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Have you caught Covid recently - updated poll 2022-23

Have you caught Covid recently

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It started with a fairly high false negative rate and it's only got worse over time with all the variants. You have to be pretty comprehensively ill before it triggers a lateral flow test, which kinda defeats the purpose. Most reasonable people will be at a stage of "I should really stay home" before they know it's covid.
My Covid, last week, came on really suddenly. From feeling fine to a sore throat in one evening and tested +ve the next morning.
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Pretty sure I have Covid but tested negative since symptoms started Monday night/Tuesday.

I went to work Tuesday and now feel very guilty! Today I feel awful and called in sick. Suddenly this afternoon, I can’t smell anything and can barely taste so it’s fairly clear.

Awful timing, I’m on leave next week and have so much work to do. I can WFH tomorrow and Friday and just cancel appointments but I doubt I’ll feel up to it.

I was expecting to get it 2 weeks ago after I went to London so was feeling smug for dodging it. 🙄
Ive tested positive on LFTs past 2 times ive had Covid.. proper red line and all. I also swabbed my throat though because I've heard just nose isn't so fully reliable with early symtoms and lower viral load. Thought I might be coming down with it again after busy airport and planes and no mask a few weeks ago but negative twice..think it was another virus or gastroenteritis that really wiped me out afterwards.

Get well soon and feel better poorly people!
I got Covid at a festival a couple of weeks ago but I’m still not quite right. Went back to work yesterday but had to get a lift there and a cab back. Day off today and I slept til 11.30. Have been sat in my armchair all afternoon, unable to do very much as I keep nodding off :(
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