How far will England reach in Russia 2018?

Discussion in 'football' started by sihhi, May 28, 2018.


How far will England reach in Russia 2018?

  1. Win

  2. Runner up

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  3. Semi-finalist (Third or fourth place)

  4. Quarter-finalist

  5. Second round participant (Out of the group and no further)

  6. Fail to go beyond the group

  1. sihhi

    sihhi John 3:30

    As Britain's only team in Russia, how far will England go?
  2. TruXta

    TruXta tired

    Barely make it out of the group and then lose to Panama or Iceland.
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  3. sealion

    sealion Well-Known Member

    Home before the postcards.
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  4. S☼I

    S☼I already bored

    Can't meet Panama after the group, they're in our group
  5. S☼I

    S☼I already bored

  6. TruXta

    TruXta tired

    Ah well, some other team then. Basically I don't see them getting up to much at all.
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  7. isvicthere?

    isvicthere? a.k.a. floppybollocks

    They'll have a tear-up with a minor provincial firm out in the sticks, but once they come up against Moscow's top boys their arsehole will drop out and they'll get proper turned over.
  8. sealion

    sealion Well-Known Member

    So will everyone else.
  9. magneze

    magneze mnemonic beef

  10. S☼I

    S☼I already bored

    It looks like a fairly easy route to the quarters because in our group Panama and Tunisia should be well beatable. Then in the second round we play one of Poland, Senegal, Japan or Colombia, none of whom are superpowers despite having the odd big name.

    I'm not claiming it'll be inspirational football but I think we'll get to the quarters and then get found out by the first top class team we meet.
  11. sihhi

    sihhi John 3:30

    I agree. 2nd in the group behind Belgium(who might do well), then beat any of the 4 from the other group.
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  12. sealion

    sealion Well-Known Member

    I first heard that said in 1982 and before every tournament since. It's hard to argue the case for this one being anything different. The south American teams don't do well in europe, so England might soldier on until, like you said :(
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  13. brixtonblade

    brixtonblade Well-Known Member

    Yup, this is my take too
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  14. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    I'm having a wager we go further actually, semis for me; not a fan but I have a sneaky that the team could surprise a few people.

    Unlike previous years, so little is expected it's going to help them.
  15. Supine

    Supine Rough Like Badger

    I voted semi finals but reckon we'll probably win by beating Germany 6-5 in the final.
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  16. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    Maybe kaliningrad, nowhere near the urals
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  17. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

  18. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    didn't look all that hard in 2014. until...

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  19. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    I bet certain people are intently watching this thread, just waiting for the opportunity to start foaming at the mouth about arrogance.

    So, England will triumph due to their inherent superiority over everyone else.
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  20. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    it's the footballing equivalent of the monolingual briton speaking louder and slower to foreigners
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  21. Voley

    Voley Ramoner

    Quarters. Any further than that and I'll think we've done really well.
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  22. agricola

    agricola a genuine importer of owls

    They'll win it and Raheem Sterling will be voted player of the tournament.
  23. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Not true...we'll meet them in the final ;)

    Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 17.20.09.png
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  24. donkyboy

    donkyboy Crazy cat man

    comedy gold. thanks for the laugh, ash. :thumbs:
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  25. Reiabuzz

    Reiabuzz Banned Banned

    I think they’ll win it, I really do. Finally got a manager who’s selects on form not reputation and a very talented young squad. Have faith people.
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  26. JimW

    JimW 支那暗杀团

    We'll lose that final to Panama...close, but no cigar.
  27. Teaboy

    Teaboy It definitely looks brighter over there..

    Won't make it out of the group stage as per.
  28. The Octagon

    The Octagon Stop...Hammertime

    Head says Quarters at most, heart reckons a few big teams might struggle, if we can avoid being one of them then a noble penalty shoot-out defeat to Germany beckons.
  29. Grump

    Grump Well-Known Member

    My thoughts are a classic example of how being a footie fan and being irrational go hand in hand. I think England are a poor team and I have no expectation they will do well. However, because I think that I believe they might surprise everyone and do incredibly well. A sort of Schrodinger's trophy where we are simultaneously champions and also go out in the group stage. Please don't feel the need to explain what Schrodie really meant about his cat.
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  30. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    I want some of what you're on

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