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Hello From London Summer Jam!

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by TeamLSJ, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Hi Urban75!

    We thought we would introduce ourselves we are the team from London Summer Jam. London Summer Jam (#LSJ) is the UK's first large scale music jam festival and all levels are welcome. It is an exciting new music festival that seeks to bring people to together to share music and music making.

    We will be posting event details and details of our blog posts, this weeks is a great one from 3x Grammy award winner we interviewed and who gave us lots of advice and perspective on the music industry well worth a read! It is on WikiFestivals.

    Our bookings are now open and we'll be giving away lost of performance slots for London Summer Jam so please check our Facebook and twitter for the latest information. And there is our visual arts competition where we are giving away 5 exhibition spaces at #LSJ!

    We are glad to be here and thanks to Mike and the Urban75 team for having us. Great site!

    How are you all?

    Xx #LSJ
  2. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Good luck with this - I'll look forward to hearing more about what's on offer. It's still happening around Brixton, right?
  3. Dan U

    Dan U Boompty

    mmmm jam

    music AND jam

    mmm jam
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  4. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Thanks! Yes it is. The main event is in Brockwell Park on the 29th September.
  5. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    LOL the musical type of jam... a jam session festival!

    Both are mmm

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  6. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter edge of heaven

    is it free?
  7. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Thanks for asking there is a lot of kit required for #LSJ and we are not government funded or corporate funded but we still have to raise money for the gig's equipment etc... However we will try and keep the cost down for people. Ticket details will follow soon. Thanks for asking.
  8. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter edge of heaven

    Cheers. You might find there are people on here willing to help out. For example there are several sound system owners on here who are bound to be cheaper than a big commercial hire out firm.
  9. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Thanks if you can pass the word on to them (as we don't know them etc...) that would be ace.
  10. Dj TAB

    Dj TAB Mr Whippy

    Hi there, you've piqued my interest!

    I represent SpinCycle Sounds, and this sort of project is just the sort of thing we like getting involved in....please click the image below to visit our facebook group (you'll have to ask to join :hmm:)


    We have a lovely soundystem, that has recently had a small upgrade to around 9k; it really is a lovely system and we like getting it out!

    A link to some speaker pics!

    You can contact me here

  11. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Thanks sent you an email on the link you provided.

  12. porno thieving gypsy

    porno thieving gypsy Bustin' out R.I.P.

    Sounds good - looking forward to hearing more details. This is the spot the green fair used to occupy I believe, hope the weather holds out for once!
  13. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Yes we are actually working with their manager to make sure that local people are involved as much as possible. Off course we are about the Jams and music rather than green issues.

    There is lots of new information on our website

    http://londonsummerjam.com and you can subscribe to get emails direct to your in box at the bottom of any page.
  14. porno thieving gypsy

    porno thieving gypsy Bustin' out R.I.P.

    According to the website tickets will be £18 each. At that price I wont' be going. I dont know who will be prepared to pay that money to go to an event with no performances from established artists. From what I can tell its a series or workshops and impromtu oppourtunities to play with other musicians. Which is fine, but at £18 it just seems a bit pricey and makes the strap line "EVERYONE'S invited!" perhaps a little misleading too. We may all be invited but have we all got the money for a ticket!
  15. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    The Country show is a couple of weeks before isn't it? Makes for a good September in the park :)

    I agree £18 is a bit steep. Not bad for a full day when compared to a gig ticket price I guess. Going to be off putting to some though :(
  16. gabi

    gabi Banned Banned

    so the slot that the green fair had (a free, lovely, useful event) has gone to this? at £18 a shot?

    lambeth :facepalm:

    this bit's good tho.. could be worth the entry fee.

  17. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Thanks for the feed back, glad you like some bits of #LSJ. Out of interest what would you pay?
  18. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Thanks of this, seems people would like it a bit cheaper what would you pay?
  19. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Most of these events are not run by the council they are run by well meaning individuals who put their time and energy into putting these events on. After years of putting them on situations change for various reasons.

    Free festivals are hard at the best of times. The past few years have been terrible for event organisers not a lot of sponsorship for new ventures, economic downturn affecting the market and increased competition.

    Our passion for #LSJ comes from a love of jamming and making music and we want to bring that experience to more people. To us it is immense fun when people come together to make music and we are brining that experience to people on a large scale, for instance with the Mass Jam Main Stage that you mentioned.

    We'll look at what people say and see what we can do as we want people to have a great time at #LSJ.

    Thanks for all your feedback.
  20. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    Hard to put a price on it. Brixton peeps have access to a lot of music and a good portion of it is cheap/free. I think £18 is okay for a full day of music in the park. It might be worth putting kids free (if possible?) and offering perhaps some discounts on early bookings or groups.

    Not comparing this to the country show but think that as a free/established event a lot of locals will spend their months cider/jerk monies there. Also you do come at the end of the festival season which a lot of music lovers will have whacked a lot of budget on.

    Don't be put off. I work in event management so know the costs involved, just worth noting some of the challenges you might face. Fair play for putting on an event, I am sure a lot of us lot will head down. Also the park gives families a place to get some music and beer without needing a babysitter/etc.
  21. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    They are indeed. People are tough to please too. We dislike sponsorship but want things to be cheap or free :D
  22. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Thanks for the feedback. We would rather not be compared to an event that is paid for out of council's vast budget and resources when we are private individuals with an exciting new idea we are brining to the public on our own backs. We do understand that with the proximity to it there will always be some unavoidable comparisons. Onwards and upwards regardless!

    Yes the costs for 1,000s of people are big: Security, fencing, toilets, generators you name it and more! We need it all to make people comfortable and the event work.

    There are family discounts which we will be annulling next week. We'll be providing updates as we go so thanks for the feedback. Probably the best thing to do is to subscribe to our email update which can be found at the bottom of most of the pages on our website http://londonsummerjam.com

    It seems that we are close, we just need to trim things out a bit for people. We'll see what we can do.

    Its is nice to know people like the idea of a big jam fest so thanks for the support.

    Xx #LSJ
  23. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Yep the tough/impossible situation of large scale events these days.

    We'll keep at it as we believe in our festival.

    Thanks for the support.

  24. el-ahrairah

    el-ahrairah forward communism, forward gerbils!

    If this was free I'd not miss it. For a fiver I'd probably be there. Over a tenner, unlikely. Why? Because it will be hard to motivate people to spend a day in the park listening to people jamming with no idea what the quality of the music will be like. With food and beer that's a thirty quid day, probably more. Which may not be a lot of money to the haircutted rent-raising twats who infest brixton but is a fair whack to the rest of us. Unless you're planning to price the unfashionable Brixtonites out, just like everyone else doing stuff in Brixton these days.
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  25. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Interesting points. Thanks. Not planning on pricing anyone out this is more or less cost price for us but we'll look at it and see what can be done.

    But its nice that it is something you like "If this was free I'd not miss it." just unsure of the price
  26. el-ahrairah

    el-ahrairah forward communism, forward gerbils!

    The thing is that lots of festivals were half empty last year, ones with name line ups. Many didn't happen this year. Many are going to be half empty this year. If you're selling tickets at a price that punters won't pay but you need to charge that to make cost then you're going to fail. I appreciate that there are costs that need to be covered, and you're doing it for the love, but you might be better absorbing the costs, getting more punters in and getting the rep you need for longevity.
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  27. porno thieving gypsy

    porno thieving gypsy Bustin' out R.I.P.

    It is a hard question to answer as the offering is different to anything else around, and in truth I'm still struggling to understand what the offering is a bit. Or perhaps I'm just not your target audience. I am involved in making music but dont play an instrument as such. I'd be intrested to wonder round this and watch and learn from others - just not for £18. Maybe those with instruments to bring will get more out of it and think the price is fine. I just cant see me persuading any friends to come down and have a look at that price.

    Perhaps a late entrance discount would encourage the more passing / local trade?

    Anyway, hope it goes well for you.
  28. TeamLSJ

    TeamLSJ New Member

    Yeah there is a real risk that there will only be the big boys festivals, outside of the UK festivals, small festivals on private land and council run ones.

    Shame really... people can pay £35+ for a pair of trainers to a big corporation, or £30+ for a singing lesson but won't support a local event for more than £5.

    Interesting points though.
  29. porno thieving gypsy

    porno thieving gypsy Bustin' out R.I.P.

    Spot on.
  30. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    Always better to offer early discount than late. Getting numbers booked early spreads the word. If I paid 18 and then found out you strolled in for 5 I would not book next time.

    Good other comments though ^

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