Have the UCKG infiltrated Sainsbury's?

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by Louloubelle, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Louloubelle

    Louloubelle Well-Known Member

    I hate the UCKG so much that it hurts

    Last Saturday they were rattling collection tins outside Sainsbury's in Brixton and this week they are doing the same outside Sainsbury's in Camden Road.

    I know the people who run the church next door to Sainsbury's in Camden as they do a lot of good work with elderly vulnerable and homeless people.

    For the last few years they have sung carols outside Sainbury's in Camden to raise money for charity.

    This year they were told that they were not allowed to sing carols but instead the effin UCKG were there instead.

    Have the UCKG infiltrated Sainsbury's?

    Seriously I would love to know if this bunch of criminals have sent their drones to beg for cash outside Sainsbury's in other parts of London.

    For anyone who doesn't know about the UCKG you can read about them here

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  2. Maurice Picarda

    Maurice Picarda Actually, might as well flounce.

    They were the ones who were implicated in the death of Victoria Climbie, weren't they? WTF are Sainsbury playing at?
  3. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

  4. trashpony

    trashpony Ovaries and tings

    Ooh that's weird because they were outside both the Sainsbos in Kilburn on Friday. I was too hungover to realise the implications. I didn't think there was anything to stop random people standing on the pavement outside shops rattling tins

    ETA: the UKCG have a huge HQ on Kilburn High Road so I thought it was connected to that
  5. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

  6. fogbat

    fogbat The Talibum

    Are those two things connected, though? Were the Camden church told they couldn't sing carols there, specifically because the UCKG would be there?
  7. Louloubelle

    Louloubelle Well-Known Member


    That little girl was taken to the UCKG in Finsbury Park 4 times in the last week of her life.

    On the fourth time the pastor on that occasion suggested that it might be a good idea for her to be taken to hospital but on the other 3 occasions nobody expressed concern about her numerous burns, cuts, bruising and other injuries and on at least one of those occasions they performed some kind of exorcism on her, believing her to be possessed by satan. The child was malnourished to the point of being literally starving yet nobody seemed to notice.

    Last Saturday I got into a bit of a strong exchange of views with the young woman collecting for the UCKG outside Brixton Sainsbury's.

    Apparently she was there when Victoria was brought to the church and "it wasn't at all how they said it was in the newspapers".

    She dismissed me as an agent of satan trying to steal her joy.

    It was an interesting experience.
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  8. Louloubelle

    Louloubelle Well-Known Member

    No they were not told that

    It does seem interesting that a tradition of carols form a local church was stopped at exactly the same time that the UCKG have been given permission to take their place.

    I'm also genuinely interested to know whether people have seen UCKG outside their local Sainsbury's.
  9. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

  10. Louloubelle

    Louloubelle Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much

    If they are popping up outside Sainsbury's and not other shops in different parts of London then it's something happening policy wise at Sainsbury's head office or possibly London office.
  11. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

    I'd write to the local Sainsbury's and copy any communication to their head office, voicing your concerns about the UCKG and also to enquire whether the store should be supporting a local church instead (and if the above is connected).

    Will keep a look out at the Sainsbury's in the Stratford Centre :hmm:
  12. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

    * Sorry, I didn't intend the above to sound like me telling you what to do btw, Louloubelle, just if you're concerned then its worth making your feelings known.
  13. Louloubelle

    Louloubelle Well-Known Member

    I didn't read it as you telling me what to do

  14. salem

    salem Well-Known Member

    They were all over Angel yesterday, including outside Sainsburys (but the whole of Angel was covered with them every couple of metres)

    I actually thought they were quite sweet - each singing their own little song.

    Just reading through the other links now though.
  15. Louloubelle

    Louloubelle Well-Known Member

  16. Maurice Picarda

    Maurice Picarda Actually, might as well flounce.

    It's lucky you weren't on the pedantry thread there, sir.
  17. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

  18. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

  19. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    they were outside the sainsburys at holborn on friday too :mad:
  20. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp!

    Just popped to my local corner shop and they were not there.
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  21. Maurice Picarda

    Maurice Picarda Actually, might as well flounce.

    They've got a pop-up offering festive exorcisms on the Sainsbury's website.
  22. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    But that's similar to her experiences of social services, isn't it? Maybe even A&E? Social Servies actually blanked her in the end, this lot didn't?

    I don't know how complicit any of those entities were absolutely or relative to each other; has anyone from the church faced legal proceedings?

    What are people actually saying here - that UCKG contributed to the death of Victoria Climbie?
  23. goldenecitrone

    goldenecitrone post tenebras lux

    Morrison's is also in league with the devil. They've been outside my local one for the last week or so.
  24. Blagsta

    Blagsta Minimum cage, maximum cage

    they were in m&s in brum last week. According to their website they have some major charity sponsorship deals.
  25. goldenecitrone

    goldenecitrone post tenebras lux

    The pastor who saw her believed she was possessed by the devil.
  26. Get Involved

    Get Involved Well-Known Member

    It's these guys who have been outside Kilburn High Road Sainsbury's every time I have been there in the last two weeks: http://www.ukyouth.org/ - singing carols quite badly, but quite harmless otherwise I think?

    edit: actually they seem to be based in Avon. So who knows. I thought they had UK Youth stickers on their collection boxes
  27. trashpony

    trashpony Ovaries and tings

    No, they're ukcg youth group. Don't be fooled. That massive white building opposite the Tricycle is one of their London centres.
  28. quimcunx

    quimcunx protestant traybake

    How do you mean? UCKG is a local church. At least there is one local to Sainsbury's in Brixton.
  29. ajdown

    ajdown Posting in this thread

    I think there is some attempt to differentiate here between "mainstream Christian Churches" and "the slightly odd, charismatic, evangelical, somewhat cult like groups claiming to be Christians" .
  30. pinkmonkey

    pinkmonkey 2.4 hour party person

    They were at Tottenham Hale retail park a few days ago.

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