Injured Fox Vauxhall

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by donkyboy, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. donkyboy

    donkyboy Crazy cat man

    Can peeps send an email to Herbert Morrison Primary School in Vauxhall SW8?

    I spotted an injured fox limping across the school yard. it is sat under the green table. You cant see it from the pic, but it is there

    I've emailed them, but if they receive a lots of emails about this they are bound to take action

    Contact Us | Herbert Morrison Primary School

  2. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat meh

    doubt they will have anyone looking at e-mails over the weekend.

    don't know what sort of hours their admin /maintenance people will be keeping with it being school holidays.

    and most schools don't have an on-site caretaker these days.

    may be worth phoning in the morning, if nobody there then lambeth council education department may be able to do something.

    National Fox Welfare Society may be worth contacting

    (((poorly fox)))
  3. donkyboy

    donkyboy Crazy cat man

    Just got off the phone with the rspca. they said its hard for them to do much as even if injured, the fox could still run away. If it was trapped in a room or somewhere like that, then it would be easier.

    The school does have a caretaker. I'll try to see if its still there in the morning. Will call the RSPCA back if it is.
  4. donkyboy

    donkyboy Crazy cat man

    Just called the national fox welfare society-their vm inbox is full and cant take anymore messages.
  5. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow cooking expert and general daft apeth

    Aww - hope the poorly fox is OK. :(
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  6. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    Tried this guy?


    Famous fox doctor.
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  7. donkyboy

    donkyboy Crazy cat man

    went and had another look. It has gone from under the table. I left some food near the playground gate. I should have done that earlier which might have enticed it over, maybe
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  8. farmerbarleymow

    farmerbarleymow cooking expert and general daft apeth

    Any update on the poorly fox?
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