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Discussion in 'education & employment' started by Mumbles274, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Not what they want but what is good for them

    you could put whatever you wanted in the agreement - suppliers/ partners / upstream /downstream - whatever, but its not seen as the done thing in either national or local Government to do this. I know someone who went from civil servant drone involved in bandwidth autions to head of liaison at a bandwidth auction winner within a month of the end of the actions. on 200K PA. sickening proto corruption
  2. Mumbles274

    Mumbles274 running from law and the press and the parents

    I got redundancy :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

    I also said i don't see the point in working out any notice till the end of the month as the relationship with them is so poor after how they have treated me and they agreed. So I've got 2 weeks off till my new job starts :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  3. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

    Bossed it. Now don't get convinced that you need a new kitchen! ;)

    Oh, and get everything in writing asap!
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  4. Mumbles274

    Mumbles274 running from law and the press and the parents

    Er.. Was in the process of getting one anyway!!! Got a fitter coming to do final survey later.. Had been put on hold for last couple of weeks.. On the never never though so wont be spending redundancy on it!
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  5. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Pleased with your news Mumbles274
    Hope the new place is better ...
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  6. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

  7. MickiQ

    MickiQ Well-Known Member

    So a new job, 2 weeks off and £15K, you haven't even really wasted the money you spent on your suit since there will be other times you can wear it. Strikes me you've come out ahead in the end, very pleased for you.
  8. cupid_stunt

    cupid_stunt Dyslexic King Cnut the Great.

    Congratulations @Mumbles, what a fantastic result, so pleased for you. :thumbs:
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  9. Mumbles274

    Mumbles274 running from law and the press and the parents

    Pretty much sums it up yes!!

    I left in no doubt that a large part of the stress I've felt there over the recent past is down to bullying by the 2 managers involved today. They had been claiming a 'new regime' since a new provider last year but in the final analysis it was same old same old and I kept calling them out on it.. I hadn't had line management since October and when I called my manager shit last week.. They tell me today I spoke out of line!!! I was having to chase up about an absence review after hitting a trigger point!!! And the team leader that will stay and go for the job... A micro managing bully, which i raised over and over again and they ignore.

    But let us remember, there are clients' lives in the hands of these people. Recovery workers who are bullied and intimidated by spreadsheets and file audits ( Ive never done a file audit on a staff member), workers that have no capacity to contain or help complex probelms because they feel so shit about themselves, and managers that have only have one way to manage. On a performance spectrum that is unachievable and arbitary. Made up time frames for pieces of work and naming and shaming when not done.

    People die because these services fail them, people fail to recover or make any sustainable change and it's not for the want of a few people still trying

    So glad to be out of there and on terms that work in my favour.
  10. 8115

    8115 sitting down is bad for you

    Only half joking, what's the secret to getting a new job so fast? You are like the Obi Wan of jobs and I want a piece of it.
  11. Voley

    Voley Ramoner

    Well played Mumbles274. Really pleased for you, mate. I hope your next set of managers are more deserving of someone as obviously committed as yourself.
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  12. Mumbles274

    Mumbles274 running from law and the press and the parents

    I really dont know!!! I applied for a grand total of 1 job, got an interview, got the job. I'm generally pretty unassuming and suffer a lot of self doubt in general but if you allow me one dalliance with that... I'm awesome, very good at my job and know my stuff. I have been told Im very good in interviews too. I researched this one quite thoroughly, various aspects of the role, the curriculum of the training part and asked someone in the role already what kind of questions they asked... So had an answer for one specific question that would catch many people out. ( what CBT book are you reading, Im reading Depression, causes and treatmemt)
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  13. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat for the workers' breakfast

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  14. Mumbles274

    Mumbles274 running from law and the press and the parents

    I actually got escorted off the premises!! They don't like me. They like it even less what I've got to say about them :oops:
  15. Chilli.s

    Chilli.s changed the little words

    Good news well done.
  16. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat for the workers' breakfast

  17. Mumbles274

    Mumbles274 running from law and the press and the parents

    ha ha! I am that footnote and proud to be so!!
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  18. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat for the workers' breakfast

    umm... is the new job subject to references?
  19. equationgirl

    equationgirl Respect my existence or expect my resistance

  20. Mumbles274

    Mumbles274 running from law and the press and the parents

    I have people there that will give me a reference. Spoke to one of the doctors I've worked with for years, the guy that escorted me out would also do it, we get on well and he found it funny id upset them that much!
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  21. Wilf

    Wilf Meeting few of his KPIs

    What a great thread! Started off reading it and was preparing the huggy (((...)))) things and then read on! Well done Mumbles, Victory is Yours! Oh, go on have some anyway ((((MUMBLES!)))) :D
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  22. Mumbles274

    Mumbles274 running from law and the press and the parents

    As a little post script to this thread. I saw my first CBT clients today, my third is next week. My caseload will be 6 a week for the first term. University is full on (2 days a week) but just what I need. I treated myself to a 1 year old Fiat 500s for my longer drive to work so am not even finding the travel that hard.. I actually look forward to it!

  23. Mumbles274

    Mumbles274 running from law and the press and the parents

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