Hungerford v Dulwich Hamlet, Sat 13th Oct

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by Scrooge, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Scrooge

    Scrooge Well-Known Member

    It’s Non-League Day, so hopefully a good travelling support for this one. Hungerford are offering half price entry (£6 instead of £12) for season ticket holders of “any club in the world” which includes us!

    One train an hour out of Paddington, at 7 minutes past the hour. Takes just over an hour to get there. Looks like the ground is about a 15 minute walk from the station.
  2. Blitzwalker

    Blitzwalker Well-Known Member

    I’m in.
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  3. supersafari

    supersafari Member

    What time does the coach leave?
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  4. crocustim

    crocustim Well-Known Member

  5. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Plenty of Hamlet supporters on the 1207 train off Paddington.
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  6. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

    Tom Bale commentary "not a classic"
  7. billbond

    billbond Banned Banned

    2-1 win
    Good result
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  8. editor

    editor hiraethified

    What a great result. Amazingly, we're only three points off a play off place now!
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  9. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Rather scrappy game, we were poor first half and turned around a goal down. Green equalised early second half following a mad scramble when two efforts were blocked on the line. The winner was similar with Green again to the for as his header was blocked on the line and forced home possibly by May or Eshun. It was quite a niggly affair on a bobbly pitch with a lot of free kicks awarded.

    The Hungerford scorer was Danilo Orsi Dadomo, who scored for East Thurrock United when we also came from behind to win 2-1.
  10. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

    Truly remarkable
  11. cg__

    cg__ Well-Known Member

    Im actually so happy we are starting to pick up wins. We are proving that we can survive in this league and that was my main worry considering the stadium circumstance and initial poor form.
  12. Clareg

    Clareg Well-Known Member

    I watched Harrogate Town draw 2-2 with Dover this afternoon and was very underwhelmed by both teams
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  13. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

  14. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

  15. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Three palm trees? I approve.
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  16. Roger D

    Roger D Well-Known Member

    As someone who has watched conference for years, that may be one game. The difference between lower quartile Conference South and top quartile Conference is huge. We'd need a big personnel change to cope with the likes of Harrogate for 42 games
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  17. StephenMac

    StephenMac Well-Known Member

    Good to get the points etc. Didn't think we were any better in the first half today than we were in the first half at Eastbourne though. They were a physical bunch.
  18. crocustim

    crocustim Well-Known Member

    Worst postcard ever
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  19. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Dover were bottom this morning and have just changed the manager. Harrogate are right up there in a tight race for top spot so I suspect they had an off day, or were maybe hampered by not being able to anticipate their opponents' tactical approach in the first game under the new manager.
  20. Clareg

    Clareg Well-Known Member

    Off day for Harrogate to be sure. Gave away 2 sloppy goals, one just after second half kick off ( hello Dulwich !) Scored an equaliser in 4th minute of extra time. Bit of a scrap in last minute was enjoyable .
    The best bit for the ornithologists amongst us were the huge red kites circling overhead for a lot of the game.
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  21. pinknblue

    pinknblue Well-Known Member

    I thought that was a poor game played by two poor sides. Only bright points for me were Jay May when he came off the bench and 3 points for the win. We'll have to play much better than that if we want to get near the play-offs! We desperately miss Kargbo in the defensive midfield role. What's happened to Onuvwigun? Is he still at the club? We were sloppy in possession and barely put two passes together all afternoon. I'm just thankful that Hungerford were even worse than us!
  22. baleboy_93

    baleboy_93 Well-Known Member

    Onovwigun is on loan at Carshalton at the moment so at least he could be recalled
  23. Nivag

    Nivag Well-Known Member

  24. Blitzwalker

    Blitzwalker Well-Known Member

  25. Scrooge

    Scrooge Well-Known Member

    Everything about that report is painful to read.
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  26. the 12th man

    the 12th man Well-Known Member

    Is that because of your hangover?
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  27. Scrooge

    Scrooge Well-Known Member

    Most things are painful today, that is true
  28. MrFouldsy

    MrFouldsy Active Member

    Disagree. I enjoyed that read. The flourish of a dandy was quite apt. Keep it up, Sir.
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  29. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Good grief
  30. Al Cunningham

    Al Cunningham Brockley Hamlet

    Watching the Vanarama highlights it looks like the winner goes in off Kingsley's arm. Still i was right behind the goal and could not see that. It was a tough game in difficult conditions but we kept battling and thought Cooky had a good game when he came on. Looks like we might have lost Nyrun and Dipo for a few games though. Thought Hungeford were great hosts .
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