How much evidence is there of long term high level UK paedophile ring?

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by free spirit, Oct 24, 2012.

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    One of the problems I have with the Dickens dossiers, is we've actually got no idea how packed with high-profile names they actually were, or in what context. He was not short on hyperbole at times, and yet he also didn't complain publicly that nothing had been done with the dossiers.

    The Barabara Casle dossier interests me more because at least we have one person making specific claims about how many political names were in it (16).

    Speaking of which, I had missed this story from a week ago that police are searching the Castle archives at the Bodleian library. However I'm a bit confused because they said Don Hale made claims this week (but the claims I read were a good while ago) and they say its the Dickens Dossier they are searching for, and previously I didn't have much clue about the extent of any overlap between the Dickens Dossier(s) and the one Hale said Castle gave him. But since the subject appears to be focussed on PIE supporters,perhaps Dickens was the source for the stuff Castle passed on after all. I will try to fill in some gaps now, though I don't expect to find much.
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    Not much to add accept an ITV piece put it more clearly than that independent article.

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    It doesn't seem as though the people in possession of cunts are the main problem.
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  5. Barking_Mad

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    Jim Hood names Leon Britain as kiddy fiddler in Parliament.

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    You can understand why people believe in conspiracy theories with shit like this going on
  7. butchersapron

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    Hood did no such thing - he said there were accusations against him.
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    Lord Boothby was having an affair with Ronnie Kray in the 60's. Lord Boothby liked rent boys. So did Ronnie Kray - he had a few 'under his wing'. Tom Driberg MP & MI5 spy was also friends with Ronnie Kray. The Mirror got whiff of an enquiry by Scotland Yard into Boothby and Kray and ran the story - just after the policeman in charge had told top officials that there 'was no enquiry'. All this just after the Profumo scandal.

    The Mirror was forced to retract the story and pay damages. Boothby said,

    According to Christine Keeler in her book Boothby had,
    Here's Boothby, Kray and Leslie Holt (rent boy, croupier and east end cat burglar)


    All a conspiracy theory - if you lived back in the day...
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    Boothby was well connected all over the place in the 60s.

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    And the payload, for those who don't follow links or read beyond the first par if they do:

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  12. 1%er

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    Michael Shrimpton QC in court yesterday charged with making Bomb hoax calls (He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counter-terrorism, he was formerly an Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies in what was then the Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies at the American Military University, teaching intelligence subjects at Masters level to inter alia serving intelligence officers).

    Shrimpton telephoned Philip Hammond who was then the Defence Secretary just before the London Olympics to tell him that a bomb stolen from a sunken Russian submarine had been smuggled into the country and could be used to blow up the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and kill the Queen.

    In his 2014 book called Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence he made a number of claims:
    This from Chapter 25 The 1970s The Heath Government:

    Britain has had some dodgy Prime Ministers, but few have been dodgier, or grumpier, than Sir Edward Heath. The old curmudgeon was an exception to the rule that spies should be charming, intel-speak for disarming. He had allies of course, not just in the government, Tony Barber being the foremost, but in the Cabinet Office. In 1973 he arranged for the appointment of Lord Normanbrook’s old Private Secretary, Sir John Hunt, later Lord Hunt of Tamworth, as Cabinet Secretary. A paedophile, like Heath himself, Hunt was the fifth German spy, and the first Catholic, to be made Cabinet Secretary. The paedophile ring which supplied teenage boys to them both was coordinated by a Leeds nightclub operator turned BBC disc-jockey, Jimmy Savile. Savile’s involvement in paedophilia was suppressed by the BBC and the Cabinet Office for decades, for political reasons. They weren’t protecting Savile so much as Heath and Hunt. Other names may emerge in due course. At the time of writing the police are busily engaged in arresting every celebrity they can find, including Rolf Harris, in the hope of diverting attention from Number 10 and the Cabinet Office. A strong supporter of EEC membership, John Hunt played a key role in rigging the result of the 1975 referendum on withdrawal from the EEC.

    [Is he a friend of David Icke? It's a funny old world full of strange fish ;) lol ]
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  13. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    I'm not entirely sure what the point of posting Shrimptons words here are supposed to be. In any case he has form for blaming German intelligence for a host of terrorist attacks including the Brighton bombing, 9/11 and Pan Am Flight 103, along with a load of drivel about Madeleine McCann. And he must have been banging on about Heath etc before 2014 as there are various similar quotes from at least 2013 if not earlier to be found on the web.
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  14. Barking_Mad

    Barking_Mad Non sibi sed omnibus

    He does come across as a little OTT, but every pebble hits the beach, as they say..

    The Express did report back in January (and Exaro i think but cant find link) thanks to Andrew Ash who was abused at Dolphin Square parties, that they were organised by a paedophile ring involving David Smith, Jimmy Savile’s former chauffeur, who killed himself last year before he was due to stand trial for sex offences.

    Another report suggests that people were filmed coming in and out of the building where boys were dropped off, but that no prosecutions ever came about.[/QUOTE]
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2014
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  15. Barking_Mad

    Barking_Mad Non sibi sed omnibus

    Im curious as to how they are going to play this one. People have come forward and spoken to police, yet there's still been no high profile arrests, despite footage having been found of prominent MP's at said parties and the boys they abused identifying them 30 years later.

    Im sure they are discussing which people to throw to the wolves and how much they can say without it all going tits up. Personally i feel the cover up is still going on.We've Special Branch pretending to be journalists and MI5 officers sitting in on Met interviews with victims. It still stinks.
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  16. elbows

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    A little OTT? In addition to the idiotic theories I already mentioned, he was popular with birthers for a while due to some gimpstain theory about the CIA DNA testing Obama and failing to match him with certain relatives.
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  17. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    He's a joke who can only do damage. People should know better by now.
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  18. Barking_Mad

    Barking_Mad Non sibi sed omnibus

    True, he's bonkers - but my point still stands that his comment about Savile being involved in a paedophile ring involving top politicians wasnt so far off the mark. By luck or judgement.
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  19. Barking_Mad

    Barking_Mad Non sibi sed omnibus

    Which people?
  20. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    You must have seen some evidence I haven't then, because for me political paedophile ring Savile links are FAR from established.
  21. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    The person who posted it with no comment and you for taking it seriously. If we're going to post up just any old loons claims then why are we not posting the filth from icke and other places? Because we're supposed to be doing something a bit more critical than that aren't we?
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  22. Barking_Mad

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    I didnt say it was established (although im not sure how you decide when something is 'established' or not) - i said his comment was on similar lines as the evidence given by victim Andrew Ash who has said that Jimmy Savile was at sex parties with MP's and VIP's and that his chauffeur David Smith was the person involved in the procuring of young boys.
  23. butchersapron

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    So, in 2014 he made a claim that many others have made before him - and this one is supposed to stand out how and why? What makes it different from some bloke down the pub mouthing off?
  24. butchersapron

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    His book was published after andrew ash made the claim. Maybe he was quite aware of the slew of allegations and decided to use some of them? Really.
  25. Barking_Mad

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    I didnt take it seriously. I simply pointed out that the comment about Savile being in a paedophile ring was similar to evidence given by a victim. That is all.
  26. Barking_Mad

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    Maybe so. Jesus, I just pointed out that what he said was similar to something that had been said. Get over yourself. Im not wasting any more time with you, life's too fucking short.
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    ...and that every pebble hits the beach. As you would expect given all the claims he made were already publicly made by others previously. That's not what we would think of as corroborating really is it? I could repeat the exact same claims right now and it wouldn't add a single thing to the weight of those claims.
  28. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    Why don't you just do some basic fact checking? Why don't you take this seriously? It's a serious business.
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  29. Barking_Mad

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    Because Butchers, unlike you, other people make mistakes.
  30. elbows

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    Thing is the conspiracy idiot QC's suggestion wasn't just that Savile was in a ring, it was that he coordinated it.

    Savile certainly fancied himself as a fixer and loved to mix with powerful people and make use of any power that came from such contacts. But given the very large number of Savile victims who have come forwards, I kinda would have hoped that if he had lots of links to political paedophile rings, parties, etc, more victims of political paedophiles would have come forwards than has been the case so far. Don't get me wrong, I don't rule anything out, especially as Savile seemed to have more than one modus operandi when it came to abusing kids. But on the face of it the one he is most associated with isn't a brilliant fit for the sort of impression of paedophile party abuse we have gleaned so far.
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