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*Guns/Crack: The Commander - your opinion please?

William of Walworth

Julius Streicher strikes again ...

Sample of the odious scumbag's bile filled shite here :

It’s come to this in a few short years. Not so long ago, the Old Bill used to stake out public toilets in an attempt to arrest and deter men using the place as single-sex knocking shops.

Pop into the gents’ today and you’re more likely to be accosted by a divisional commander on the pull.

:mad: :mad:

Is this actionable?

Mrs M it's the Sun, not the Mail on Sunday, that the toerag drivels for ...

adi baby

Ricin Crispies
I agree William, I believe we have a law of slander. Brian should go for Littlejohn especially on the following;

'Paddick flaunts it. He is proud to be known as Britain’s most senior gay cop.'

Can he prove this statement?

How about a thread dedicated to finding out more about this scumbag? His dodgy dealings since he was 8. His far-right affiliations? His sexual preferences? All and any examples of his bullying and dishonesty? Fellow schoolchums, lapdancers, embittered ex-colleagues. Everybody with an axe to grind against this fucker can post and we will regularly award 100,000 street cred points to the best contributions true or fictitious. Lets take it to this bastard!

fela fan

sunny thailand
adi baby - a good workable idea, meanwhile we can all cause him just a tiny bit of aggro by sending him emails telling him what we think of him. If enough of us do this, at the least he will have to spend time sifting and sorting his emails.

Having just taken a big breath and read his waffle, I note his email address is: richard.littlejohn@the-sun.co.uk

How about it boys and girls? I'm going to kick this off after this post.

Mr Day, look on the Lee Jasper and Keep Paddick Campaign thread on the Brixton forum for protests etc.

Meanwhile, can someone let me know how to start a thread? Thanx


ideological dogmatist
How about a thread dedicated to finding out more about this scumbag?
Adi - bloody brilliant Idea
Fela-you click on the "Post new topic" button.
Littlejohn has an Auto-response on his emails. You just get some bland message back when you mail him. I tried it 2 weeks ago.


New Member
This episode has been the icing on the cake for me of a shabby few months for this country ... still cheering to read so many positive posts and people doing their little bit to fight our sorry assed media.

This RL geezer also works for a public broadcaster paid for by our TV licence.

Ahh just look at his little chubby face ..


Perhaps we could ask the BBC why, in 2002, they feel it is acceptable to employ such a person, when every other public body is dedicated to stamping out all forms of discrimination and hate fuelled bigotry?


Mrs Magpie

On a bit of break...
Julius Streicher strikes again ...

Originally posted by William of Walworth
Mrs M it's the Sun, not the Mail on Sunday, that the toerag drivels for ...
Sorry, I can't remember which rag is which or who writes for which. I don't buy any of the gutter press on principle, I haven't done since one of them years ago, exposed someone, no-one famous, just a Joe Public, for some piddling 'sex scandal' and he committed suicide leaving a family behind. I vowed never to buy them again because they ruin peoples lives. I won't add to their profit.

Littlejohn got a sideswipey mention on the Radio this morning, (I think John Humphrys) when someone mentioned Littlejohn and he said, "Well, he's not here to comment, thankfully."

adi baby

Ricin Crispies
Great point on BBC autotelik - cmon everyone - lets focus all our anger and pain on Littleshit and try and get him to feel what Brian is feeling - THE FUCKING SHITHEAD AAARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just another malcontent
adibaby, I'd second your motion in a heartbeat, but I get the feeling that RL losing his position at the BBC would barely scratch his bank balance, much less his pride. If I had them, I'd wager large amounts of money that his salary from News International dwarfs what the BBC give him. Still, can't be all that bad, a mosquito bite can be irritating as hell.

As for Garry Bushell, I saw the kind of sleazy crap that guy gets up to while working at a pub in Sidcup a few years back. Very nasty guy with major double standards.

Unfortunately their attitude is reflected a lot in the suburbs and Home Counties. Many that live there see Lambeth as a world away, and a lot of the time (when visiting family and friends) I can still hear things like "Well, if they let so many darkies live there, what do they expect?". It's a situation that still makes my blood boil, and the main reason I had to get out of there. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the police in favour of the status quo are from there. Some really do believe in the 1950s myth.

adi baby

Ricin Crispies
Bushell is ex-National Front - i know lots of pubs in south east greater london area that are whites only - just the sort of boozer for bushell and littlejohn - ethnic groups, gays, 'birds' are all loathed ( classic case of putting someone else down to put yourself up ) yeah these guys are essentially thick and talentless but their prejudism and sexism and willingness to attack the vulnerable gets them work in our right wing fucked up society - and jobs give them cash and status which gets them laid - honestly its that simple - fucking arseholes.


Although quite old now, you might find it amusing to read this transcript of a Nicky Campbell show on Radio 1 in June last year, where Mr Littlejohn was a guest - and was truly shown up for what he really is by the other guest on the show - Will Self. Not of much use to anything in general, but it put a smile on my face.


(and very humble apologies for going so far off thread). (Oh - and hi - sorry- been lurking [with interest] so far!) :p


I wonder if we will hear from The 'Respected' Commander on this forum again given the present situation he finds himself in.

I also wonder the club he so frequents are going to be haunted by the media...

Is there anything we can do to help the Commander other than a protest - can we write to our respective MPs or address the matter to the Home Secretary - I know that public support always catches the eye of politicians?


Brixton Wannabe
The club has already been "haunted by the media". Just guess where Metro had their Christmas party... and just guess which other "newspapers" are owned by Metro's parent company, Associated Newspapers.

(clue: The D***y M**l & The M**l on S****y)


spam city

Just an idea, but if anyone ever visits a URL that asks for an email maybe we could all enter littlejohn's email. If we do it enough it may not only flood his personal box, it may even block their server. Just a thought;)


Wireman what club might that be - the shadow lounge - according to MoS

Platinum - a still question on my part but what would that achieve?

Funny though only back in Jan when Brian warn of us that he needs to be careful with what he says on the net and 2 months later this none sense. Like Lord Temple said, we all wish to live in a perfect world but we are not so I guess, there are still more bigots in the PD then meets the eye!


'small things amuse....'

I personally found the idea of clogging up his email attractive, call me puerile. :D


Staying off topic ...

Richard Lttilejohn is the host of a live phone-in programme on national radio (6-0-6, BBC 5live on saturdays).

Wouldnt it be a shame if people phoned in, and the conversation went:

Richard: "Hello caller"
Caller: "Hello, yeah, I was at the match, and everyone there thought that the ref was wrong about the penalty, and that you are a homophobic twat"


fela fan

sunny thailand
Complex, that is very laugh out loud, good one.

I only hope it happens. Do they not have some sort of time lag though?

If it does happen, please post up his reply.

Dean Becker

Office of Disinformation

This appears to be at best a big lull at this site, more likely the end of a noble experiment.

America claims it is the "land of the free, home of the brave". I only wish it were true. Sadly, unless the American citizenry can develop sufficient backbone, like you brave English, we are doomed.

As a private citizen who managed to wrangle an arrangement with the NY Times to present guests to their Drug Policy Forum, I can only lament what has befallen Commander Paddick. Certainly the move to a brighter day for drug policies is assured thanks to his efforts.

It seems no good deed goes unpunished.

This is certainly true for Colin Davies, who still waits inside Strangeways prison. For the Commander who managed to create the spark that even now moves your country towards societal enlightenment and "drug peace," I can only say "thank you for your sacrifice."

May the rainbow efforts of his fellow citizens restore him to his rightful place as commander!

adi baby

Ricin Crispies
Littlejohn was at Brians throat again on friday - who does this fucking snidey shithead THINK HE FUCKING WELL IS? His tone however was carefully non-homophobic compared with his earlier ' they are all abhorrent' rantings. R we all bombarding him? - i know i have been letting absolutely rip on his email - letting him know the strength of feeling for pro- progressive policing vs anti-hatemongering- little englander - scumbag parasitic journalism. So maybe hes getting a little 'worried'? who knows?is there anyone out there who can spill any beans on this bloated holier-than-thou poisoned-penned nazi tosser?

Dean - thank you for your comments - i think this site is quiet because people feel a mixture of real disappointment at the turn of events, theres the usual sense of disillusionment which follows when the right wing papers flex their muscles and beat up the good guys. I personally feel like fuck it, theres really no hope for this country with the class stranglehold in place choking the life out of it.

Maybe a little bit of 'well its all been said' too.

But hey, there have been some fantastic postings and there is so much to fight for ( here in Brixton, Europe, the US, all over) and this is still a fantastic life despite the best efforts of Littlejohn and his ilk to turn it all into shit.

Keep on rocking :cool:

adi baby

Ricin Crispies
A very useful link Ed. It's not at all quiet! All systems go. The rags are starting to look real tatty - unity and tolerance is in the air along with the promise of spring.

very cool indeed!

adi baby

Ricin Crispies
Why Tories must support Commander Paddick
michael gove
His 'crime' is homosexuality, his 'sin' has been a successful experiment

Above is a quote from todays Times newspaper which presumably is not the same Times newspaper whose sister paper The Sun has been in the forefront of crucifying Brian?

truly pathetic - rupert murdoch - u r a twat.


Speaking of legalising/decriminalising drugs.. and Holland. Does anyone have any figures on the drug addiction/death toll for Holland? I'd be interested to compare our situations for drugs and shit.

Caspar Hauser

Boy from Nowhere
Figures from 'The Annual Report 2001 on the state of the drugs problems' - EMCDDA - the EU drugs agency.

National prevalence estimates of problem drug use in the EU and Norway (prevalence rates of problem drug use per 1 000 inhabitants aged 15-64), 1996-98

Netherlands 2.5-2.9

United Kingdom 2.3-8.9

Lifetime prevalence of drug use in recent nation-wide surveys among general population in some EU countries

Netherlands (1997/8 - Age group 15-64)
19,1% Cannabis
2,6% Cocaine/Crack
2,2% Amphetamines
2,3% Ecstasy

United Kingdom (1998 - Age group 16-59)
25,0% Cannabis
3,0% Cocaine/Crack
10,0% Amphetamines
4,0% Ecstasy

Trends in acute drug-related deaths in some EU countries, 1995-99

Netherlands (1995) 0,8 per 100.000

United Kingdom (1998) 2,9 per 100.000


The Dutch National Drug Monitor 2001 Annual Report

The European Union has 1½ million problem hard drug users, or four per thousand inhabitants. We are mainly concerned with opiate use here.

Table 5 Problem hard drug users in the European Union and in Norway

Country Numbers per thousand inhabitantsa

United Kingdom 5.6

The Netherlands 2.5


I hope this will help :)



Sorry Mike I found it!

But please can you archive it so that it dfinitely doesn't fall off. It was on the last page about three from the bottom.