Hi-tech sponge/filter/catalyst, Metal Organic Framework

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    Metal Organic Framework (MOF), its a material where the size of holes can be carefully controlled.


    By changing the linker, the size of the holes within the material can be changed. The size of the holes can limit what passes through the material, and lots of holes create a huge surface area useful for making catalysts.

    Can be used for C02 separation from methane...........


    Crystal sponge' to wipe away infection

    'Crystal sponge' to wipe away infection

    Pulling water from the air


    Reducing the amount of energy used in industry. In the picture below it talks about using membrane separation, it might be possible to make MOF's which act as a membrane and greatly reduce energy consumption.

    If MOF's can be produced which separate C02 using little energy, then MOFs will be a very important technology.

    CO2 separation is just one possible application

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    That's interesting. :cool:

    My dad worked in a chemical plant and I remember looking at the cracking unit on visits. A very large metal box full of fire with platinum catalysts - you could look in through portholes from the walkways wrapped round it - it was very impressive, but used a vast amount of energy. So anything to reduce industrial energy use is a good development. :)
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