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His Dark Materials - TV Series


The following psytrance is baṉned: All
BBC Commission. Reportedly the highest budget UK drama ever. Filming in Wales this year, with release in 2019 most likely.

Director Tom Hooper (King's Speech)

Cast so far:

Dafne Keen (the daughter in Logan) as Lyra
James McAvoy (doctor in Last King of Scotland) as Asriel
Clarke Peters (Lester Freamon in the Wire) as Master of Jordan College
Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) as Lee Scoresby

EDIT: Season 1 will be Northern Lights in 8x 1hr episodes
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Maybe this is the one to put my faith back in epic TV adaptations. After the shambles of the last two seasons of Game of Thrones.


Oh my goodness it looks so good! I am really excited!
That last trailer made me cry a bit as I remembered how I felt when I was reading it :oops:

So is it going out on the BBC then?


Silly Rabbit
looking forward to this as well :)

and now :facepalm: because i've just noticed the 2nd book of dust was released on the third of this month