Johnny hallyday est malade :-(

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by gentlegreen, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. SaskiaJayne

    SaskiaJayne Rural Guerrilla

    He spoke fluent English but I don’t think he ever sang in English.
  2. charlie mowbray

    charlie mowbray The Enforcer

    If people are writing shite poems at least get Brel's first name right. It was Jacques.
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  3. SaskiaJayne

    SaskiaJayne Rural Guerrilla

    I searched youtube for Johnny Hallyday tribute acts but they were all so shit I didn’t post any. :D
  4. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    I knew very little about him. Like 98.7% of UK people, in a made-up but highly likely to be true stattistic ;) I'd never heard a thing he sang :oops:

    So I thought it was a good idea to read Johnny Hallyday's obituary -- and I'm glad I did, it's fascinating.
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  5. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    He's getting a spectacular send-off in Paris ...
  6. Idris2002

    Idris2002 the liberation forces make movies of their own

    Listening to this now, it's actually not bad, esp. the French version of "Fortunate Son":

  7. SaskiaJayne

    SaskiaJayne Rural Guerrilla

    It’s like a state funeral. Can’t see Cliff Richard getting this when he goes. :D
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  8. SaskiaJayne

    SaskiaJayne Rural Guerrilla

    It’s live on BFMTV The French news station right now.
  9. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    A French teacher I once had, claimed that we in the UK and USA had the way with the (rock) music, but the French had the lyrics ...
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  10. SaskiaJayne

    SaskiaJayne Rural Guerrilla

    That funeral was gobsmaking. Macron was there. The UK has probably produced some of the greatest music in the history of the world but I’m sure no UK artist could hope for a send off like that with that amount of mourners. I’ve always known about Johnny & I've always known he was big in France but I never realised he was that big. It’s true enough not all French folk are fans. Most I know dismissed him as a tax dodger. :D
  11. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    As a singer, he's more Tom Jones than Cliff Richard ...
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