Have the UCKG infiltrated Sainsbury's?

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by Louloubelle, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. quimcunx

    quimcunx protestant traybake

    Tottenham Hale today. they are everywhere.

    When they were outside Brixton tube last weekend I asked a couple of community officers if they had a licence and they seemed to think they did.
  2. ash

    ash Inittogether

    Outside they tube and M&S in Brixton today!!
  3. Louloubelle

    Louloubelle Well-Known Member

    Fuckers were outside Sainsbury's in Camden again yesterday.

    One of them, possibly 2 were the same people that the cops asked to move on last time as they did not have a license, so they KNEW that they were acting illegally.

    I asked to see their license but they simply claimed to have one (a lie) and refused to show it to me. They were fairly cheeky to me and I think had been trained to cause maximum irritation. I called 101 and was told that the police would attend and that I did not have to wait.

    Even so I hung around for a bit attempting to warn people who were about to give them money. I had to leave as they were being so provocative that I felt tempted to start screaming at them in the street John Sweeney style.

    I suspect that, knowing that they could not collect legally, they disappeared until the busiest time and then turned up hoping to avoid the police because it is so busy.

    I would be interested in actually doing something substantial to stop these people. Nothing illegal of course, but if they are collecting illegally then surely it is OK to stand in front of them and stop them collecting until the police arrive?

    Anyone fancy a bit of Christmas eve anti-UCKG action?
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  4. han

    han brixton hill hobbit

    Sneaky buggers. They're awful. Have you read their free magazine? Awful.
  5. ash

    ash Inittogether

    I would be tempted the thing that annoys me the most is that people including the venues they stand outside take them at face value. They are so blatant and smug I've had them call out 'hope you have a merry Xmas' sarcastically when I ignore them which is a bit of a red rag to me.
  6. Louloubelle

    Louloubelle Well-Known Member

    Well yesterday they were outside Camden Sainsbury's again and yet again lying and claiming to have a license. 2 of them were the same people who were told that their printed sheet of A4 was not a license and who were told move on by the police.

    Basically they KNEW that they were acting illegally and still the cheeky bastards were there blatantly breaking the law and fraudulently claiming money for their "controversial" church / cult.

    I phoned 101 and waited for a while, whist attempting to ask them why they were there illegally as they knew they were breaking the law. The fuckers just sang louder, winked at me and wished me a happy Christmas. I had to shout to be heard, so it caused a bit of a scene but I just can't bear seeing them do what they do so I hung on in there until I could feel my anger rising at which point I decided to do my shopping. I suspect that they attend some culty school where they are trained in how to cause maximum annoyance to people who chalenge them, just like the Co$. You have to be careful not to allow yourself to be provoked by them IME.

    After bit I went inside Sainsbury's to buy a few bits and pieces but ended up in a jam packed shop, queueing for ages and it was over an hour before I could get out. By this time a PCSO had arrived and was talking to them.

    He has asked to see their license and it was the same fake-arse sheet of A4 that they produced last time.

    I went over and spoke to the PCSO and he knows the cop I spoke to when they were originally told that their "license" was just a sheet of A4. I gave him my details and will be sending a full email report to my local SNT.

    Cheeky fuckers told the PCSO that I was being "insulting" to their church. LOL

    One of them threatened to sue me.

    More front than Brighton Pier, they are basically fraudulently and somewhat aggressively begging in the full knowledge that what they are doing is illegal and then trying to style it that I am the one in the wrong when I complain.

    Well you cheeky fuckers I took a video of all of you with close ups of your faces and I stopped you from conning innocent people outside Sainsbury's on Christmas eve afternoon, which would have been the busiest time for donations.

    Merry Christmas! :D
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  7. twentythreedom

    twentythreedom Patterdale Terrorist R.I.P.

    These fuckers are in Barnet High St all the fucking time, it's pissing me off. There's no other collections / chuggers / beggars etc and it's a fairly well off area so UCKG are coining it in, and they appear totally legit, usually collecting for 'hungry kids' etc

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  8. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    and they're back in the dalston sainsbury's, both on friday and yesterday
  9. ash

    ash Inittogether

    In Brixton outside Superdrug at the weekend
  10. editor

    editor hiraethified

    They can rattle their fucking buckets and sing all they like, but I'll never give the dodgy fuckers a penny.
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  11. ash

    ash Inittogether

    Totally agree !! I just wish people weren’t so gullible and are prepared to just give money without questioning or checking the charity status...
  12. Harry Smiles

    Harry Smiles Well-Known Member

    Every time this thread get bumped I think there is UK Garage playing in Sainsbury
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  13. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    I saw a couple of them in Stokey last week, singing carols and rattling their buckets.

    Fortunately they've not been so active these last couple of years since they got into trouble with the Charity Commission after members of the public complaining.
    There is a limit to the time any charity is allowed to actively collect money I understand and they were exceeding it by far.
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  14. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Alles hat ein Ende nur eine Wurst hat zwei

    they were on the street doing door to door over the weekend, they were told to fuck off

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