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Home made pizza

Discussion in 'suburban75' started by mrs quoad, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Mogden

    Mogden I like tea

    Tempting. Bit of herbage in the dough for a stuffing like flavour. Roast chicken on top with some asparagus, peas perhaps, slithers of spud dipped in oil. Hmmmm.

    In the meantime, here's the meat feast. Oh and I realised I use a crisper tray, ie one of those things with holes in.

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  2. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    Got some WHOLEWHEAT pizza dough in the breadmaker, with lunch-focused ambitions.

    I'm not sure it'll work.
  3. Herbsman.

    Herbsman. Free the Poppy

    FFS DUDE! :mad:
  4. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    Fuck's sake.

    I left some pizza dough on some foil, on top of the hob. Rising. For lunch.

    I briefly turned the (electric) hob onto setting ONE so that it gave the dough just a little bit of warmth.

    Could've sworn I turned it off, but after getting back from Sainsbury's the whole house smelt of burning :D

    It's turned int a massive, bloated muffin-thing on a charcoal base :facepalm:

    So I'm making some more pizza dough for dinner, and seeing if any of the remnants can be salvaged for a foccacia-type lunch thing.
  5. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    Are you using your breadmaker for all homemade pizza now Quoad?
    I really need to pull my finger out with this, annual pizza budget is well out of hand!!
  6. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa


    It's a proper piece of piss. Needs about 2hrs prep time (depending on the ambient temperature of your house / where you leave it to rise), but even using Sainsbury's TTD strong white flour (hell, why not?) it works out at about 30p per very, very big base.

    Another 30p for passata (1/3 of a bottle / carton, tops) plus whatever you want to spend on cheese. tbf, today I've got some Doux de Montagne so that's probably more like £1-£1.50 of cheese.
  7. mr steev

    mr steev unkempt clacker

    Can you not leave the dough in the machine to rise? Mine takes 1.5 hours in the machine, a couple of kneading cycles and then it rises in the machine for just over an hour
  8. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    I have done the dough by hand a few times but it was not quite right.
  9. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    You can; but I prefer to shape mine into a dough ball / domed ball of dough before it starts to rise. That way, I just have to knead it out once it's fully risen. I dislike handling / shaping fully risen dough - it feels a bit too spongey / breakable. tbf, that's probably also a hangover from my days working at Dominos, where all the dough came on trays, formed into balls.
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  10. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    Do you have a bread machine?

    Like I posted on the 'bread machine' thread, tbh ours has already paid pretty much half of its costs. About £70 of savings over 2 months, for £120 or £130 (can't remember).

    It knocks out pretty much flawless dough (IMO). Unless you leave it on the hob.

    We've also eaten pizza EVERY week since getting it; IMO it's closer to pizza express than Domino's (i.e. more like home made / fresh than pre-prepared or fast food :D), but if we'd BOUGHT a pizza on each of those occasions (£17 for 2, with a BOGOF) then tbh we've probably already saved what the bread maker cost.
  11. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    Kind Urbanite gave us one. Not new or that flash but is fine for the bread. I do like making my own. The tramps buffet at supermarkets often provides great toppings. Like you I am ex Domino's so should know my way around this really :D
  12. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    Tonight, Anthea, I'm cooking sun dried tomatoes, oregano, basil, port salut, chicken, chorizo, mozzarella, em mental, red pepper, chilli, and some other shit pizza.

    With a base made from pasta flour (recommended by huge meaty-eatitall) with some strong white & locally milled whole wheat flour due to 00 grade shortages. Pics to follow!
  13. machine cat

    machine cat nod from the big man as kosher Banned

    Anyone tried a sourdough pizza base? I've seen a recipe for a starter and was thinking of trying it this weekend :hmm:
  14. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa


    With the cheeses fading from port salut on the lhs, through em mental, ending up with mozzarella.

    Ooo. That, tbf, sounds well interesting. Though I'm forbidden from keeping starters after my last effort encrusted the fridge.
  15. killer b

    killer b Ennui Rollins

    What's it like in the middle? I always end up with it a it soggy with so many toppings...
  16. machine cat

    machine cat nod from the big man as kosher Banned

    I'll get one started and post up the result when it's done.
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  17. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    Shit hot & bastard perfect, tbh.

    I suspect our bread machine is largely responsible for that. Unless the pizza is undercooked all over, the centre tends to be 100% spot on. Even with more watery passata.

    For purposes of taking no personal credit whatsoever, our recipe is: 0.5tsp yeast, 1tsp salt, 300g strong white flour, big tbsp olive oil, 170mls water. Each. So double quantities for the 2 of us (lasting at least 2 meals each)

    -> bread machine's dough programme

    -> proving for probably 4-5 hrs, tbh, even if it starts out proving / proves entirely in the bread machine

    -> stretched out as thin as humanly possible (light definitely visible through the dough in some places, at least in spots)

    -> fan assisted oven @ 220-250 degrees.

    If I'm entirely honest, I suspect our £130 Panasonic bread maker has a load to do with our success. Compared to my dad's Morphy, we seem to be able to produce consistent gold-plated diamonds out of slackadaisical unmeasured portions of everything, whilst if he adds 0.05 g of yeast too little, uses day old yeast, adds 4mls too little water or looks at it funny he ends up with a festering lump of ill-begotten inedible shit.
  18. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    Oh, man, I've just had a large, wafer-thin pizza with no cheese, sweet hot bottled peppers, red onion, and chicken on it.

    THAT was utterly fucking lush.
  19. UnderAnOpenSky

    UnderAnOpenSky baseline neural therapy

    Pizza? With no cheese? Are you feeling alright man? :confused:
  20. killer b

    killer b Ennui Rollins

    Its a fairly regular way of having pizza tbf.

    Tonight I had garlic mushrooms, artichoke hearts, olives, roast tomatoes, Parma ham. And mozzarella.
  21. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    Not for the first time, I made wholemeal pizza for lunch.

    Which kinda makes me appreciate why pizza bases tend to be white.
  22. Greebo

    Greebo 'scuse me, Mrs May, can I have my country back? R.I.P.

    Half wholemeal and half white flour in the dough next time?
  23. Part 2

    Part 2 bizarre wanking accident

    Read through this and the other pizza thread in bed this morning and thought i'd give it a go. Went and bought a pizza stone with my TKmaxx birthday voucher and to the tramps buffet at Tesco where they had basil and nice tomatoes....result! If anything the base was a bit too crispy, won't make it so thin next time.




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  24. Herbsman.

    Herbsman. Free the Poppy

    That looks lovely.
  25. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    Tonight, Matthew, I will be making pizza out of A CYCLIST'S ARSE AND PUDGY MUFFINTOPS VIEWED FROM BEHIND, MID-PEDAL:


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  26. 8115

    8115 sitting down is bad for you

    I might make pizza tonight. By hand, natch :)
  27. mrs quoad

    mrs quoad usage breakfast sausage breakfast sa

    Made it with 50% BBQ sauce 50% passata tonight.

    And 2 kinds of jarred pepper, red onion, chicken.

  28. UrbaneFox

    UrbaneFox None, at present

    In today's Guardian, Nigel Slater advocates making Pissaladiere, with 375g of puff pastry forming the base.

    Should this potential base-row story be the start of a separate thread?
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  29. Johnny Vodka

    Johnny Vodka The Abominable Scotsman

    Made an amazing couple of pizzas tonight, easily my best yet. It's all about reducing moisture so the base doesn't go soggy.
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  30. Part 2

    Part 2 bizarre wanking accident

    OT I know but I made naan bread. Dough was sticky as fuck and really hard to handle but the bread was gorgeous.
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