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Keep Paddick Campaign


A.K.A Mrs C Doodles
Yeah, count me & Zee in but please make it late afternoon/after 5 so those of us who are working can get there too.


Coldharbour Crone
Eeek - already there are two days!!

I do appreciate that a great deal of ringing round and co-ordinating is being attempted by better people than me - however PLEASE can someone post a day and time when one has been agreed.

Also - Mr Editor - should we bring a U75 banner if I can knock one up in time?


Agree with above comments re: need to decide time and place.
If definite demo is organised for circa 6 (i.e. after work) at a specified time then I'll let know/bring along as many people as I can...
P.S. Hope Brian is still reading these boards and gains some comfort from the knowledge that he has massive support from the people who actually live in Brixton :)


New Member
Giving my support

This is my first post (feel unbelievably strongly about this tho) and just want to say that I absolutely support any (peaceful) demonstration in support of Brian Paddick. What has happened is an utter disgrace, and it's time to get up and say "no". Please please post details of whatever and whenever here, and I promise I'll be there.
p.s. as above - I'm a Lambeth resident, and hope too that Brian's still checking these boards out. There's a lot of people behind you.:)


Thorrasic Beats
Poster campaign and more.

Keep your eyes open for upcoming poster campaign. big style.

Interesting that Prince Charles can allow getting high at Highgrove
with impunity, and that it takes Lord Harris 66hrs and a threatening
phone call from the Mirror stating their intent to publish the story of
his son getting caught in The Fridge with 66 ectsacy tablets, before
he gracefully admits defeat and drags sonny boy down the yard!!!
Odd though, that the officers in charge of the case decided
that there wasn't enough evidence to proceed. What does it take for
someone who wants to do some good for the people of this city/ country
to be allowed to do so?

Big shout going out to Jack Straws son, the late Princess Margaret and
any other unlikely jailbait.......

Also what about organising a benefit party for the Commander's ex -
so he can afford the lawyers to get him out of upcoming libel case. Or perhaps
a plane ticket for him to go somewhere else to stitch up the people of the country
he lives in! Not that he needs it, I guess, after what the mail must have shelled
out to get him to give up that story.......

Anyways more power to ya Brian, and to everyone up for standing up and
making their feelings known.

Cannabis festival should be a laugh though......


Thorrasic Beats

Since I haven't seen any other proposals ( mebbe not looking hard enough!) - what about meeting at the Duke Of Edinburgh - Monday evening 7:30. Lets make sure this gets done right. Anyone with any other proposals etc. weishing to keep people informed ( I have a large Brixton Mailing list) or with demos etc already planned please get in touch on savebrian@skinup.co.uk

Posters going up tonight n other moves are already afoot.........

Power to the Paddick....
:D :mad: :D :D

grubby local

tapir wanker
hold your horses?

I understand that the community-police consultative group have called an extraordinary meeting for next Tuesday night at town hall to discuss reinstatement campaign. thats the most concrete i've heard. they make the most sense to me to lead any kind of campaign from the grassroots. more info soon (hatboy i think lee will call u)

nb i'm on LBC at 5.50pm


ideological dogmatist
Lee Jasper & Keep Padick campaign

| will enthusiastically support any campaign to reinstate Paddick.Can someone (Pref. Hatboy) please PM me with details of petition/demo as soon as concrete details are known?


Draft letter

I posted this in another forum, although I think it may be more appropriate here: comments please.

This is my first draft - should we agree a standard between ourselves before blitzing the Met's in-box. Posties please dont go on strike.

For presentation purposes can anyone suggest a way of downloading the word doc easily?

Sir John Stevens
Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police
Chief Commissioner
New Scotland Yard

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you both as a resident of London and as a concerned citizen about the recent remarks both in the press, and from the Police Federation, concerning Commander Paddick. Which you have sought to endorse on 18th March 2002.
As you must be aware he is an officer of exemplary record who has not only had to tackle crime in one of London's most troublesome boroughs but has the presence of foresight to tackle the social issues which every Londoner, irrespective of status, has come to know so well.
Commander Paddick has gained both the trust and respect of the residents of Lambeth. It is clear that the residents of Lambeth appreciate his ability.
I feel Lambeth is in danger of becoming more lawless due to the lack of policing by consent, so painstakingly built up by Commander Paddick.
Lambeth has always had people of diverse lifestyles and should I infer from your recent actions concerning Commander Paddick's removal from Lambeth that that it is not acceptable to be a member of the Police force unless one is homophobic?
This is not an issue simply about tolerance of drugs and alternative lifestyles by the authorities but an essential debate, common to all walks of life, concerning the fabric of society.

Should the London Metropolitan Police wish to enter this debate then I look forward to your comments, however should this not be case I will take my concerns to a higher authority.

Yours sincerely,

Ganja Day

Paddick Demo on Thu 21st March

Quote from attached press release:

"Commissioner Stevens, who ‘sacked’ Commander Paddick will meet the Metropolitan Police Authority this Thursday 21st March 10am at Romney House, 43 Marsham Street, SW1, there will be a public demonstration."

LAMBETH Green Party

020 8671 5936

For immediate release 18 March 2002


Lambeth Green Party condemns the effective dismissal of Lambeth Police Commander Brian Paddick. Although the public line from the Metropolitan Police is that Paddick has been re-assigned pending investigation, Greens doubt he will return – much to the detriment of policing in Lambeth.

Shane Collins, Green Party Drugs Spokesperson and local election candidate in Brixton, said: “Paddick represents the wishes of the majority of people in Lambeth, the Mail on Sunday does not. Our question is ‘Who polices Lambeth?’ The Mail on Sunday or community consent? Paddick should be re-instated and the tabloid press should keep their cheque book out of politics. This is a disaster for community policing in Lambeth.”

Mohammed Sajid, Green Party Prospective Council Candidate for Coldharbour Ward, said: “We live in an era where the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is resisting the introduction of mandatory drug testing for officers on the basis that they will lose valuable manpower for good. The Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday have ensured that the Lambeth community have lost a very valuable officer, without the aid of a urine test. In reality, it is the Mail and its ilk who have been taking the piss all along.”

Commissioner Stevens, who ‘sacked’ Commander Paddick will meet the Metropolitan Police Authority this Thursday 21st March 10am at Romney House, 43 Marsham Street, SW1, there will be a public demonstration.

There will be a public meeting at Lambeth Town Hall 6pm Tuesday 26th to demand the re-instatement of Cmdr Paddick called by the Community Police Consultative Group for Lambeth.

Contact us for further information on the upcoming Lambeth community groups demonstration in support of Commander Paddick and the Lambeth Cannabis trial


For more info contact Shane Collins or Mohammed Sajid, Lambeth Green Party w 020 7737 3044 h 020 8671 5936

Notes to editor.

The legalise Cannabis March and Festival is confirmed for Saturday 4th May. Kennington Park to Brockwell Park, Brixton.


If you can't come - write please

May I suggest that anyone who wants to do something to help but that is unable to attend local demos, etc should email or write letters. Perhaps to the Met Police, Lambeth Town Hall, The Lambeth Community Police Consultative Group (in support), the Metropolitan Police Association and of course any media you feel appropriate. People could also write to members of the government.

Use your imagination and just say what you feel. Or, there are also a couple of standard letters people have posted up in the various Paddick related threads.

If I have any of the organization's names above wrong or have said something incorrect please PM me :)




Regarding this link posted by grubby local-this site actually belongs to ANM which also owns The Mail.

They own another site-http://www.femail.co.uk which is the site directly associated with The Mail.

There has been a few complaints regarding the mail's gutter press report on Paddick on the Femail site.

My own opinion of Paddick is that he is a forward thinking guy and if more of our police force and politicians were like him we would be a far better country.

I dont live near London but will be e mailing all the contacts given here in support of Paddick.



fela fan

sunny thailand
I've emailed the commissioner.

I'm a tad too far away to lend my physical support, but do please keep all those who can't make any gatherings up to date on how these demos go.

Let's hope that just for once common sense will prevail amongst those who have the real power. They WILL listen, but only if they're being deafened. Londoners - please make a cacophony of sound and blast their ears.

If we do manage to have Brian reinstated (or even if we don't), I would suggest a follow up thread/campaign on how to reduce the powers of the likes of the Mail. (I can't seem to work out how to start a thread.)


Rather small member
and what a pathetic site it is too, 'Just me'. Its easy to see why trolls such as Daily Mail Reader & Galloping Major are so drawn to this magnificent site!
I, myself have bought some old-fashioned notepaper and in in a spidery, childish hand with the requisite number of spelling mistakes have written to these titles complaining that "my" money has been spent on a drug-taking wretch (sic) such as James Renolleau and how these filthy allegations have been spread across the pages of a so-called 'family' newspaper ! Don't they care about the children!
That Commander Paddick seems such a nice man. We're short of police officers and very short of top-quality police officers and we Lambeth residents want our Commander back.
please no flames; written with a heavy slice of irony.
( the black arts club);)
BTW the Wright Stuff was complaining yesterday that they couldn't find anyone speak against Paddick and how come all the papers were against him when it didn't seem to be shared by the average man/woman in the street! They recognize my voice by now so do feel free to call these chat shows up claiming to be in favour of disciplining Paddick. By the time they've sussed that you're pro Paddick its too late to get you off the air. It helps a lot if its done with politeness, even tho its an outrage.
good luck with the campaign

William of Walworth

Smart move!

have written to these titles complaining that "my" money has been spent on a drug-taking wretch (sic) such as James Renolleau and how these filthy allegations have been spread across the pages of a so-called 'family' newspaper ! Don't they care about the children!
LOL!!! :) :) Excellent .....


Here's the jist of the above article:

"...But his supporters will seize on revelations that there were 159 class A drug arrests in Lambeth last month compared with 96 for both cannabis and class A drugs in the similar period last year.

Street crime has been cut by 35 per cent and burglaries by eight per cent. Crucially, the findings refute critics' claims that the new policy has attracted even more drug dealing and use in the borough.

Arrests for class A drugs rose from 90 last December to 107 in January and 159 last month. Street robberies, which were running at more than 30 a day in Lambeth in the aftermath of the 11 September bombings, when many officers were redeployed to central London, have been cut to 17 a day. The corresponding figure for last year is 23 a day.

Burglaries, many of which are drugrelated, have been cut to 363 last month from 397 in February last year. Since the introduction of the no-arrest cannabis policy last summer, burglaries have dropped by 26 per cent and street crime - a major problem in Lambeth - has fallen six per cent.

Sources say up to 2,500 police manhours have been saved by removing the bureaucratic requirements on officers making arrests for cannabis.

While no one disputes that the officer faces serious allegations, there are mounting calls on Commissioner Sir John Stevens to stand by his Commander. The officer's belief that he is the subject of a homophobic witch-hunt in the media and within the Met itself is shared by many.

The Dean of Lambeth, Canon Richard Truss, has expressed support for Mr Paddick and a demonstration is being called at Lambeth Town Hall next Tuesday to demand his reinstatement.

Scotland Yard's evaluation of the Brixton experiment is expected by Easter and will assist the Home Secretary in deciding whether to downgrade cannabis to a class C drug"


Rather small member
Thanks W of W:D
If it were possible to get a toot outside Brixton Nick if you support the Reinstate Paddick Campaign, it would be a very helpful focal point for the worldwide TV crews that will be visiting Brixton over the next crucial few weeks.
preferably supported with a leaflet explaining why.
I think we're winning!


BBC Question Time

The BBC question time programme has a poll to try to find out what the viewers think is "the issue of the week". This will (probably) form the basis for the main discussion of the programme. This week, one of the options to vote for is Brian Paddick and the cannabis allegations. This might well be an excellent opportunity to hold a public discussion on the issues (both Paddicks treatment, and the legalisation of cannabis), so if enough people get over to the BBC Question Time website there is a chance that there will be a proper debate.

Alternatively, it could all go tits up, since I dont know who is on the panel...



Rather small member
I understand from the Beeb that there is a very good chance that a debate will be held in Lambeth tomorrow evening., so if I could urge readers to follow 'Complex'' suggestion, it would be helpful.
Best bib'ntucker and behaviour for me if it comes about and try to unfulfill the stereotype of wild Brixton looney!