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Herne Hill news, chitter chatter and gossip

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by choochi, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Winot

    Winot I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint

    A friend who lives there told me there was 24! No idea if she is right.
  2. Maharani

    Maharani Just like Heaven

    Milkwood reopening on March 1st
  3. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Clearly there'll be a massive St David's Day theme to tie in with the day.
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  4. friendofdorothy

    friendofdorothy it is so much worse than Thatcherism now

    Not really Herne Hill, but I can't find a Dulwich thread.

    We finally got around to going to the re-opened Dog in Dulwich (Crown and Greyhound)
    The bar bit wasn't too changed, though half the garden at the back has now gone. New toilets were very clean. It was sunday daytime, so it was completely over-run with posh families with small noisy children who run wild.

    and the ale was all about £5.10 a pint. Ouch.
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  5. Lizzy Mac

    Lizzy Mac Well-Known Member

    Herne Hill Road, one side of the road is Herne Hill, the other side Camberwell. One end is near Loughborough Junction, the other end Denmark Hill. It's confusing enough already but I've now seen Estate Agent talk of 'renowned Ruskin Village'. Te he.
  6. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    This is wrong.

    The lower end of HHR is in Loughborough Junction, on both sides. The middle and upper end is in Herne Hill, on both sides.

    Loughborough Junction turns into Herne Hill somwehere around where the Cambria pub is.

    Camberwell doesn't start until at least a couple of streets to the east of HHR.

    There's to be no more foolish ideas on this subject, thanks.
  7. Lizzy Mac

    Lizzy Mac Well-Known Member

    What's wrong exactly?
  8. ChrisSouth

    ChrisSouth Well-Known Member

    No, no, no, no. The lower end of HHR is LJ on both sides. And yes, the middle and upper is HH on both sides. LJ turns magically to HH underneath the railway bridge on HHR, just after the HH (wrongly named) surgery. Exactly halfway under the railway bridge. And under the railway bridge on Cambria Road.

    You're obviously far too new in these parts.

    Estate agents have been calling the houses by Ruskin Park, 'Ruskin Village' for the last few years. But as any fewl knows, this is SE5, so it's Camberwell. But woe betide of you put Camberwell on your postal address as your letters will never get delivered by the postie, as that bit of Camberwell isn't recognised as Camberwell.

    We like to be geographically vague in these parts.
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  9. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    I thought LJAG put a lot of effort some years ago into defining Loughborough Junction as an area bounded by seven bridges.
    This part of a BCC News ("Building Communities in Coldharbour") email from September 2014:
    Loughborough Junction Action Group (LJAG) are holding a party to launch the first bridge in The 7 Bridges Project, celebrating the artworks which have been fixed to the bridge by 32 artists, and the overall improvements that are happening in Loughborough Junction.
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  10. friendofdorothy

    friendofdorothy it is so much worse than Thatcherism now

    Hey chaps, this is the Herne Hill thread take your LJ chat arguments elsewhere please.
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  11. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    So...it is your contention that Manuel's boxing gym, and the cinema, and the Hardess industrial estate, and Lambeth Pest Control Department are all in Herne Hill?

    The surgery is not wrongly named, as it is named HHR, not HH, surgery.
  12. ChrisSouth

    ChrisSouth Well-Known Member

    Sure, why not
  13. Lizzy Mac

    Lizzy Mac Well-Known Member

    Post code for Whirled is SE24.
  14. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    And so is HHR medical practice on the other side of the bridge.
  15. ChrisSouth

    ChrisSouth Well-Known Member


    The postcodes in this part of the world are weird. Don't rely on them to define the geography.
  16. Lizzy Mac

    Lizzy Mac Well-Known Member

    Well it all needs to begin and end somewhere.
    Seems simple enough, it's an old fashioned Parish boundary.

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