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Just how toe-curlingly awful will the 'festival of Brexit' be?


In his first interview as the director of Festival 2022, Martin Green said the aims would be to bring the nation together, showcase British creativity, and on a basic level bring some “joy, hope and happiness”.

The idea of a post-Brexit festival of Britain was announced by Theresa May in May 2018 and given the go-ahead by Boris Johnson last year.


heckling from the back!
I'll go goth so as I can wear mourning black.

(as I expect to be in all sorts of financial doggy do-do because of bl00dy brexit)


How would we celebrate a festival of the EU if we had remained in it? Goethe meets Eurovision meets Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi ??

Poi E

Well-Known Member
It's interesting as a state heads towards failure how it simply offers up things to the world proving how senile it is. I bet the yanks have cut the wire to the red button since they see how loopy the place is becoming.


rolling turds in glitter
Bear in mind it’s 2 years away, it might be a case of rolling the tumbrels out for Boris’s lot.....we can but hope

Poi E

Well-Known Member
Get Danny Boyle in for some hoary old shit about England's green and pleasant land. Then big bad industrial revolution. But miss out the bit about Britain fucking the world over. Then onto being good guys defeating Nazi's standing all alone with a billion in empire behind you. Then the dark times of being a colony in the EU. Then freedom (but not for Scotland.)

Thank fuck I didn't grow up here. I might have taken the country seriously.