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  1. Yuwipi Woman

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    I've read parts of the Congressional Budget Office report on the new proposal for Trumpcare. It's a disaster for anyone making less than $50K a year, or, who is over 50. (I'm both.) A 60 year-old person who makes $26,000 a year could end up paying more than half their income in premiums. Or, more likely, lose access to health care entirely.

    The latest numbers I've seen suggest that 24,000 people will die from this law than would have died without it. That's in addition to the 20,000 people who die from lack of access to care currently.

    In other words, lack of access to care will kill more people than are murdered by firearms in US:

    The GOP plan for Obamacare could kill more people each year than gun homicides
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  3. Yuwipi Woman

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    It's even worse than that. The bill repeals any funding for Planned Parenthood. When Texas did that a couple of years ago, their maternal death rate doubled:

    Maternal deaths down globally, up in US, double in Texas - CNN.com
  4. skyscraper101

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    Depressing. It's so sad to see such a great country with such draconian leadership in charge of the healthcare of its poor.
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  5. Yuwipi Woman

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    We can do so much better than this. :(
  6. farmerbarleymow

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    It's grim. Just what is wrong with the right wing fuckwit politicians in the US?
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  7. Yuwipi Woman

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  8. Supine

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  9. camouflage

    camouflage the usual rigmarole.

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  10. coley

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    No, most here have grown up with a decent expectation of health care and we can distance that expectation from fears of having our rights to such healthcare as opposed to the rights to accumulate large stocks of military grade hardware to defend our rights to be exploited by money grabbing health care insurers.
    "I might die of of corporation induced pollution and exploitation, but I die with the right to have a gun in my hand, that's what makes " America great"
    Sad, so sad.
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  11. Johnny Canuck3

    Johnny Canuck3 Well-Known Member

    Too bad some of those Trumpazoids have voted for their own deaths.
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  12. Yossarian

    Yossarian free shrugs

    It seems like some of those voters would literally rather die than see more health care benefits go to people - especially black people - that they deem undeserving. Though it's generally a different story once they pass 65 and anybody suggests cutting Medicare benefits.
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  13. flintstone

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    The Shocking Verdict on Trumpcare

    "The blows of Trumpcare hit hard and hit early. By 2018 alone, "14 million more people would be uninsured," compared to continuing Obamacare, according to the CBO report. By 2020, Trumpcare would reverse all the progress the country has made in expanding insurance under Obamacare – stripping 21 million of coverage. But Trumpcare isn't done. By 2026, the damage swells to 24 million. That's like kicking every man, woman and child in the state of Texas off America's insurance rolls."
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  14. Yuwipi Woman

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  15. SpookyFrank

    SpookyFrank King of the Rhodes

    They're not trying to help people and failing, they're trying to fuck people over and succeeding. Calling them all fuckwits is far too kind.
  16. pseudonarcissus

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  17. coley

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  18. Yuwipi Woman

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  19. pseudonarcissus

    pseudonarcissus fluttering and dancing

    That's just freedom of speech, no?
  20. Yuwipi Woman

    Yuwipi Woman Whack-A-Mole Queen

    If I went to a senator and offered him cash in exchange for a vote, I'd get arrested. I don't see a difference when instead of being paid in cash, its paid into a political slush fund that reelection campaign funds have become. Once the election is over, the senator has the option of putting the excess in their own pocket. There should at least be a limit on how much payola you can throw their way, otherwise its just oligarchy.

    Its the blatant exchange of the vote in exchange for money that I have the issue with. If it were merely a reasonable contribution for general agreement on issues, then I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it.
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  21. not-bono-ever

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    What is the real world situation for those without insurance - are people literally dying on the streets in anytown USA?
  22. Yuwipi Woman

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    I don't know about "on the streets", but people do die from treatable illnesses because they don't have insurance. I've seen it happen to people I know. They've all had a roof over their heads, but only made $7.25 to $9.00 an hour. Or, they were unemployed, but couldn't afford paying for COBRA (insurance for those between jobs).
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  23. Yuwipi Woman

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    Our elected officials discussing women's health care.
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  24. petee

    petee i'm spartacus

    i think this is right, which is why that question "what's the matter with kansas" is misplaced. such voters know exactly what they're doing, elevating themselves morally, as they think, "see me, I'm willing to stand or fall on my own efforts" and trying to force others do the same. i could bang on about this but am on fone.
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  26. Rutita1

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    No wonder they all look so uncomfortable. :facepalm: FFS!
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  27. Yuwipi Woman

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    Bernie Sanders, Top Progressives Announce New 'Medicare For All' Push | The Huffington Post

    They should at least get the arguement into the mix. No one has really asked for what a lot of people would really like to see. It's been a disaster for the left (or what passes for it in the US) to pretend to be "Republicans lite" on this and other issues. In any choice between real Republicans and "lite" version, the voters are going to choose the Republicans.

    You're going to get blamed for whatever they want to throw at you. You might as well get blamed for something you've really said or done.
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  28. Yuwipi Woman

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    Kansas Senate votes to expand Medicaid

    I'm sure Brownback will veto it. He's what's the matter with Kansas. Given the margin of the votes, there's a chance they can override the veto.
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  29. damnNAFTA

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    Former Obama Aide Who Helped Kill Single-Payer in the ACA Solicits Donations for Sick Friend's GoFundMe Page (bolding above mine)
  30. BitterPill

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