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killer b

[distant cheering]
Special Interest from new Orleans are in the uk in february/March, psyched to see them
this is good!


05 Mar LONDON Static Shock Fest SOLD OUT
09 Mar BRIGHTON Pipeline
11 Mar GLASGOW Nice n Sleazy
12 Mar BRISTOL Exchange
13 Mar CARDIFF Tiny Rebel
14 Mar LONDON Peckham Audio


1st london gig sold out fast (static shock fest always does tho), I'm off to peckham one. Cant foresee them making it back over here really.


I've been wanting to see Sun Kil Moon live for years but kept missing out for one reason or another... but I just got tickets for him at the Union Chapel, which is just perfect!

killer b

[distant cheering]
Damo Suzuki is playing Yes in Manc on Thursday, with Jez Kerr from A Certain Ratio in the backing band. Looks good.
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Bringing YOU round.....
Just bought tickets to see the lovely eggs in April, Om in May and maybe Flatworms in June.....but not fond of the Thekla as a venue.

May Kasahara

give me something to sing about
Mannequin Pussy last night were AMAZING. Didn't know either of the bands they were supporting; stuck around for Spanish Love Songs who turned out to be earnest underwhelming power pop of the most MOR sort, and so left before the Menzingers who were headlining.

killer b

[distant cheering]

Part 2

bizarre wanking accident
Current tickets..

Special Interest
TOTS +Gum Takes Tooth
Bilge Pump
Luminous Bodies+Bruxa Maria

Saw Beak> and Snapped Ankles the other week at The Ritz, decided I'm over going to gigs that big. Beak> did that thing of reading out bad reviews as though it was something nobody else has ever done, that was enough to make me decide I didn't like them....along with every song sounding like the same early Pink Floyd tune I couldn't put my finger on. Snapped Ankles were a bit repetitive aswell. At least it was free.