jamaica - fastest nation on earth!!

Discussion in 'Olympics 2008' started by marty21, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Flashman

    Flashman wtf did I do?


    That about sums it up.
  2. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    Yep, it's an impressive argument.
  3. Nougat

    Nougat metalmonkey to the rescue

    Watching the medal ceremony for the 400m Womens Hurdles and it is quite astounding how they are truly terrorising the field. Gwan Jamaica in best jafakean accent! I need to get me some hard food :hmm:

    It is a given as far as I am concerned that they are going to win the 400m Womens relay as well and although I am not a gambler I am so tempted :p
  4. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

    4X100 as well
  5. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

    I love the way that the yanks have been totally pwnd by the Jamaicans in the sprints, which they usually regard as their property. Priceless! :D

    As for the drug rumblings .... whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? You can't blame the athletes for the failure of their authorities to get proper local checks into place. :rolleyes:
  6. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Sassy McFlashy

    It's the Jamaicans way of getting revenge on the Americans for colonialising large parts of their Island with 5 * hotels and shops where you can only pay for things in US dollars.
  7. Barking_Mad

    Barking_Mad Non sibi sed omnibus

    Looks like they made 'Cool Runnings' about the wrong sport after all!

    "He's like a lion!"
  8. N_igma

    N_igma Epistemic nuisance

    Fuck they were fast in the men's relay today. Bolt and Powell are the two fastest men on the planet no doubt about it.
  9. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Sassy McFlashy

  10. Jessiedog

    Jessiedog Keeping the faith.


    The Jamaicans seem to have come out of nowhere.

    And no accredited out-of-competition drug testing programme?

    How many olympic 100 metre winners since 1984 have proven to be tainted?


    (And remember, it's only the really stupid, unlucky or desperate cheaters that get caught even in the most stringent of accredited regimes.)


  11. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    The Jamaicans have not come out of nowhere, they have a proud tradition of male and female sprinters. It's almost the national sport
  12. Jessiedog

    Jessiedog Keeping the faith.

    The improvement in their times over the last 12 months are astonishing...

    And no accredited out-of-competition drug testing programme?


  13. coccinelle

    coccinelle Active Member

    Jamaica do not have a national doping agency. But all the Jamaican elite are tested by the IAAF and, according to a piece in today's Daily Mail

    "only the United States, Russia, Greece and Kenya have been tested more in the past 12 months. In the 7 days before .. Beijing, 32 Jamaicans were tested, Powell 4 times"
  14. Melinda

    Melinda Kama roa, efshar livloa?

    Colin Jackson has spoken several times about how 30,000 people squeeze into stadiums in Kingston to watch 12 and 13 year olds in the junior championships in Jamaica.

    They've shown video of the championships and the stadium was heaving[/]

    It probably *is* the national sport, certainly their most successful in the past few years.

    They have a proven pedigree in sprinting. Hardly 'Out of nowehere.'
  15. exosculate

    exosculate a stagger with a beat

    :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: * 100 ^^^^^

    Frankly, at some of the people posting on this thread, I mean the audacity of suggesting possible drug use in some cases - especially in the case of Bolt who skipped the last 10m of the 100m and yet still breaks a world record. I mean come on and a for fucks sake for good measure thrown in.
  16. Melinda

    Melinda Kama roa, efshar livloa?

    Did Michael Johnson use drugs?

    Did Sergei Bubka?

    Has Michael Phelps?

    They were/ are all exceptional athletes, light years beyond their peers.

    Usain Bolt has been gaining attention since he was a 16 years old- as I said, his success is not out of nowhere.

    He first set his world record in New York back in March this year. Do you suppose he hasnt been tested many, many times between then and now?
    When do you think he would have time to dope with EPO, train, and for it to leave his system before being tested again?
  17. strung out

    strung out (",)

    apparently bolt ran a 20.2sec 200m when he was 15!
  18. Melinda

    Melinda Kama roa, efshar livloa?

    FFS- You mean he was doping at age 15???!?!?!?!?!
  19. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    They're all doin it doin it doin it from the womb in Jamaica :(
  20. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    Bolt has improved his time by a WHOLE SECOND in JUST SEVEN YEARS

    We don't need positive tests, it's obvious :cool:
  21. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Sassy McFlashy

    They are all doing it.
    They are all cheats!
    It's obvious!
  22. Madusa

    Madusa Baller

    it's cos they bon pun de weed.
  23. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Sassy McFlashy

    Bon pun it an raise pun it!;)
  24. Melinda

    Melinda Kama roa, efshar livloa?


    Small Island jealousy mate ;)
  25. Madusa

    Madusa Baller

    flashup uno lighta! :cool:
  26. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Sassy McFlashy

    :D Dominicans are not jealous! ;)
  27. Madusa

    Madusa Baller

    :D:D haha, it's been a while since I heard that retort!
  28. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Sassy McFlashy

    Miss Frazier said it was because of the banana, yam and dumpling diet.....we know what she really meant!
  29. Melinda

    Melinda Kama roa, efshar livloa?

    You feeling better mate? I saw your thread last night.
  30. Melinda

    Melinda Kama roa, efshar livloa?

    Oh that was SO funny! :D Colin Jackson was creasing when they cut back to the studio!

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