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In praise of Eels

purves grundy

ambient clown remix
Fuckin 'ell, they (well, he) make top fuckin albums and great songs for recluses. Not a great fan of the studenty-indie 'Beautiful Freak' debut, but the pared-down melancholy of 'Electro-Shock Blues', the uplifting and gloriously tuneful 'Daisies of the Galaxy', the meaty hard bastard 'Souljacker', the songwriting genius of 'Shootenanny'...ahhh, just fuckin great. And now 'Blinking Lights and Other Revelations'. Haven't heard it yet, should get hold of it in a couple of weeks, but I'll bet it's top stuff - enlighten me.

Eels :)


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They're toilet obviously for god sake purvy .. pull yourself together .. you're better than this .. look in that fucking mirror .. say it loud .. stop looking in the mirror .. I have love to give .. please gals .. fuck sake eh ??? xxx .. top quality fucking love from a lonely boy who fucking cares about humanity .. has rediscovered physical love .. odd fucking socks all over the shop .. prewash .. foreplay .. fuck off Dennis Bergkamp .. you should have joined Spurs and you know it .. leave it at that Mr Sensitive xxx


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bloody brilliant they are - Daisies of the Galaxy is one of my all time favourite albums ever.

Rory wrong as usual - no suprise there then.


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yeah they are really good, actually. i've liked them for a while though. i'm strangely attracted to the singer, as well.

rory is never wrong. it's just a case of reading between the lines. :)


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I also love his stuff, especially "Daisies....". It's perhaps not the usual stavros-type stuff either, which I guess is testamount to how good it is. He should be a lot bigger and I'm suprised Shrek didn't make him so. I will buy more Eels stuff, he's on my ever-growing to-buy list.

soluble duck

kappa antagonist
I have the new album, and its very good. Alot like electro shock blues but perhaps more uplifting, and not so quirky, all good though.

So annoyed im not seeing 'em live, they are playing soon (in london), and i missed them last time as well


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rorymac said:
I've been to Hultsfred .. wronguns :mad:
I'm sorry Sweden :(
:D :D
deux points, rory!
keep up the good work, ye ol' turnip :cool:
(sorry, this post probably didn't make any sense if you didn't know that Sweden is our arch nemesis numero uno)


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acid priest said:
'Susan's House' was the best thing that Beck never wrote.
I love Eels, but for some reason 'Susan's House' is the one song I can't abide. It's a real plodder, the lyric is banal, and to cap it all it rips off the theme to Hill St. Blues.
But the rest is :cool:

I was just listening to 'Electro Shock Blues', and if there's an eerier opening track to an album than 'Elizabeth On the Bathroom Floor' i'll eat my hat.