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Kathy Burke's All Woman


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I have just watched the first episode and it was wonderful and scary in equal parts. Kathy a woman not much older than me comfortable in herself and honest that she grew up thinking her brain was more important than her looks.

She says that women are more likely to criticise other women and also how much harder it is to be a younger woman in today's Instagram world.

I'm not sure I agree that women are more critical but perhaps that is because I am not on Instagram.


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She is straight up, ok, I never conformed to what are now gender stereotypes of what a woman should be. But had to say if she'd been born today with all that is available she might have undergone surgery. WTF are we putting girls through with this idealisation of what is womanhood? A feeling and an instragram post :confused:


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I feel as though Kathy Burke is a kindred spirit. ...:oops: I'm sure tons of people feel like that about her.

When she started talking about being a young teen and punk and monkey boots I got really excited because I was obsessed with monkey boots at 8. It's always surprising when you see a reflection of yourself on the TV. Yes she is the best person ever to be a celebrity!


Yeah, that was great. I liked how she was kind to everyone she met. It's obvious where her sympathies lie but she was particularly nice to the woman having the boob job and the Love Island woman, even.

Great programme. I'll definitely be watching the rest.

'Ham sandwich' bit was funny as fuck, too. -:D


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I get the feeling that no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, she’s going to be really hard to dislike.

Bit like an inverse Clive James or P.J. O’Rourke.


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Thanks for the heads up. KB came onto my radar with Nil By Mouth in 1997... Think it is probably time to rewatch that too. She's pretty fucking special in her way for sure.

Amongst other things, I appreciate the way she uses her celebrity to not be a darling/actress/lovie and finish some sentences appropriately with expletives like most of us actually do. :D ;)

Last chance to paradise...open your eyes... :oldthumbsup:


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Watched it last night. I love how she comes across as a really warm and caring person who totally owns her opinions and is not remotely afraid to express them.

I liked the message about women being nicer to other women. She was so sweet to the boob job woman. I'd like to think that what she had to say will have had an effect on her.


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I gotta say this is such a brilliant show.

I'm watching Beauty at the moment and really feel for these young women. I think I was very lucky to be born when I was, when surgery etc wasn't really an option.

When I was a young teen in 1999 2000 I'd considered getting my nose done because it was too big and ugly (as well as other stuff). That was without Instagram culture. Now I know that body self hatred correlates strongly with trauma and it was the trauma that was driving it.

So yeah, I totally would have succomed to some kind of body modification, but I doubt it would have been towards the airhead model of womanhood we have today iykwim.

I really hope that every girl sees this. And I LOVE Nadia. Never heard of her. She's super cool.