be the Realos?) are is just being needlessly antagonistic. Follow that with the claim that TB is their spokesman and you're into orbit my friend.
  14. hatboy

    hatboy Banned Banned

    Can you keep this thread on topic please. If you want to talk about Ireland please start another thread in another forum. Thankyou :)
  15. theoderic

    theoderic Apostate

    It sure as hell frightens me.

    And what's a couple of hundred thou to these scumbags if they can use it to plant a few stories to neutralise a copper who's queering their pitch by telling it like it is?
  16. pooka

    pooka Can't Re Member

    Broadening the base

    Forgive me, a newbie - may have posted this already (in more discursive form). Main points are:

    As someone who has lived in Brixton 14 years, but in no way networked into any of the political or community groupings, I shall nonetheless turn out on Tuesday to protest against the disgraceful hounding of a guy who stood some chance of achieving some good in the lives of people in this borough.

    There must be plenty of other people like me - who don't read this bulleting board. How can their support be mobilised?

    Leaflet supermarkets over the weekend?
    Through apolitical community groupings - PTA's, Neighbourhood Watches, &tc?
    Local press.

    Seems to me the more manifest the broad community support the better - if the media can depict this protest as the "usual suspects", then its weakened. I'd argue that grannies pucshing prams in middle-England did more to see off the Poll Tax than scaffold pole hurlers in St Martins Lane.

    Anyone has a viable plan and needs some effort - I'll pitch in.
  17. hatboy

    hatboy Banned Banned

    The petitioning is getting a good response. What about contacting London Live and the SLP to publicise the Tuesday meeting.
  18. pooka

    pooka Can't Re Member

    SLP ?

    That a political party?

    I'd suggest anybody and everybody should be encouraged to turn up regardless of party politics or ideological loyalties- it's concern for our community that matters and I honestly don't think that's restricted to any particular party. In this matter, I'd stand beside anyone from unreconstructed Thatcherites to turbulent Trots.....but I wouldn't stand under their banner. I suspect that might be a common view - "badging" with a parties colours is more likely to alienate support than attract it.

  19. pooka

    pooka Can't Re Member

    But well done...

    Looking at above, seems a bit sanctimonious and proscriptive...

    So to balance, I only discoverd this site through the publicity surrounding Brian Paddick and was much heartened to find a find a bunch of people trying to get some kind of community going, and organising around this issue in particular.

    So, well done:)

  20. theoderic

    theoderic Apostate

    SLP ?

    I've already made this point about party "badging", pooka, and I think it's been taken.

    However, you'll be relieved to hear that the SLP is the South London Press.

    I hope.
  21. pooka

    pooka Can't Re Member

    REH (Right enough, Hatboy)

  22. hatboy

    hatboy Banned Banned

    No one at Urban75 seems to know or like the South London Press. I don't really know it's editorial politics, but it seems OK in that way. It is in fact my favourite paper. Local news, planning proposals, jumble sales,stabbings, etc. All things you need to know about.
  23. bbsnews

    bbsnews New Member

    Campaign to Reinstate Paddick

    BBSNews has taken Page Two and devoted a large portion of it to the Commander Paddick issue. We are one of the very few news outlets in the US to cover this issue.

    On Page Two one will find a downloadable version of the "Wanted" poster with a short description of how this homophobic ruse started.

    There are also copies of the relevent studies and the MORI poll showing incredible support. An editorial from BBSNews with another just about ready to go to press supporting Paddick's Policies. And pointers to some of the best news coverage so far in the British press.

    There's a quote from your own Head Honcho and I've set up a news query for up to the minute news about Commander Paddick with a lot more in the works.

    It's obvious that the Paddick Policies are long overdue and I wish folks here in the USA to learn from what is happening in the UK. It appears that drug policy is about to take a very dramatic and pragmatic twist for the better in your country.

    BBSNews is proud to offer it's support of the campaign to reinstate Brian Paddick. Should anyone like to contribute or point out things that I've left out, please do so.

    I'll leave y'all to it and I'll get back to finishing the next editorial supporting Paddick's successes.

    Michael Hess
    Editor, BBSNews
  24. sonicdancer

    sonicdancer Jet Set Nomad Banned

    Michael excellent !! good coverage and I hope evidence enough to start jokying your police force to start thinking about new and radical ideas !! I speak for myself but maybe others feel the same way: the sad and sorry saga of cheque-book journalism imploding Brian's career (for now) after so much ground had been made up between police and community, has left me a bit depressed so any positivity to come out of this is well....just gives me token hope right now. Good man.
  25. bbsnews

    bbsnews New Member

    Monday BBSNews Editorial on Paddick Policies

    Hello all,

    If you stop into BBSNews Page Two you will see I've made a few improvements on the available background material and I've added a new editorial for today.

    Please see:

    If anyone has any thing to add or if you see anything I've gotten wrong, please let me know.

    Michael Hess
    Editor, BBSNews
  26. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    My only complaint is that it all takes ages to load on an ancient computer such as mine. Mike has spoiled me with really concise and elegant pages that load fast. Good content though, I'm just a moaning old Magpie.
  27. hatboy

    hatboy Banned Banned

    Well done BBS :)
  28. Voley

    Voley Ramoner

    Just seen you on TV, hatboy.

    Very succinct and to the point. Nice one, mate. :)
  29. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Arse, I CANNOT be disciplined ...

    I'm missing this!

    Despite my best intentions :(

  30. drfranni

    drfranni Coldharbour Crone

    Excellent meeting - I really enjoyed it - interesting - I hope the meejah coverage is suitably upbeat

    Hatboy dealing cogently and sensitively with the issues including a very distressed mother whose son died in custody - his point being that it was appropriate that there were dissenting voices, but that if anyone could give this woman the answers she deserved, it was BP

    The Rabbi being introduced as speaking from "The South London Liberal Mosque" - now that's what I call "inter-faith"

    Littlejohn being described as obscene and people whooping and cheering

    The african woman who said "the racial divide" and then corrected herself to "The racial mix"

    This website being called "Urban 57" - I like that - all varieties

    U75 being acknowledged as the start of the campaign

    The leader of the black police officers telling us that BP inspired him and stating unambiguosly that the smear campaign is being fueled from new Scotland Yard

    The people who explained that the officers responsible (allegedly) for the deaths in custody are still in post, whilst BP....

    The members of the Gay and Lesbian police group standing up and being cheered - this made me a bit tearful

    Hundreds of people cheering the concept that Brixton is special and precious and fragile

    Brian Paddick appearing on stage to an immediate standing ovationBBC coverage

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