Higgs Triangle Loughborough Junction redevelopment

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by andrewdroid, Aug 28, 2014.

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    Surely the provision of commercial space is a planning requirement?
    In any case the new build flats at LJ are all empty still. I think Peabody are going to have a job to sell 100 empty flats at top whack. Neither housing associations nor Mrs May seem to have got the message that it's not a shortage of properties - it's a shortage of properties ordinary folks can rent or buy that is the problem.
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    Which new empty flats are you talking about CH1 ?
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    Former LJAG garden (220-224 Coldharbour)
    + opposite side similarly new empty block.
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    Can't say Guy Hands was very good for HMV in Oxford Street - but then again it could be Jeff Bezos who is to blame.
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    I've put in a series of questions on the affordable housing to the consultants but have had no reply.
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    These are the questions I put to consultants:

    The plans say 35% affordable housing. As Peabody are an affordable housing provider this seems a low percentage. The same as a private developer. Why is the percentage not higher?

    How will the affordable element be distributed across the new development? Will it be "pepper potted" across the development? Or will it be put in one section of development? If so where?

    At the exhibition I was told that of the affordable 35% this would contain 70% rented and 30% shared ownership. Can you confirm this?

    What rent levels and tenancies will be used? Will this be long term tenancies or time limited? If not long term why not?

    At the exhibition I was told that the rented units would be at the new affordable rent set by Mayor. Can you confirm this is correct? If so which kind of the Mayor new affordable rent model will be used? What are projected rent levels for different size flats?

    What guarantees are there that Peabody will keep to its commitment on affordable housing? Will Peabody gaurentee not to use "financial viability" as a way to reduce affordable housing at a later stage?
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    Peabody have asked to meet the new Green Cllr for Herne Hill. Becca Thackray.

    The consultants have done interim report on the consultation they did. Pre putting in application they want to go over scheme with ward Cllrs. I assume they have asked the Labour Cllrs.

    Becca came along to the last Loughborough junction Neighborhood Planning forum last Wednesday ( No Labour Cllrs turned up) and it came up there.

    She wants to meet Peabody but wants people's views first. She would welcome if a few locals meet Peabody at same time. If anyone else whose posted here wants to let me know.

    Sent her last two pages of this thread. As it has good comments on the Peabody plans.
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    The consultation report. Gives Peabody answers to peoples views on height etc.

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    These consultation things really are quite pointless. The report doesn't answer any concerns in detail or indicate a willingness to change anything. The process just gives them an opportunity to do some pie charts that demonstrate most people out of a very small sample say 'yes' when asked a vague question about whether they want the site redeveloped.
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    I think the issue is that Lambeth's planning procedures now require these pre-application consultations as part of the process.

    Maybe there might be occasions where developers actually wish to take on board the suggestions of local residents, but it seems unlikely.
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  14. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    Yes, they are a required part of the process. I increasingly feel they do more harm than good because it encourages planning decisions to be influenced by supposed preferences that in reality are unrepresentative samples that can be manipulated by the developer.
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  15. editor

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    Complete waste of time in my experience.
  16. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    Demolition on the southern portion of the site is pretty much done now.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 13.57.51.jpg Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 13.58.04.jpg
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    Just got email from the Green Cllr for Herne Hill Cllr Becca. I'd emailed her few days ago to see if meeting with Higgs was on.

    She copied to me email where Peabody say they are meeting planning department next week. After that they will arrange to meet.

    She sent them the link to this thread I sent to her.

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