Huge fire at Notre Dame cathedral, Paris

Discussion in 'world politics, current affairs and news' started by a_chap, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Of course you're not.

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  4. petee

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  5. extra dry

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    He or it can rebuild it the church also, too, I read it the StonedCutter and Andriods. Blackholes of stella 8.

    Macron recones think it will take a mere 5 years to repair, has he tried DIY?, so just in time for the Olymipics Paris 2024.

    Hopefully the yellow vests will have stopped by then, or perhaps will there even by a Europe?
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  6. John Orbson

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  7. petee

    petee i'm spartacus

    which "some"?
  8. Lupa

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    I thought arson was ruled out very early on...and that they said it was down to the building work that was going on in the roof...?
  9. John Orbson

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    I know it was said that arson is ruled out. But, some people find it hard to believe that by accident fire started. I mean this is one of the most expensive buildings. It had to have one of the strongest anti-fire protection systems, right?
  10. ItWillNeverWork

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    I don't know, you tell me. Did it have "one of the strongest anti-fire protection systems"?
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  11. petee

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    right, I'll bite again.

    "some people"? which people? you?
    it is not "one of the most expensive buildings" and didn't "have to have" "one of the strongest" anythings.
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    Your mums fancy man?
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    That’s nice to hear about Drax. One of my brother in laws was the electrical site foreman on both Drax stations amongst many other huge projects. Sadly he died early last year aged eighty. He was always proud of all his jobs. From Drax to Pinderfields Hospital and St James Hospital.
    Craftsmen evolve as the job progresses, but pride is always there.
    No faith in anything other than their own and their colleagues abilities.
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  15. John Orbson

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    Really? Then why was more than a billion dollars donations collected for the purpose of rebuilding Notre Dame building? You see how expensive this really becomes.
  16. Humberto

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    Probably raised more than they needed because people want to show off, and believe doing good is superficial (for show).
  17. ginger_syn

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    Skilled craftspeople who can restore the building are very expensive to hire. Plus its very good pr for the donors.
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  18. JuanTwoThree

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  19. TopCat

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    Burn the rst of it down, build a kids playground and be done.
  20. Lurdan

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    I know kids can be rather annoying but that seems a bit of an extreme solution.

    May 9th 2019 :
    Thank goodness however things weren't really all that bad
    But then yesterday :

    Paris closes two schools over Notre-Dame lead fears - France 24

    phew that's all right then.
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