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Hot off the press DnB thread

ska invita

back on the other side
Really back into DnB so far this year....its been creeping up on me over 2014 but its really kicking in in 2015

Went to hear Krust play B2B with Need for Mirrors the other night and it felt like the future! I think theres a huge amount of excellent new tunes getting made right now across all the different styles

Its been around a while, but I love (what i call) the Always On basslines - blines that are either on or off - they just flood out of the speaker with no gaps.... seems to be a lot of that at the mo...

To kick the thread off i heard an excellent set on Kool from DM Cut from the Future Thinking camp this week - heres the download link:

(always a great show I think....)

DnB - the sound of 2015? :D
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A nowadays excuse
While i've still got a huge love for the genre, there's not so much straight DnB that gets me going these days - I prefer something choppy, or that juke crossover style.

That said, this sounds pretty immense to me...

Saw Chimpo last week with Levelz & Calibre - aces. I was out of the country when liquid d'n'b happened, & I'm loving catching up. I posted this elsewhere, but I'll repost it here - new release from DRS & LSB - album due in a couple of weeks.

Nice enough LSB mix here - https://soundcloud.com/drumandbassarena/lsb-exclusive-drumbassarena-mix

LSB was boosting this tune in the accompanying interview -


ska invita

back on the other side
Been quite getting into this footwork jungle lark. the future of dnb?

off the bat idve said no, but after listening to it theres definitely a lot of good stuff in that mix...seems like its particularly popular in the US?
While i've still got a huge love for the genre, there's not so much straight DnB that gets me going these days
Thats the thing that made me start the thread - i think whats happening in straight DnB has got really interesting again... the longevity of the DnB scene is really amazing - the formulas and production techniques are always updating and being improved on...i really thought it had run out of anywhere to go, and to be fair the recent tweeks are pretty subtle, but theres something in the clarity of the sound and general high production quality of new tunes thats really working for me.

The post 2010 minimal sound is rolling along nicely, but an impression ive got is that on the more tearout drum tracks somehow the new productions have found a way to stop those tracks being too noisy without losing the energy. I think it needed that.... cleaned up some of the clutter somehow. i think that going minimal thing helped reign everything in across the DnB board perhaps

All feels a bit more mature and deep than at any time before - some serious music out there....
i guess some of the DnB lynchpins are getting on for 50!
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ska invita

back on the other side
ska invita DnB the sound of 2015?...it's been the mainstay of my life in all it's guises since the 1990's :cool:
it was tounge in cheek ;) though tbf a lot of people have written it off in recent years
due a revival of gushing press :D

was the mainstay for me too (since 91), but i drifted away in 2005 only occasionally popping in to see what the score was

Metal Malcolm

ODT resident emo
I was trying to make a footworky track the other day, but something was missing. Turned out it was an Amen. What are the chances of that happening? :)


A nowadays excuse
New DRS album out today. Some great stuff on this...

Just about to post the same - couple more tracks off the new DRS album have been previewed online, including this with Calibre - as someone's pointed out in the comments, parts of it are shared/sampled/lifted from Technicolour/Komatic/LSB's Serendipity.


And more manc madness from Chimpo, teaming up with Fracture for a Metalheadz release -

Edited to add - I'm a tit - already posted above by Metal Malcolm

Edited to add more - I replied to the post! I'm blaming a teething baby.

ska invita

back on the other side
so just discovered not only is there the brilliant fortnightly Soul in Motion wednesday night up in the westend, thats now joined by the weekly Tuesday night session - weekly Tuesday night session :D Evolution - also up in the west end - and serious line up every week - tomorrow is
Dj Stretch
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