Ian Brown

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by DotCommunist, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. gabi

    gabi Banned Banned

    The worst singer I've ever endured live.

    The guy simply cannot sing in tune. What's to like?
  2. DeepStoat

    DeepStoat Banned Banned

    The line between said bands and the rave scene was blurred. I've only seen such resentment of this music from greasers.

    Are you a greasy metal head? :p:D
  3. The Groke

    The Groke hot hail/Paging Dr. Beat

    I like a lot of his stuff.

    Unfinished Monkey Business and Music of the Spheres are great albums and his other stuff is often "decent" though I couldn't deny his live singing is pretty atrocious...

    There needed to be a slightly less enthusiastic, yet still positive answer on the poll.


    Oh - and FWIW given that he has been called out as being a twat IRL on this thread - I bumped into him at Stanstead airport once whilst he was on his way back from a festival and he was very approachable. Had time for a quick chat and a picture etc, despite being obviously tired and with his missus and kid.
  4. bmd

    bmd you left me standing here

    I like him because he evokes a time in my life that I got a lot of enjoyment out of. I liked the Stone Roses and because of that I retain some fondness for him but I'm not a big fan of his music. Some of it I like but it's usually played at mine when I'm thinking about that time rather than because I want to hear his dulcet tones.
  5. El Jefe

    El Jefe .. the Rural Juror

    what the fuck are you talking about? Resentment of what music? I loved the Stone Roses, Happy Monday, rave. I just think Ian Brown is shit.

    And that makes me a geezer?

    Idiot child
  6. Rollem

    Rollem two kinds of wonderful

    this thread makes me laugh

    some people are such wallys
  7. dodgepot

    dodgepot New Member

    greaser not geezer :D
  8. El Jefe

    El Jefe .. the Rural Juror

    sorry, greaser
  9. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

  10. pennimania

    pennimania still dre and drooling

    Well maybe it was reading this thread, but last night I had a terrible dream about Ian Brown. :eek:

    I was about 18 and he was the age he is now - strangely my parents thought he has the ideal boyfriend :D

    I also had another boyfriend who was a sort of pale imitation of IB - who I dumped when I got the real item.

    Then I was eating something and suddenly all my teeth came out in one lump :(

    and my one worry was "What will Ian think?" :(:oops:
  11. DeepStoat

    DeepStoat Banned Banned

    I didn't mean to hit a nerve babe. :(

    Just usually metalheads that were too into their own scene/snobby to take part in rave usually get upset like that IME.
  12. Jenerys

    Jenerys Stormborn

    Smoother blow jobs? :)
  13. Dillinger4

    Dillinger4 Es gibt Zeit



    The logic of an Ian Brown fan.

  14. El Jefe

    El Jefe .. the Rural Juror

    sorry to expose your fuckwit generalisations quite so badly then
  15. DeepStoat

    DeepStoat Banned Banned

    You weren't into metal during the rave scene? My apologies.
  16. stupid dogbot

    stupid dogbot Haughty and Superior

    He was into Marillion. :D :D
  17. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    We all have our crosses to bare!
  18. El Jefe

    El Jefe .. the Rural Juror

    about 6 years before rave, you cheeky young pup :p
  19. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    They should have done a dance rave epic mix of Grendel :eek:
  20. pennimania

    pennimania still dre and drooling

  21. Jenerys

    Jenerys Stormborn

    How's you lovely lady? Long time no speak :)
  22. audiotech

    audiotech wav, aiff, mp3, ogg, flac

    Your dream resolved a conflict. Ian will never happen for you, so it'll have to be the pathetic specimen for now.

  23. futha

    futha vessel in vain

    Lavenders blue dilly dilly
  24. pennimania

    pennimania still dre and drooling

    Very well :)

    And you?

    and I suppose I will have to settle for the Brown lite version :(
  25. dynamicbaddog

    dynamicbaddog Well-Known Member

    I'm liking the new album, he's done a cover of In the Year 2525:cool:
  26. futha

    futha vessel in vain

    I fucking hate the blokes music (or more specifically his voice) but for some reason I actually don't mind him.
  27. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    Anyone heard his new single yet? First World Problems?

    I'm pretty underwhelmed. I've generally preferred his solo stuff to most of the Stone Roses (except the weird Michael Jackson covers). Seems the NME readership for once is mostly with me on this.

    Fans react to Ian Brown's new song 'First World Problems'
  28. SpookyFrank

    SpookyFrank We kill the flame

    The production is hilariously bad. How anyone with his resources and experience can put out something so half-arsed I've no idea.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
    skyscraper101 likes this.
  29. planetgeli

    planetgeli There's no future in England's dreaming

    Whereas the lyrics are perfectly acceptable.

    Hands and knees and oops a daisy. Driving everybody crazy.

  30. 8ball


    Not heard it, but when I hear reviews like this I often think it might be one of those that is considered a classic in a few years' time. ;)

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