Grimmest place in the south?

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by bfg, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. GarfieldLeChat

    GarfieldLeChat fucking awesome but wrong

    milton keynes was thename of he village that the devleopers kncoked down to build the concept city...

    they then didn't build or design the place with a town centre to deleiberatly stop town centre violence and decded that it should only have 1 pub for the first few years... can you guess what's coming... yup violence every single weekend at the one pub in the place and utter chaos...

    however i 'd nominate southend as being a shithole norfolk as being the land that time forgot suffolk for being just wierd indeed anything out on that coast line any ofthose towns great yarmouth etc... all hell holes...
  2. Dirty Martini

    Dirty Martini gets what he cant want

    My brother lives there, I visit quite a lot. It's not pretty, it's not "vibrant", or whatever cities are supposed to be these days, but I like it. I like the harbour and the seafood, and it's got a fascinating set of historical facts to its name. I'd live there before a lot of other places. It could do with some better pubs, granted.
  3. scifisam

    scifisam feck! arse! girls! drink!

    I've never been to Maidstone or the Kent Ashford, but Hounslow's OK (not great, but not as grim as a lot of the places here), and Richmond and Twickenham are lovely! What happened to you there to make you list them as grim?
  4. Dirty Martini

    Dirty Martini gets what he cant want

    Fuck yes, terrible place. Beautiful countryside not far away though.
  5. dessiato

    dessiato Looking for my shopping trolley

    The people
  6. dessiato

    dessiato Looking for my shopping trolley

    Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough
    It isn't fit for humans now,
    There isn't grass to graze a cow
    Swarm over, Death!

    Come, bombs, and blow to smithereens
    Those air-conditioned, bright canteens,
    Tinned fruit, tinned meat, tinned milk, tinned beans
    Tinned minds, tinned breath.

    Mess up the mess they call a town --
    A house for ninety-seven down
    And once a week for half-a-crown
    For twenty years,

    And get that man with double chin
    Who'll always cheat and always win,
    Who washes his repulsive skin
    In women's tears,

    And smash his desk of polished oak
    And smash his hands so used to stroke
    And stop his boring dirty joke
    And make him yell.

    But spare the bald young clerks who add
    The profits of the stinking cad;
    It's not their fault that they are mad,
    They've tasted Hell.

    It's not their fault they do not know
    The birdsong from the radio,
    It's not their fault they often go
    To Maidenhead

    And talk of sports and makes of cars
    In various bogus Tudor bars
    And daren't look up and see the stars
    But belch instead.

    In labour-saving homes, with care
    Their wives frizz out peroxide hair
    And dry it in synthetic air
    And paint their nails.

    Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough
  7. Brainaddict

    Brainaddict chief propagandist (provisional)

    Better pubs, jobs, shops, entertainment - you name it, Folkestone needs it :p The harbour area is indeed 'quaint' but it wears thin I can tell you. Mighty thin.
  8. Griff

    Griff Hardly posting anymore

    Haverhill in Suffolk is a fucking grim town.
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  9. dessiato

    dessiato Looking for my shopping trolley

    Fucking Harwich, what a shit hole! Got asked to leave the toilets there 'we are locking them up' at 6 in the evening, (trying to have a shit at the time) then all the cafe's and shops were closed, only place to get anything to eat was a chippy, then eat them o the street, fucking shit hole!!!!!!!!:mad:
  10. Dirty Martini

    Dirty Martini gets what he cant want

    Heh, how long were you there?

    I don't think the harbour's quaint at all. Working harbour, bit scummy.

    When you look at it though, how many small or medium-sized towns anywhere have enough to do and enough jobs, especially in Kent (though I note your comment earlier about Kent having disappointing towns, which is true by and large).
  11. PacificOcean

    PacificOcean Unhinged User

    Seven Sisters/Tottenham

    Elephant & Castle


    Rye House

    Enfield Wash


    Streatham (the high street in particular)

  12. nino_savatte

    nino_savatte No pasaran!

    I have another one to add:

    Royston, Herts.
  13. zoltan

    zoltan Transnistria festishist

    New MI5 office & 1 field officer now based there permanently , so its cant be that bad/ must be terrible*

    * delete where appropriate
  14. GarfieldLeChat

    GarfieldLeChat fucking awesome but wrong

    has anyone said basingstoke yet... concret hell... like coventry but more cardboard dullard...
  15. nino_savatte

    nino_savatte No pasaran!

    I always remember it being a top destination for squaddies from Bassingbourn Barracks to go to on a Friday night.
  16. joevsimp

    joevsimp Well-Known Member

    I'll second that, see location ^

    but if rainham's the arsehole then probly tilbury is the scrote
  17. Errol's son

    Errol's son Well-Known Member

    North is north of the Peak District.

    How can Cheshire be northern? They don't even have the slightest hint of a northern accent there.
  18. spoone

    spoone club sandwiches not seals

    not that bad surely? bit of a vodatown i know...

    *local pride*
  19. scifisam

    scifisam feck! arse! girls! drink!

    That would mean Manchester's not North!

    I just checked out the map (Google map) and it looks like either the Midlands or the North, but not South. People I know from Cheshire have accents that, to me, sound Scouse.
  20. Monkeynuts

    Monkeynuts Hello sailor

    Of course Cheshire is Northern, you lunatics... How much more Northern do you want? It's next to Manchester, there's only two counties between it and the Scottish border...

    Monkey's definitive list of Northern counties:

    City and County of Newcastle upon Tyne
    Yorkshire (all three ridings / modern equivalents)

    Debatably Northern, or Northern in part:

    Derbyshire, at least the top end
    Lincolnshire, at least with the old boundary along the Humber - Grimsby ain't Midlands - although the bottom end by the Wash has to be Midlands

    Notts is definitely Midlands, as is Staffs.
  21. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    When I was working in Newham it struck me I wouldn't like to live there.
  22. Errol's son

    Errol's son Well-Known Member

    I don't think the dividing line is straight though.

    Cheshire is not at all northern. I'd say Stockport and above are northern. The northern parts of Derbyshire have a northern feel to them. I don't know Lincolnshire well but I always think of it as more southern than northern.
  23. PacificOcean

    PacificOcean Unhinged User

    Twat :)

    Anything north of Watford and indeed Zone 6 is "The North".
  24. mozzy

    mozzy dysleptic

    I aways thought Nottingham, and anywhere above, was as considered as The North Myself,
  25. Louloubelle

    Louloubelle Well-Known Member

  26. Juice Terry

    Juice Terry rama lama fa fa fa

    The man talks sense!

    Cockfosters, St Albans, Rickmansworth, Borehamwood, Enfield, Barnet, Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield, Potters Bar ALL IN THE NORTH:D
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  27. tim

    tim Well-Known Member

    No I don't have much time for idiots who go in for racial stereotyping.
  28. Griff

    Griff Hardly posting anymore

    Well tim the sterotype is there I'm afraid. 3 BNP councillors on Epping Forest District Council all on the Debden wards.

    I'm sure they'd appreciate you standing up for them if you walked into the Winston Churchill for a pint. :)
  29. tim

    tim Well-Known Member

    Given your mindset, your willingness to dismiss the entire population of a place as

    I really think that if anyone would feel at home in a bigoted environment it would be you. I see no reason to tolerate or laugh at racism against white working class communities anymore than to accept it against black, Asian or Jewish communities.

    The one part of "eugenic" racial theory that is still seen as acceptable to manyis that white working class communities are in some way racially inferior to to their white middle-classes. A theory used in the 19th and early 20th to justify disparitis of wealth between classes as as being a result of biological differences
  30. Tom A

    Tom A Goat among sheep


    Lived there for the first 18 years of my life. City centre is a postwar monstrosity (as my late stepdad used to say, what Hitler didn't do the town planners did). Also home to some of the skankiest, deprived hellholes in England, and full of scary armed forces types who's chief hobby when on shore leave is to pick fights with people down Union Street.

    Also takes ages to get from there to any other major city, Bristol is 2 hours away, but apart from that expect to be on a train for at least 4 hours for anywhere else. When I moved I realised what an unimportant backwater the place really is.

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