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iOS premium gaming thread

Discussion in 'gaming and consoles' started by mrs quoad, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    The last couple of Thursdays have been total pants.

    WH quest in a week or two (WOOOOOO!!!!), but properly hoping for a non-shite launch by 6am tomorrow.

    C'mon, you appy bastards!
  2. doodlelogic

    doodlelogic arbitrary message here

    GTA is good.
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  3. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    This weeks releases are staggeringly shit.

    But all the goat simulator games are on sale @£0.99.

    For those w an interest.
  4. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    I have bought Kickass Commandos and REKT this week.

    Kickass has yet to properly grab me. It's a bit messy. You pick up lots of rescued commandos, but can't control what they do. So they spam themselves all over, loosely following your path, but also spamming bullets towards your (nearby) aiming point. So they die lots and have a very wide field of fire. I'm yet to be convinced that this is an asset. A leading steam review recommends leaving all rescues til level end, then running back through the empty level with them (for a 100% rescue bonus). Hmm.

    Rekt is great. Plenty of rapid rewards, and genuinely enjoyable stunt racing. Suspect it'll have a limited shelf life, but well worth the £2. IMO.
  5. kabbes

    kabbes "A top 400 poster"

    Now I seem to have bought this too. It better be all that, quoad
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  6. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa


    In other news, the Talos Principle has just been ported / launched on iOS.

    I've skimmed off it on steam multiple times without buying, bc I don't really do puzzlers. And, yeah. Clearing out 1.8gb THE WEEK BEFORE WH QUEST 2 LAUNCHES would be hard. But I can't say I'm not tempted, particularly given the price differential (£4.99 on iOS; £29.99 on steam).
  7. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    And in the latest demonstration of #quoadscatastrophicimpulsecontrol, I lasted all of two minutes before deleting F1 2016 and DLing a game I probably won't play :facepalm:

  8. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    The game I've come back to time and time again over the last week is Rekt. It is alarmingly simple - essentially a sandbox sk8 park for cars, with multiple jumps, ramps, loops (&c.) and the bare minimum of controls (L/R, swipe for spin / rotate, brake). And pretty minimalist goals - up to three "goals" per run (winning tokens for a relatively vacuous slot machine) or high score (unlocks next car).

    Basically, stunts make combos make points. Crash -> combo ends.

    But it comes together superbly.

    It's, like, £2. The physics are awesome. The learning curve just keeps on going. As do the new unlocks. And the hidden / unexpected stunts just keep on appearing.

    Unfortunately, I think I've worked out how to points grind. But in and of itself, that's opened up challenges. Do I stop at 87,000 (points) *33 (consecutive tricks)? Or keep on facking pushing, knowing that catastrophe might ensue? Particularly given points grinding involves 6-7 front spins at a time. Which can go horrendously wrong.

    Seriously going to recommend this as a £2 (ffs!) quick play car stunt skate park awesome thing. It is just beautiful.
  9. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    A not uninteresting day of releases.

    Halcyon 6 is out (steam link). Meant to be a sort of 4x or 6x, afaict. Bit too pixel art for me, combined with some “omfg the grinding” reviews on steam.

    Time recoil has also launched. From the makers of Neon Chrome - a really well reviewed twin stick. (A bit shallow for my liking, particularly when compared to Leap of Fate. But ay.) I’ve played about 5 mins, lol. It’s single stick. Relies on auto aim. HMMMM. Not very sure about that (but toucharcade reviews seem to think this is to cope with later manic levels).

    And WH Quest 2. The biggie, from my perspective. The launch has fallen slightly flat for me, bc it began with multiple crash bugs (eventually updated to iOS 11 to make it work), and the game doesn’t quite have all the crack-like insta-rewards of the first (cash drops from dead enemies, i’m looking at you). It also relies heavily on character development. Which I’m not quite at. So, we’ll see. Fingers crossed.
  10. 8den

    8den No I'm pretty sure that was 8ball...

    Should I try the original warhammer quest first?
  11. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    Depending on your device, I’d recommend thinking about the new one. Early bugs have been ironed out. It’s at least launching on my phone, and is proving v playable.

    There are still some kinks - the inventory system is a bit of a mess, and I kinda preferred the loot system of the old one (enemies drop gold; crates for polishing off bosses. Whereas now there are no in-level rewards, just three winnings cards at the end. Which is probably fine. But provides fewer instant endorphin rewards.)

    I think the other main difference may be the disposability of characters. You could *only* get 8 chars in the original, 4 of them paid. In 2, they’re classes, and it’s possible to recruit multiple instances of a class. I assume the leveling up is a bit random (+1 to random stat), giving a bit more room for tailoring.

    Part of what I loved about 1 was following my 8 chars through 8 levels (pretty tough!) So, yeah. I’m wondering if this will be a positive. No complaints after a couple hours, Tbf.

    There were also char skills in the original - special abilities, and mana points for wizards. I’m kinda hoping they’re in here somewhere, too, or the chars will lose a fair bit of their uniqueness. They’ll just be stat hounds. Instead of genuinely different play styles.

    Quest 1 was also launched by a now-dead studio (Rodeo; Perchang, who launched this, was started by one of the Rodeo blokes). So I’m not sure whether or not 1 will continue to be updated.

    Errrr, long story short, 1 was epic, man. If it’s a quid or two, it’s a steal. But... I’d really want all the IAP (eventually, and personally - they’re not needed to complete, but they are rich additions...) That would an extra chunk.

    2 isn’t quite there yet. But there’s clearly a team of active devs working hard to fix any current probs, and on future releases / updates. I have some faith in this new launch, but I can’t fully back it yet.

    I have also already bought all the IAP for 2 already. (There are IAP glitches - which is fucking stupid for a launch. I have to restart in order to get access to the chars I’ve just paid £3 for. Business model fail.)

    And there’s a c.50 page and fast-growing thread on toucharcade; who gave it a five-star review last week.
  12. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    The thread is a mixture of people saying it’s the most awesome game they’ve ever played, and they’re 60hrs in; and people saying it’s functionally broken and in serious need of insta patching.

    So, yeah. #alittlebitbeta
  13. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    I keep on trying to convince myself to press “buy” on Halcyon 6.

    But then I read (ever longer and more refined) reviews, and re-think “naaah.”

    Idk. The original seems to’ve been panned. Lightspeed Edition seems to be quite well reviewed. But... pixel art. £7. No real overview of wtf it actually does (Star Trek pastiche w/ xcom overtones and JRPG combat. Ok. Tx4that.) 1.2gb (hashtagisit).

    Yeah. Not quite over the buy line there.


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