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Hot upcoming gigs


Upcoming gigs for me:
Public Service Broadcasting
Ibibio Sound Machine
The Magic Band
The Prodigy
Liam Gallagher


we're (general echo) taking part in a soundclash tonight, by blackhorse road tube (victoria line running all night!), free before 8/cheap after, come along!


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not for long
I haven't been to a gig in yonks - but over the next few weeks I've got 5 - yay!

Jeffrey Lewis - Lewes Con Club
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Millennium Dome
Acid Mothers Temple - Lewes Con Club
Gas - Barbican
Slowdive - Roundhouse
Man what a brilliant run of gigs - all of have been fantastic - just Acid Mother's Temple to come and then that's it for now. They have a lot to live up to....

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What did you think of Jeffrey Lewis? Bit mixed at the Manchester show - He seemed a bit gloomy, and I didn't think the new songs were up to his usual standard... the old songs were still great though.


not for long
I enjoyed his show a lot - he didn't seem gloomy at all! Quite the opposite.... Jeff and the band all seemed to really enjoy themselves - as did the crowd... I've never seen him before though, and have only ever listened to the Crass album, so I'd no idea which were new songs and which were the oldies.

Did you make it to the Gas gig? Barbican gig was superb - mesmerising stuff from both Gas and Huerco S....

killer b

Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy
Jarboe is currently on tour with Italian doom folk duo Father Murphy - I've seen both acts separately in the last few years and they were both excellent, so I've high hopes. In Preston they have Rose McDowall of Strawberry Switchblade and various nazi industrial projects supporting too.


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ooh I forgot about this thread..off to Brighton this week

Thursday - Forest Swords
Saturday - Mugstar and Casual Nun
Sunday - Bad Breeding


wanna buy some pegs dave?
Off to see Sleaford Mods at Manchester academy on Saturday - anyone else going? Never seen them live but they really get me fired up ;)