Hidden Cardiff - tonight on BBC 2

Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by davesgcr, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. davesgcr

    davesgcr Reading books

    Just finished , but a must watch for you locals - apart from Grangetown Gas Works , LLandaff Mansions , nuclear bunkers , Wenvoe Rail Tunnel , - what could be missed ?...

    Brilliant , great archive film and an amazing discovery above a Burger King ...do , please watch on catch up.
  2. Supine

    Supine Rough Like Badger

    Never new the taff was re-routed through Cardiff. Explains quay street anyhow!

    Really interesting.
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  3. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    been on before! thought i posted about it
    was good ai
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  4. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    And the Golate which runs parallel to Quay street.
  5. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    something they didn't cover, as far as i recall, is the tunnels running from the properties on St Mary street over to Mill Lane. When Mill One was the one of the canal ut was the main source of supplies for ST Mary street and there are still tunnels running from place like The Philharmonic and O'neill's through which they used to take the goods. A mate of mine was working on a site recently and said he had a snoop round the tunnels, some are blocked off but some are still accessible.
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