Greatest male vocalists

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  1. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

    Glad someone agrees with me on this! I thought he was fantastic for the Trees back in the early 90s, with stuff like Sweet Oblivion, but also his solo stuff is good too. The recent one Bubblegum sounds especially Waits-esque, IMO...
  2. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    chris cornell has by far the best voice in rock the man is pure class. I really like dave grohls vocals as well and serge from system of a down has a phenominal voice although it will obviously depend on your opinion of his band if you agree or not!

  3. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday


    points and laughs at kained

    (well, it's traditional ;) )
  4. Bomber

    Bomber The Oatcake Kid !!

    Bobby Womack
  5. Dirty Martini

    Dirty Martini gets what he cant want

    Some of my favourites, many already nominated.

    Gene Clark, Scott Walker, Otis Redding, Gram Parsons, Alex Chilton, Gruff Rhys, David Crosby (a better harmoniser than lead vocalist as a rule), good call on Richard Manuel, Roky Erickson, Joseph Hill. There are more.
  6. LDR

    LDR kiwitanga

    His voice is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard. His solo album really shows what his voice is like much better than the stuff he did with Soundgarden and Audioslave. He does a French version of one of his songs, which sounds sublime IMHO.

    I also love Johnny Cash's deep baritone. It makes me feel safe when I hear it and fills me up with warmth.

    I think Frank Sinatra also has a lovely brown voice.

    Rod Stewart may sing crap songs but I think his voice is almost perfect.
  7. baldrick

    baldrick ooooh timewarp

    mike patton
  8. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

    Chris Cornell? He is a good singer, but I would still say mark lanegan is much more firmly in the 'great singers' list. And Dave Grohl? Are you serious?
  9. Dr. Furface

    Dr. Furface One small step for man

    Al Green
    Scott Walker
    Frank Sinatra
    Ian Curtis
    Jim Morrisson
    Lowell George
    Johnny Cash
    Curtis Mayfield
    Stevie Wonder
    Jimi Hendrix
    Donald Fagan
    Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons)
    Michael Macdonald
  10. chooch

    chooch ladled with fail

    Howling Wolf, Donny Hathaway, Toots Hibbert, Townes Van Zandt, Carl Wilson.

    And loads mentioned already.
  11. Juice Terry

    Juice Terry rama lama fa fa fa

    Gotta mention Freddy Mercury, not always my taste in music, but him singing live puts most other vocalists to shame. I remember when he died and they did that tribute concert with loads of other singers filling in and no-one even came close.
  12. Dirty Martini

    Dirty Martini gets what he cant want

    A beautiful and distinctive voice imo, one of the best in country.
  13. stdPikachu

    stdPikachu Plughole in bathtub curve

    A good, if unusual, choice! I ran into Rakim after hearing some of his tracks on Giles Peterson shows/mixes I got offof the net.

    Although for sheer emotional "yargh"-ness, I'd still have to plump for the by-now-done-and-dusted Thom Yorke and Tim Buckley.
  14. West68thStreet

    West68thStreet your misguided trousers

    I like falsetto-y acrobatics like Jeff B and Thom Yorke and also snuggly lived-in voices like James Taylor and Michael Macdonald. I think Kurt C's is the greatest rock voice ever recorded, closely followed by Freddie M (though I hate most of his music). Love gorgeous cockneyfied sneering from Bowie, Brett Anderson and Jonny Rotten. I also love sweet soulful melodics from Marvin G and Sam Cooke. But the two voices that make me feel absolutely at home in the world are Morrissey and Stevie Wonder (I won't share you / If it's magic repsectively for hairs on the back of the neck time).
  15. Roadkill

    Roadkill Well-Known Member

    Bob Dylan
    Paul Simon
    John Fogarty
    David Bowie
    Roy Orbison
    Eric Burdon
    etc etc etc
  16. chooch

    chooch ladled with fail

    Howsabout Steve Marriott and Ray Davies?
  17. Jo/Joe

    Jo/Joe New Member

    Tim Buckley had a better range then his admittedly talented son.

    Iggy Pop is a very underrated vocalist in terms of how he enunciates. Check out how he drags his vowels on his 70s stuff. Class.

    Is this a question of pure technique or vocals as in projecting something more then technique?
  18. nathansears

    nathansears Don't sell my monkey

    Paul Rogers had a great voice in his days with free.
    Little Milton is another favourite of mine, a voice somewhere between blues and soul.
    Wolf has already been mentioned but what about Muddy? and Skip James.
  19. Xanadu

    Xanadu Masterful but awkward

    I'm a huge fan of McAlmont's work with Bernard Butler. I've got autographed copies of their CDs.

    edit to add: any elvis costello fans around?
  20. Definitely. I dont care what anyone says, he's the vocal god for me. Ive been listening to his music for around 5 years and his voice still makes me hold my breath in amazement.

    I have a DVD of Jeff Buckley live, now THAT is mind blowingly good :cool: :)
  21. Stobart Stopper

    Stobart Stopper Well-Known Member

    Barry White.
    If anyone laughs they are dead meat. :mad: ;)
  22. neilh

    neilh └┴┬─├┼╔╩╣

    sam cooke
    toots hibbert
    biz markie
    curtis wi the impressions
    roky erikson
    gregory isaacs
    fats domino
  23. maya

    maya timewasting fool (in every universe)

    impossible to narrow it down, as there are so many great ones to choose from.
    all my favourites have already been mentioned,
    but i'll add Milton Nascimento and Caeteno Veloso (on a latin tip), though,
    ,plus i'll second Eno (his solo "song"-albums ranks with my all time favourite ones) and O.V. Wright (for deep soul goodness)...
    and there's so many others i'd like to mention now, but i'm tired and my minds plays tricks on me...
  24. Wee Beastie

    Wee Beastie calling all vegetables

    On the reggae side of things my faves are:

    Slim Smith
    Pat Kelly
    Burning Spear
    Jacob Miller.

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