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    Must be one of the Railton Road units
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    Passing this on:

    The Herne Hill Society and the Brockwell Park Community Partners proudly present:

    The Thomas Lynn Bristowe Memorial Lecture

    Saturday 9 June, 7:45pm

    “The Honourable Member for Norwood” by Helen Hayes MP

    Venue: In the Baptist Church, Half Moon Lane. Free - all welcome - no ticket needed

    We are delighted that Helen Hayes, our Member of Parliament, has agreed to give the Thomas Lynn Bristowe Memorial Lecture. She will speak about being an MP for this constituency in the early 21st century, contrasted with Bristowe’s experience as the first MP for the 19th-century Norwood Division.

    In the 1880s, the huge Blades Blackburn estate at Herne Hill was put up for sale for housing. Local MP Thomas Lynn Bristowe led a campaign to buy it as a public park. He even guaranteed the money needed to secure its purchase. In 1891 his campaign was successful and Brockwell Park was created.

    This event is organised by the Herne Hill Society and Brockwell Park Community Partners.

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