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Hackney chitter-chatter &tc


One on one? You're crazy.
In other news the elected Tory councillor in my ward is a homophobic dickhead:
I get the bus up through Stamford Hill most mornings , and sometimes walk back from there. There are a lot of schools, no idea which are official ones and unofficial ones tbh. There should not be unofficial ones at all imo (I'm not a parent tbf, so wtf do I know etc..)

In Clapton news , murder on Friday night :(

Around the corner from me , and close to the Polish 24 hour mini supermarket.

ska invita

back on the other side
I particularly like this one...one of my earliest memories is playing in tut' concrete tube on tut playground, with a little puddle running down the middle of it. happy days! not really actually, even aged five i kind of sensed this was a bit shit and possibly could be improved on somehow

This is the book - a few more pics on the website