How was your cycle commute?

Discussion in 'transport' started by ChrisFilter, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. a_chap

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  2. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    I work in a huge petri dish - I was off sick for 12 days last year as it was so I don't want to be exposed to a whole other raft of unfamiliar species. :p
  3. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    A fortnight ago when replacing my rear mech that had folded into my rear wheel and forced me to walk to work for 3 days, I fitted a brand new, normally bullet-proof Conti rear tyre, so didn't check my tyre pressure the whole of last weekend, so it was not a good start to the working week.
    Whatever it was must have been perfectly arranged in the road because it was no longer there when I replaced the tube - and I had two commutes with imperfectly aligned gears.

    And again tonight on the way home - not a good time to find out just how useless my pump had become through years of non-use.
    Luckily I was only a mile and a bit from home and it's mostly downhill and I never actually grounded the rim.

    This time it was firmly wedged in the tyre.

    I haven't fixed a puncture for years...

  4. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    After detouring to avoid a roundabout with massive tailbacks on the way home this afternoon, I then had to dismount and wheel along the pavement to cut a traffic jam which came from the same roundabout. Quite what it would take for some drivers to consider other, less frustrating options is beyond me.
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  5. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    I tried to do some sprint intervals on a fairly steep hill this morning, on my lowest of three chainrings. However, when I put any serious pressure on it it slipped. It doesn't do this on the two bigger sets, regardless of the downward pressure, and the chain is new, so am I right to presume that it's the ring itself that's the problem?
  6. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    Sounds like it - you may be able to reverse it to get more life from it.
  7. DownwardDog

    DownwardDog Riding a Brompton with a power meter.

    Is it slipping at the front or rear? It could be slipping on the cassette but only when it's on the small ring at the front because that it is when you're putting the most torque through the drivetrain.
  8. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    I think it must be at the rear, because it couldn't slip to a bigger ring due to the tension. I can't replicate it with the bike stationary as it's only with the high power that it happens.
  9. DownwardDog

    DownwardDog Riding a Brompton with a power meter.

    Assuming everything is correctly adjusted then start with a new chain. If that doesn't fix it then get a new cassette.
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  10. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    I missed that it's a new chain on old cassette - so yes - New cassette. Personally I have yet to do the chain rotation thing successfully and am back to replacing the whole lot at the same time.
  11. DownwardDog

    DownwardDog Riding a Brompton with a power meter.

    If you change the chain as soon as your Park CC-3.2 tells you it's worn you get through 3 or 4 chains per cassette. As worn chains wear cassettes (and chainrings) quicker it's a false economy to use a chain past its normal life even if it stills shifts fine.
  12. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    My cheapo chains seem to form a co-dependant relationship with my cassettes so quickly I gave up - perhaps you need to swap the chains more frequently at the start ?

    (I bought a chain guage AND link pliers to make it easier to do ...)
  13. Dovydaitis

    Dovydaitis Official fishco fish groupie

    Cycled in today, first time in 8 years. Yes I was slow, yes my arse has disowned me. But I enjoyed it
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  14. weepiper

    weepiper Jock under the bed

    Still lapping everyone sat on the couch.
  15. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    That was an interesting experiment. Bristol got drizzle rather than wind, but it was 18 degrees so I put on a cotton shirt instead of my flappy coat and I arrived comically damp, but non-hypothermic :)

    So much for the good ...

    I heard a crunch after about a mile as something plasticky passed through or past my back wheel and I spent some time wondering what it could have been as I'd seen nothing on the path .. I wondered if I'd somehow managed to drag a bit of rubbish out of the hall and it had lodged in just the right spot ... I was so relieved my rear shifter still worked, I ploughed on regardless.

    A while later I realised my £30 battery had fallen off and somehow not torn off the connector :p
    I've had two winters from it, but I might have squeezed another couple - after which I will have retired so less need for it.
    The scrunching was the apple juice bottle it was housed in - so I may keep the replacement in my rear basket bag instead - I clearly need to improve on what was there - it at least needs a safety cord like almost everything else I carry on my bike.
  16. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen sproutarian

    I found my battery on the way home :)
    So it's a good job my supplier was out of stock of its replacement :facepalm:

    And the rain stopped and the sun came out :)

    Oh and it wasn't covered in dog poo :)
  17. Sea Star

    Sea Star this place is too unfriendly for me

    Not 8 years but quite a while. Last time I cycled in regularly was in 2012. I think I managed a few cycle commutes in 2015 to 2017, but not many. I'm not as happy on the heavily congested London roads as I used to be and of course, then, there's asthma, which has got a lot worse in the last 5 years.

    Now I've moved office to Stratford and the route, on the face of it, seems like it should be a lot more pleasant. I tried a ride a few weeks ago and it took over two hours (public transport takes about 90 minutes, and by car its about an hour). But there aren't great options for getting over the river. I used the Greenwich foot tunnel which slows me down quite a bit, and makes me anxious to use so I'd rather not. Then going home I used the cable car, which really does soak up the time. Then I got lost between Blackeath and North Greenwich, somewhere near Charlton - so took me even longer to get home.

    Today I was armed with the Google maps direction finder thingy talking to me and I ended up going via the Greenwich foot tunnel again. Took me about 100 minutes this time - and obviously I will get quicker as I regain fitness. But the north lift in the tunnel was out and I was gasping by the top - nice gentleman I recognised from my old LCC days offered to help me (he didn;t recognise me) but I declined with thanks.

    I get a bit fed up with the random things some men shout at me when I'm cycling but I try not to let it get to me - last time some geezer did go out of his way to tell me he liked my bike so it's not all negative :-p

    Looking forward to heading home around 4ish. Probably a very similar route but google maps will be guiding me as long as my batteries hold out!

    Going to be trying for one or two days a week at the moment - then I might up it to three when I feel a bit fitter.
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