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If the Mona Lisa didn't exist, what would the default Greatest Painting be?

killer b

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My problem was stating theory as fact. It's a theory, and while it may have some evidence to support it, it isn't uncontested. I don't think the evidence is strong enough to say it with certainty.

However he created the paintings, they remain some of the most glorious works of art ever created, and he was a peerless genius.


I've worked with Phil Steadman. He's much more than a bloke with a theory.
Fair enough, I have no expertise on this at all. Just struck me that he seems the main proponent, though noticed a comment on the Amazon link saying Hockney said similar,

Stanley Edwards

1967 Maserati Mistral.
Vermeer expert comments on Bafta-nominated film Tim’s Vermeer

Vermeer's Camera: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Masterpieces

He was an amazing artist and he used a camera - what's the problem. There's absolutely no dichotomy here.
When did artists not use technology as it became available? The idea that using a camera in anyway is cheating is total bollocks.

The influence cameras had on composition is probably something worth discussing much more. The viewfinder changed the way many people saw pictures. Before that, most of the scenes presented and replicated were created as a stage. In both cases, the real skill of the artist is to express something beyond technical brilliance.

killer b

Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy
Not in my argument. I think Vermeer is the greatest painter ever, whatever techniques he used. I just don't think your mate's theory that he used a camera obscura is totally convincing.

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We saw the Breugal The Younger exhibition recently. Not my fave, but I thought he deserved a mention. You need to see the attention to detail, close up. They are bonkers.