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Discussion in 'books, films, TV, radio & writing' started by telbert, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Mrs Miggins

    Mrs Miggins There's been a slight cheese accident

    The first 2 were some of the best things I've ever seen on TV! What's wrong with you man? :(
  2. quiet guy

    quiet guy Bimbling along

    Tonight's episode was very good with a very dark twist.
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  3. Spod

    Spod Well-Known Member

    The are morphing ever closer to Tales of the Unexpected for those old enough to remember those creepy Roald Dahl inspired vignettes. IMO they (and the rest of the League of Gentleman crew) can do no wrong.
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  4. D'wards

    D'wards I'm an excellent driver

    Steve Pemberton is, i think, a very fine actor. Reece is good too, but Steve is a real class act.
  5. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    The Silent one in S1, and the Hotel and the Removal Day episodes in S4 are my top three. This week’s was dark as fuck though,
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  6. Ranbay

    Ranbay The same rules apply

    3rd and 4th just awesome !
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  7. Siouxsie

    Siouxsie Fashionable objector with a uniform fetish

    I don't want it to end. It's my favourite thing at the moment.
  8. Maggot

    Maggot The Cake of Liberty

    He said the scene with Nurse Honeybun was the hardest scene he's ever had to film.
  9. Ranu

    Ranu Poster of the Weak

    I was thinking that while watching it, must have been awful for both of them.
  10. Siouxsie

    Siouxsie Fashionable objector with a uniform fetish

    I liked the awkwardness of if you were in the same situation yourself.
  11. Spod

    Spod Well-Known Member

    yeh my least favourite. just too uncomfortable. not enough light in with the darkness.
  12. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed the episode, although it lacked the film noir of their usual stuff.
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  13. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    Yes, I was saying much the same to my better half yesterday. Must be the ‘happiest’ episode in the entire series (not counting S3 which I haven’t seen yet). No deaths, no injuries, no seriously fucked up or sad scenarios. Not the most memorable, but it compensated by a very good cast.

    The fact that they get churning up such diverse high quality material from one episode to the next is remarkable. I can’t believe I only discovered this series last week. Can’t wait for S3 to become available on Netflix or iPlayer.
  14. spanglechick

    spanglechick High Empress of Dressing Up

    For me this was weak.

    And surely the "happiest" was the Hotel one.
  15. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    True that, the hotel one was great and upbeat.
  16. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    So, the last one of the series last night. A relatively high quantity of jokes, especially from Maz.
  17. Maggot

    Maggot The Cake of Liberty

    Another top episode. Loved the hare finally getting a starring role.
  18. metalguru

    metalguru guilty bystander

    This one was too dark for me - creeped me out.
  19. neonwilderness

    neonwilderness What would Badgers do?

    It started well, but I thought it started to get a bit far fetched towards the end. Enjoyable, but the weakest episode of the series IMO
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  20. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    It was dark, but you don't think the one about the sex slave locked in the basement was way darker?
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  21. metalguru

    metalguru guilty bystander

    You're probably right - but this one pressed my personal fears and neuroses more effectively.
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  22. Siouxsie

    Siouxsie Fashionable objector with a uniform fetish

    Be careful what you wish for....I want another series, now! :D
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  23. Spod

    Spod Well-Known Member

    I agree the last episode was scarier but not as dark. The basement one was just too tense and dark all the way through. RE the last one, I thought it was clever how they made a small council flat a scary environment by use of low light and piles of belongings everywhere making it feel claustrophic and entrapping.

  24. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    Apparently there are plans of a live Halloween special this year :cool:
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  25. Maggot

    Maggot The Cake of Liberty

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