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Discussion in 'Euro 2012 championship' started by twistedAM, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. goldenecitrone

    goldenecitrone ubi sunt

    That's exactly what I was just thinking.
  2. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

  3. TitanSound

    TitanSound Mr Beardy Drummer

    Meatheads and alcohol. A superb combination.
  4. tommers

    tommers Your disco needs you

  5. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

  6. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    England were only 'robbed' of the multi-goal defeat they deserved.
  7. purves grundy

    purves grundy ambient clown remix

    stayed up til 4am watching this :( knackered today and loads of work to do but a head too fuzzy to do it... AND FOR WHAT??? WHAT DID I GET OUT OF IT???
  8. Ted Striker

    Ted Striker Foot's on the other hand

    Not sure if it's patriotism that leans me to believe we've had our fair share of shite luck/decisions in the past, like to think this tournament levelled things up a bit. Just a shame it didn't happen whilst we had a particularly talented squad.

    I still think we did 'the job' just fine against Italy. We couldn't match them for class/skill, so we did what we needed to do. It worked for Chelsea.

    Also (still) think Roy was pretty ace after the game. Came across as dignified, pragmatic, intelligent and gracious. Which is 4 words you couldn't use to describe any England manager since probably Robson. It'll never last....

    What does piss me off, is non-English people thinking all England fans think their team is anywhere near the best in the world. There's a shitload of blind optimism, though find me someone who doesn't see/hope the best in their team and I'll show you a dullard heartless twat. Don't get me wrong, they are (by and large) cunts, but not for talking up their national teams chances.

    I'm just glad we exited the tournament punching reasonably above our weight, and not hopelessly failing to live up to the smallest of expectations.
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  9. littlebabyjesus

    littlebabyjesus one of Maxwell's demons

    For about 30 seconds, or perhaps as long as a minute, between Rooney scoring and Young missing, England were in the lead. They couldn't, could they? I had not dared to imagine that they could win until that short minute. It's the hope that gets you. :)
  10. tommers

    tommers Your disco needs you

    That's probably less than happens in Bedford on a normal Saturday night.
  11. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

    haven't read the thread - but Pirlo was a class act - he was the difference - England need a player like that who bosses the game and we haven't got one
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  12. jiggajagga

    jiggajagga Judge_Mental

    Well they did win by 2 goals but on freakin penalties and that doesn't count! BBOOLLLLOOCCKKSS!!
  13. chieftain

    chieftain Mega Gammon

    Thing is no one believed we would get anywhere so getting further than we didn't think we would get was fun. I enjoyed it, especially the Sweden game. That was a thriller.
  14. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    England are supposed to be the 6th best team in the world. Italy are ranked as the 12th.

    That's plainly bullshit.
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  15. Lord Camomile

    Lord Camomile Lemonade socialist

    And not really our fault...
  16. gosub

    gosub ~#

    Think no one expecting anything helped their performance, though did notice BBC studio pundits discussing England's chances in the final against Spain prior to start of match against Italy :rolleyes:
  17. goldenecitrone

    goldenecitrone ubi sunt

    That was a pretty stylish penalty he took. Nerveless.
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  18. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    But some England fans seem to go around believing its true and then express surprise when they're completely outclassed by a team supposedly significantly worse than them.
  19. scooter

    scooter Well-Known Member

    The all-important post match analysis.

    Pirlo would have looked like a right dick if Hart hadn't dived and just calmly picked the ball up as it came to him.
  20. Big Gunz

    Big Gunz Well-Known Member

    ^^ Hart should have stood still and waited for the shot before diving for all the pens. He wasn't close to any of them anyway and would have saved Pirlo's. I don't understand why goalies commit to one side and hope the player kicks it that way as sooner or later someone will try to smack one down the middle or off centre.
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  21. littlebabyjesus

    littlebabyjesus one of Maxwell's demons

    That's all very well, but I remember Seaman doing exactly this against, I think, Germany. He went the right way every time, but didn't save a single one. If Buffon hadn't guessed against Cole, he wouldn't have saved it.
  22. Lord Camomile

    Lord Camomile Lemonade socialist

    The trouble is, we get pilloried for having high expectations, but then also get attacked for our team not doing better with all the supposed resources we have. It's something I've noticed more and more, and a more than a few times in this tournament, and I don't quite understand what other fans want from us. Should we lower our expectations, or be angry that our country can't produce better?

    And before we get into it, I would love for the FA to invest better and improve the structure of our grassroots system - we should be one of the leaders in the international game. But at the moment, this is the team which I am presented with, and so this is the team I support.
  23. Lord Camomile

    Lord Camomile Lemonade socialist

    Actually, this is pretty much what he did for Balotelli's, the first, and he got very close to it. The others less so... :hmm:
  24. Yelkcub

    Yelkcub Well-Known Member

    I've decided to blame Ashley Young entirely. I couldn't dislike Cashley anymore than I already do, so Young gets the ire. I've decided his attempt to smash his pen into the roof of the net is indicative of his arrogance and that we would have won if he was half as good as he thinks he is.
  25. Lord Camomile

    Lord Camomile Lemonade socialist

    Actually, I think it's generally the hallmark of someone who's not confident.
  26. littlebabyjesus

    littlebabyjesus one of Maxwell's demons

    Yep. You could see before he started his run up that this was what he was going to do. Would have been unstoppable if it had been 10 cm lower...
  27. Big Gunz

    Big Gunz Well-Known Member

    Seaman was slow and getting old by the time Euro 96 came around but still our best keeper.
  28. Lord Camomile

    Lord Camomile Lemonade socialist

    You're right, I think you could see it - I actually said while he was waiting to take it, "just hit the target Ashley" :(
  29. littlebabyjesus

    littlebabyjesus one of Maxwell's demons

    Anyway, I don't blame any player for missing a pen. At least they had the balls to step forward and take one.
  30. Yelkcub

    Yelkcub Well-Known Member

    I do. Ashley Young. Arsehole.

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