Hamlet v Wealdstone (National League South) - Tuesday 6 August 2019, k.o. 7.45pm

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by Pink Panther, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. EDC

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    Mourinho has made a career from it.
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  2. pengedragon

    pengedragon New Member

    There was still some nice football as well to be fair, we haven’t suddenly turned into the dogs of war over summer

    A promising mix of silk and steel at the moment
  3. Matt The Cab

    Matt The Cab Live it like you love it

    Totally agree, already a massive improvement from last season and not just in the points tally. I fully expect Gavin to keep up his record of bettering the previous season league finishing spot.
  4. Last season we’d have lost both those two fixtures, we needed to battle all over the park not just in one or two places and we did. We also needed to sort out our game management and we’ve done both.

    Wealdstone’s passing and movement around our box 1st half was exceptional and they kept finding spaces. The HT substitution was bang on, we needed more at the back and the centre back three were superb and when breached Maynard-Brewer was on fire, dominating for crosses, great shot-stopping and but for the fumble that very nearly gave ‘Stone a goal was faultless.

    At HT 1-0 was flattering, at FT well deserved. As ‘Stone threw the lot at us it opened them up a bit and some of our counters almost cemented our win.

    Even the ref was fairly OK, unheard of at this level before
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  5. I remember coming away from Welling away first game last season and hated our naivety against our opponents. We weren’t outplayed, we were the better team overall. But we were beaten and it happened that way too often last season.

    The steel, the desire, the commitment. If we can see a few less stretchers and ambulances and suspensions then we could have a very decent season.
  6. Matt The Cab

    Matt The Cab Live it like you love it

    Also, I noticed that our corners are far more dangerous. They're not the most creative but they all seem to be into that 6 yard area and from most you actually think we have a chance to score. The defenders need to be on top of the game as we've bodies in & around.

    It really does help if you can beat the first man

    Who knew :eek:
  7. Cat Daisy

    Cat Daisy Member

    Defended and battled really well against a threatening Wealdstone side. And a more positive tempo than was often the case last season. Very pleasing!
  8. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Monakana and Connors both seem adept at delivering effective corners and Orlu could have had a hat-trick last night, repeatedly losing his markers at the far post to get on the end of the cross.
  9. jimbarkanoodle

    jimbarkanoodle Well-Known Member

    Wholeheartedly agree with both of these statements.

    I noticed the ref was very good actually. Didn't get flustered, make rash or poor decisions, and i could hear him addressing the players by their first names, he must have learnt them? He clocked our time wasting towards the end of the game too, adding on 4 minutes, which lets be honest is fair enough.
  10. baleboy_93

    baleboy_93 Well-Known Member

    Can throw Chapman into the box when he’s eligible to play, can deliver set pieces with accuracy using either foot, at least he was during pre-season, really excited every time we have a corner now!!
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  11. Ben Caldecourt

    Ben Caldecourt Active Member

    Good performance against a strong Wealdstone side who I think we'll be right involved come the end of the season. Took a while to get going, but once we got the goal we looked solid in every part of the pitch. We moved the ball well at times, but didn't force too much and were by no means 'overplaying'.

    Maynard-Brewer has really impressed me since coming in, a goalkeeper of his age to come into this league isn't easy. He has brief experience with Chelmsford and Hampton last season but he's currently playing like he's got a good couple of seasons under his belt. Commands his box superbly, made a great double save yesterday right at the death and his kicking from hands is brilliant. It is effectively kicking it as far down the pitch as possible, but with Mills up front, I think this actually works.

    Case and Barnes were at full back. I'm not Case's biggest fan, but I don't think he did a hell of a lot wrong yesterday. Their left winger kept tucking in during the first half and was running centrally, rather than at Case so he was never fully tested but I didn't have a head in hands moment like I did with him every game he played during pre-season. Barnes played like a right back playing on the wrong side, he's brilliant up and down the pitch and his pace makes up for a lot. I thought he was sound, but on occasion should have released the ball a lot quicker and was definitely told this by Clunis and Mills.

    Orlu/Quade/Ambroisine - all three were brilliant. Again Orlu, hasn't filled me with confidence but he did really well against an experienced Ross Laffayette yesterday and defended like a defender. Grabbing the goal also makes him a strong contender for MOTM I believe. Quade put in a good shift, got moved into central midfield in the second half due to a substitution and I still believe this is Quade's position, he looks much more confident playing there having someone in front and behind him. Finally Yannis, I think he's been quite unlucky not to get a start but with Quade's suspension kicking in on Saturday I'll be glad to see him get some well earnt minutes. Defended when he was called up on and I trust him at the back.

    Monlouis/Smith - grew into the game as it went on. Monlouis looks better when he plays as the higher midfield player, but with current injuries this can't be done at the moment. I love that he looks to make things happen when he gets on the ball, I think he's a great replacement for Ferguson but we're yet to see the best of him. Smith plays like a player who's been at this level his whole career. He knows how to play sensibly, doesn't overplay, a professional foul here and there. I like him a lot, can be a tad sloppy with possession, but a great signing in my eyes.

    Clunis/Monakana - both are and always will be a threat. I thought Clunis was the quieter of the two last night but wasn't out of the game at all. He really is much more effective on the right, thought it was a bit weird we started like that given that Monakana pretty much played the whole game on the left on Saturday. Monakana again impressed though, he loves a run at defenders and his confidence seems to be sky high. His delivery is one of the best I've seen at Dulwich for a long while as well, whether that be in-play or from a set piece.

    Mills - What. A. Player. He is superb. His general centre forward play is outstanding. Holds the ball up and brings others in brilliantly. His work rate is second to none. Not a lot of people will beat him in the air. Providing he doesn't get injured, Mills is key in getting us into the playoffs. He didn't score a lot last season at Welling and I don't think he's going to get that many this season. But to be honest, I don't care who gets our goals and if Mills continues to play the way he has been then we will be a very hard side to beat.

    White and Yusuff both came on. White got a bit more time last night and looked threatening at times. He could have got two, one which he probably could have squared but I don't mind him wanting to score and the second attempt he should've at the very least got on target. Yusuff is a nuisance, I really want him to do well. But I just can't see him being the preferred choice over Mills, so the only option is to change our shape to fit him in - which I don't want to happen as we look brilliant at the moment.

    All in all, a great result, a good performance and I'm enjoying watching the side at the moment. Cant wait for Saturday already.
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  12. editor

    editor hiraethified

  13. Pthorne

    Pthorne Active Member

    Agree 100% on Quade. Thought his best performances last season came in midfield too. Quite like that Orlu looks permanently knackered but always seems to read the game and get a foot in.
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  14. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

    some beautiful long piercing passes last night, great defending, topped by an excellent goal keeping performance (we wont mention that spill) in between a hard fought game - would have taken a draw before and for most of the game, felt Wealdstone could have scored at any point bar last 20 mins.

    Certainly Wealdstone will be one of the hardest challenges of the Season - so to come through with a victory is great news

    Sure Wealdstone fans (who came in numbers and backed their team to the hilt - always loud but never nasty) were frustrated after a good 4-1 victory on Saturday and certainly must have thought after the first 10 minutes they were looking at clocking up another victory - but their defence looked uncertain from the start - and they never got into any rhythm

    A number of great individual performances (many from players I am just getting to recognise) and like the look of Lewis White when he came on - think hes going to deliver

    Do get worried about the number of injuries and knocks - unsustainable

    we go fourth in the League

    Great Tuesday night attendance

    Weather for Saturday according to reports is sunny spells with strong winds - so hopefully another great gate
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  15. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Here's what they're saying on the Wealdstone forum. I thought they brought a decent set of fans to the game, who were loud without being arseholes.

    stonesnet forum • View topic - Hamlet 1 Stones 0
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  16. PartisanDulwich

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    wealdstone burger.jpg
    saw also tweet & photo from a Wealdstone fan complaining about a burger/bun and chips for £7.50

    dont know if true...but
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  17. tonysingh

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    Is he/she not taking that from really far away? :D
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  18. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Half a basketball team is 2 and a half people. So presumably Mills, Taylor and White?
  19. liamdhfc

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    But they are very nice and good quality.
  20. Dulwich Mishi

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    I’ve not used the tea bar. Are there cheaper options? Even though that may not seem too expensive nowadays for me that’s still ‘Wembley Stadium’ prices in my head.
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  21. EDC

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    I had a chilli cheese Hot Dog for a fiver which I though was OK for the money.

    The problem is not home supporters but visitors who are used to paying a lot less for standard football fare dog burgers and testicle filled sausages.
  22. cg__

    cg__ Active Member

    The burger and chips are really good, and quite filling. Ive had it twice and both times have struggled to finish all the chips at the end. I think the picture is a bit deceptive as youre served them in a pretty large box.

    It's not cheap but it is burger restaurant quality, and in comparison to your Honest Burgers and GBK's its a reasonable price. I did seem to get a lot less chips than my mate did but it was nothing to really complain about
  23. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    If I got a lot less chips than a mate I'd nick some of his & complain!
  24. JoeBoy1959

    JoeBoy1959 Member

    I doubt we'll see him this season
  25. Nivag

    Nivag Well-Known Member


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